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Response to fun n serious (Original post)

Wtf??? Docreed2003 Apr 2017 #1
Using Google translate: TexasTowelie Apr 2017 #2
?? fun n serious Apr 2017 #3
The link takes you to this article on Raw Story: TexasTowelie Apr 2017 #5
Ah, Thank you! fun n serious Apr 2017 #7
I've grown accustomed to this type of humor. TexasTowelie Apr 2017 #10
George Carlin says, to make something funny take one thing to the extreme. JPR's "joke" doesn't. TheBlackAdder Apr 2017 #26
Wow! DesertRat Apr 2017 #4
I would have guessed it said: Cary Apr 2017 #12
Weird phrase DFW Apr 2017 #25
yeah they probably mean something like treestar Apr 2017 #28
Still sounds awfuly childish DFW Apr 2017 #30
It was a poorly executed joke. synergie Apr 2017 #45
Extremists of all stripes are usually devoid of humor DFW Apr 2017 #46
I got treasurer Hillary treestar Apr 2017 #27
This is the translation I got: George II Apr 2017 #47
Who owns and runs that site? hrmjustin Apr 2017 #6
Moscow qdouble Apr 2017 #17
I thought it was Manny Goldstein. nt Jamaal510 Apr 2017 #18
Same thing. Squinch Apr 2017 #20
!!!! zappaman Apr 2017 #40
Hey there! TexasTowelie Apr 2017 #43
Less arguing online zappaman Apr 2017 #48
It's definitely more effective TexasTowelie Apr 2017 #50
Good to see you back! hrmjustin Apr 2017 #44
Resist zappaman Apr 2017 #49
Bunch a BullShit. Cha Apr 2017 #8
I'll take bullshit for $800 TexasTowelie Apr 2017 #11
.. oh it qualifies.. Cha Apr 2017 #13
They sure like them Russians, eh? zappaman Apr 2017 #41
You realize they do that JesterCS Apr 2017 #9
It only emphasizes they're pawns for putin. Cha Apr 2017 #14
No. That's what they want people to think -- that it's all a big joke and Putin hasn't been pnwmom Apr 2017 #16
If only their content didn't make this less a joke than a confession. synergie Apr 2017 #15
I was there when they first began and I think it was done to help some through that election. C Moon Apr 2017 #19
I was there early on too MuseRider Apr 2017 #38
I wouldn't say people here are uncomfortable discussing ideas outside mainstream Dem ideology. LonePirate Apr 2017 #51
It's an April Fools joke End Of The Road Apr 2017 #21
Well this may be an April's fool joke...I immediately thought that too... so do others Demsrule86 Apr 2017 #23
Did you all know ...I went over and there it was Russian words...April Fools? Demsrule86 Apr 2017 #22
I get the joke ismnotwasm Apr 2017 #24
I think this was a stupid April fool joke. cwydro Apr 2017 #29
Those assholes are so stupid they don't even realize they're Putin's useful idiots. Foamfollower Apr 2017 #31
They are mocking folks who believe in the big russia conspiracy for April Fools obviously. m-lekktor Apr 2017 #32
My guess is this was meant just for you all MuseRider Apr 2017 #33
Post removed Post removed Apr 2017 #34
You think the idiots are the ones who voted for Clinton? ecstatic Apr 2017 #36
"No wonder you voted for HER" So, just how is this a joke then? kcr Apr 2017 #37
It *is* a joke ismnotwasm Apr 2017 #39
Geezus! ananda Apr 2017 #35
That site is a complete shithole... mreilly Apr 2017 #42
It's a prank devised by idiots lapucelle Apr 2017 #52
People who yearn for the Strong Man, the Ubermensch, authoritarians delisen Apr 2017 #53
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