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Good question. I'll await the answers. boston bean Apr 2017 #1
You and me both mercuryblues Apr 2017 #3
I am willing to give up left turn on red. pangaia Apr 2017 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author VOX Apr 2017 #2
It's only women's rights that are negotiable. athena Apr 2017 #4
+1 mercuryblues Apr 2017 #5
Same sort of situation in my mind. Zing Zing Zingbah Apr 2017 #16
Of course not n/t mercuryblues Apr 2017 #40
If you were actual human beings instead of incubators & ornaments, it wouldn't be an issue Orrex Apr 2017 #47
If the Republicans keep getting elected NobodyHere Apr 2017 #6
there is that attempt at shaming mercuryblues Apr 2017 #12
If you are so anxious to see the party adopt GOP positions? BainsBane Apr 2017 #24
+1 hamsterjill Apr 2017 #55
I'd rather vote for someone who agrees with me 75% of the time NobodyHere Apr 2017 #62
So women'd rights get thrown under the bus? csziggy Apr 2017 #25
Because it was always about priviledge BainsBane Apr 2017 #26
Yes indeed. For some, when actually called upon to take a stand on this issue... Orrex Apr 2017 #48
and to work furiously to normalize BainsBane Apr 2017 #56
Yes indeed. Quite chilling. (nt) Orrex Apr 2017 #58
We are losing them right now NobodyHere Apr 2017 #63
That's certainly a new way to rationalize a dramatic lack of convictions. LanternWaste Apr 2017 #61
None. tallahasseedem Apr 2017 #8
Thank you mercuryblues Apr 2017 #13
The fact that there is even... tallahasseedem Apr 2017 #14
Glad you posted this...cheers. Demsrule86 Apr 2017 #9
K & R!!!! 50 Shades Of Blue Apr 2017 #10
K&R too. Demsrule86 Apr 2017 #11
Not one. shraby Apr 2017 #15
Still nothing, eh? boston bean Apr 2017 #17
The democratic party is not supporting any candidates who are vowing to restrict reproductive rights killbotfactory Apr 2017 #18
"Can we focus on expanding rights" musette_sf Apr 2017 #19
It's not a trade-off killbotfactory Apr 2017 #37
Womens right are subverted mercuryblues Apr 2017 #45
Womens rights will not ne subverted by economically progressive ideas. Nt killbotfactory Apr 2017 #60
K&R! nt JTFrog Apr 2017 #20
One right I will never give up is the right to trash threads, including this one. Jersey Devil Apr 2017 #21
don't let the door mercuryblues Apr 2017 #42
My vote will always go to whatever weakens the power of Republicans cheapdate Apr 2017 #22
that's not the issue BainsBane Apr 2017 #28
My home state (TN) is completely controlled by lunatic Republicans. cheapdate Apr 2017 #35
By doing this mercuryblues Apr 2017 #43
The problem is the calls for unity come from those BainsBane Apr 2017 #23
Thank you! MLAA Apr 2017 #27
Difficult. EthanBlue Apr 2017 #29
My most passionate issues is LGBTQ rights LostOne4Ever Apr 2017 #30
Outstanding response! beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #32
Thank you. n/t QC Apr 2017 #33
Where's the rec button? Lordquinton Apr 2017 #36
That response deserves its own separate OP/thread. n/t PoliticAverse Apr 2017 #38
Brilliant post. Kentonio Apr 2017 #39
Very well said Bettie Apr 2017 #41
Here is her platform on LBGTQ rights mercuryblues Apr 2017 #44
Thank you. Kaye_NY Apr 2017 #52
So what you are saying is that when the facts don't suit your opinion you wont listen? LostOne4Ever Apr 2017 #65
Yes her full throated support has been impressive.... Egnever Apr 2017 #59
+1 beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #71
Everything I stated is a verifiable fact and nothing was misrepresented and I will prove it. LostOne4Ever Apr 2017 #64
Another excellent response, thank you! beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #70
No, thank YOU for the support! It is very much appreciated! Nt LostOne4Ever Apr 2017 #85
You're very welcome. beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #93
An excellent response. Thank you. -- When they go low, we go high! NurseJackie Apr 2017 #66
You go high by totally misrepresenting facts and telling untruths? That is not the high road. nt LostOne4Ever Apr 2017 #67
I can tell you that I haven't had a post removed in this thread... NurseJackie Apr 2017 #69
Good qualifer Lordquinton Apr 2017 #79
Isn't it? Nt LostOne4Ever Apr 2017 #86
Neither have I. LostOne4Ever Apr 2017 #83
LOL NurseJackie Apr 2017 #88
... Lordquinton Apr 2017 #91
*snort* beam me up scottie Apr 2017 #92
From the link you referred us to: Curmudgeoness Apr 2017 #78
Great points! LostOne4Ever Apr 2017 #84
A reminder LostOne4Ever Apr 2017 #89
APPLAUSE excellent retrowire Apr 2017 #81
The TRUTH will set you free! Nt LostOne4Ever Apr 2017 #87
Glad to see there is still some sanity afoot DefenseLawyer Apr 2017 #90
In just 100 days many rights have been put on the chopping block MedusaX Apr 2017 #31
But are Democrats mercuryblues Apr 2017 #46
Instead of giving up, I'll trade padfun Apr 2017 #34
As Democrats why would we want to give up any of those hard fought rights? SticksnStones Apr 2017 #49
Thank you for saying it so perfectly. NurseJackie Apr 2017 #50
No back alleys and Skidmore Apr 2017 #51
I will never vote for an anti-choice candidate. CrispyQ Apr 2017 #53
I'm not giving up any of my rights. hamsterjill Apr 2017 #54
I generally maintain that all rights are inalienable rock Apr 2017 #57
Mine have already been taken loyalsister Apr 2017 #68
Kick Squinch Apr 2017 #72
Kick Squinch Apr 2017 #73
Kick Squinch Apr 2017 #74
Kick Squinch Apr 2017 #75
I'm bookmarking this thread to be used as a reply to anyone who defends that shit about Squinch Apr 2017 #76
Excellent idea. NurseJackie Apr 2017 #77
K and r. nt cwydro Apr 2017 #80
K & f'n R !! musette_sf Apr 2017 #82
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