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25. The French would kill to have "effective, stable and boring."
Sat Apr 22, 2017, 04:41 PM
Apr 2017

In late 2000, they asked me if they could have Bill Clinton, since he was prohibited from havig a third term in the USA. They weren't joking. They said they same about Obama last year.

The Germans are immune to stupidity, either. The SPD is trying to run a smear campaign on Merkel n the media, all of them repeating that she is "alt und verbrucht (old and used up)." It's just a stupid slogan, but I heard it used by and old friend of ours who was German radio news station chief for Moscow for 5 years and should know better. Merkel is anything BUT "used up." She knows full well that, except for Norway and Switzerland (not coincidentally, two European countries that did NOT join the EU), the Germans have it best in Europe. The Danes have the reputation for being the happiest in Europe, but the ones I know always complain that it's hard to either starve or get ahead there, and many leave to escape the monotony.

There is no bigger critic of France than a Frenchman, and yet they STILL don't seem to get a president who exudes confidence AND competence. The last one was Giscard, and he left office in 1981. He used to phone almost daily with his friend, the German Chancellor, Helmut Schmidt. They were both fluent in English, and spoke together in that language. It was sort of like cloning Justin Trudeau, giving the clone an American accent, and installing him in the Oval Office. It gave both France AND Germany a good feeling knowing that they had two guys who were pragmatists, internationalists, knowledgeable about economics and foreign policy, and liked working with each other. Both the French and the German miss that kind of Europe.

In 1973, I remember my first trip through Yugoslavia. In Zagreb, I heard that young people gathered in the evening in Marshal Tito Square. So I walked over and struck up a conversation with some Croatian college students. One of them jokingly said he was almost a foreigner, as he was a Serb. Everyone laughed, and took it as a lighthearted joke. They were all friends. Twenty years later, they would be slitting each other's throats for real. No wonder so many Europeans long for "stable and boring."

Who do you want to win the French election? [View all] DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2017 OP
LMMFAO @ Marine Le Trump... ADX Apr 2017 #1
Personally, I prefer Marine Le Putin meow2u3 Apr 2017 #10
I like what you did there. Kentonio Apr 2017 #19
Boeuf Bourguignon DavidDvorkin Apr 2017 #2
Jacques Clouseau. dchill Apr 2017 #31
Macron is a con and a neocon Ghost Dog Apr 2017 #3
Yo momma retrowire Apr 2017 #4
La Momma! grossproffit Apr 2017 #29
Jean-Luc Mlenchon mvd Apr 2017 #5
Jean-Luc Melenchon wants to pull out of NATO and the EU. I can't abide by that. DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2017 #6
I can live with his stance on that since I agree with.. mvd Apr 2017 #7
I respect your opinion. DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2017 #8
I agree about NATO mvd Apr 2017 #9
I like Hamon. He's my second choice. DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2017 #11
I'm in France once a week for work, and my French friends tell me DFW Apr 2017 #12
I know Obama is tacitly supporting Macron. I trust his judgment. DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2017 #13
Usually, so do I. Maybe Obama knows Macron. I don't DFW Apr 2017 #14
So the "smart money" is that Macron and LeTrump end up in a run off which Macron wins? DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2017 #15
No one is being smart, at least not in Paris DFW Apr 2017 #16
The urban/rural divide is universal. DemocratSinceBirth Apr 2017 #17
True, but I was thinking about France's other big cities DFW Apr 2017 #18
That is about where all our staff in Toulouse is at Sen. Walter Sobchak Apr 2017 #20
They probably have it right DFW Apr 2017 #22
I think what they want is their very own Angela Merkel Sen. Walter Sobchak Apr 2017 #24
The French would kill to have "effective, stable and boring." DFW Apr 2017 #25
France is in a position with no great candidates. tammywammy Apr 2017 #21
I would like to support Mlenchon, but I've read he is anti-immigration? Starry Messenger Apr 2017 #23
Macron grossproffit Apr 2017 #26
Hell no to both Melenchon & Le Pen grossproffit Apr 2017 #27
I don't care for any of them, probably very much like the French, themselves Warpy Apr 2017 #28
Sanity, in whatever form that will take. WinkyDink Apr 2017 #30
Definitely Macron. roamer65 Apr 2017 #32
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