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26. THIS is OP worthy- not the old rules we'd be lucky to keep. The 1/3 cut in Medicade
Sun May 14, 2017, 11:31 AM
May 2017

is somehow left out and that's pretty crucial. Thanks for this post!

Yes, that is why you need a secondary insurance plan when you are on Medicare. Canoe52 May 2017 #1
But Medicare is different than Medicaid CousinIT May 2017 #9
Original poster referred to older people (dead parents) Canoe52 May 2017 #35
You mean a supplemental that covers what Medicare doesn't? CousinIT May 2017 #36
No, the OP refers to Medicaid, which unlike Medicare covers nursing home costs Tanuki May 2017 #38
After taking out over $100 a month NewRedDawn May 2017 #60
Medicare does not cover long-term care, either in or out of a nursing home. enough May 2017 #11
Correct... Zoonart May 2017 #51
Secondary insurance in Medicare doesn't help you with nursing home bills paid by Medicaid. pnwmom May 2017 #43
This is the way it has always been. leftofcool May 2017 #2
Yes, it's been this way for as long as I can remember but... WePurrsevere May 2017 #6
Ummmm, this is nothing new. bettyellen May 2017 #3
No one I know who is Medicaid has anything to leave their children csziggy May 2017 #4
Usually real estate is involved in the take back. DURHAM D May 2017 #7
If Trumpkill gets passed it will even be much worse! NewRedDawn May 2017 #8
I think any transfer of property has to be three years before death or it is included in... northoftheborder May 2017 #15
Yes, that happened to my sister Bayard May 2017 #23
Government "couldn't have done it." It cost your family that Hortensis May 2017 #33
That is 5 years now and few people do it. nt pnwmom May 2017 #44
that's what my mother did shanti May 2017 #49
The look back is 5 years from the start of Medicaid eligibility in most states. politicat May 2017 #57
The couple I know lives in the cheapest rentals they can find csziggy May 2017 #10
It's strange how people find this hard to understand. NT enough May 2017 #13
If he can show he took care of his Medicaid parents, he can probably retain the house. See: WinkyDink May 2017 #14
Is he the only inheritor? Or even THE inheritor? Many states Hortensis May 2017 #52
NJ exempts real estate that is the domicile of the person on Medicaid from reimbursement to spouses Jersey Devil May 2017 #29
The "child" is 64 years old and draws SS. nt DURHAM D May 2017 #30
Yes, spouse. NOT sole-surviving adult children. WinkyDink May 2017 #66
I said "dependent" children Jersey Devil May 2017 #70
A year or so ago I 'finally' talked my 95 yo dad... WePurrsevere May 2017 #5
I went to a vaunted local ECL, and her best advice was to WinkyDink May 2017 #17
I'm truly sorry the one you found for your mom wasn't helpful... WePurrsevere May 2017 #25
I think it makes a difference if the war veteran is still living. IDK. WinkyDink May 2017 #67
Maybe. Personally I think... WePurrsevere May 2017 #69
That's been true for many years... jeffreyi May 2017 #21
Yes, it's definitely been that way for quite a few years. WePurrsevere May 2017 #27
Um...how would Medicaid be offered to one who could leave an inheritance? And if you mean house, WinkyDink May 2017 #12
Nursing home subsidy DeminPennswoods May 2017 #19
This jeffreyi May 2017 #22
You can get Medicaid based upon the severity of your illness and your lack of income McCamy Taylor May 2017 #16
"Under Medicaid law, following the death of the Medicaid recipient a state must attempt to recover WinkyDink May 2017 #18
Only right. Someone will pay, and it should be the person Hortensis May 2017 #53
Right -- that's the much bigger, scarier issue. And it's only some states now, but there's nothing pnwmom May 2017 #46
Half those children are voters, the other half will be. Hortensis May 2017 #54
"affording you an inheritance", marybourg May 2017 #20
Medicaid has a 5 yr "look back" DeminPennswoods May 2017 #41
Many people object to that rule, marybourg May 2017 #59
No, it is that Medicaid won't be available after you've spent $$ you thought would be inheritance Justice May 2017 #24
THIS is OP worthy- not the old rules we'd be lucky to keep. The 1/3 cut in Medicade bettyellen May 2017 #26
I find this very difficult to believe MichMary May 2017 #32
Irrelevant. And GOP voters do NOT want this. But their Hortensis May 2017 #56
I have an adult son 100 percent disabled TBA May 2017 #28
I, for one, have no problem with this MichMary May 2017 #31
I agree. mantis49 May 2017 #42
Yup. MichMary May 2017 #47
I don't have an issue with the required spend-downs, either. But there's a much worse possibility. pnwmom May 2017 #48
That would suck bigly. n/t MichMary May 2017 #50
In most cases, don't really have a problem with that. Rather we have coverage that makes it moot. nt Hoyt May 2017 #34
Living trust avoids that. NT Adrahil May 2017 #37
Actually there are filial support obligations that children have in most states lostnfound May 2017 #63
Medicaid has always taken everything a person has when you go into a nursing home...which Demsrule86 May 2017 #39
So what? hunter May 2017 #40
this is why older people put their homes in trusts dembotoz May 2017 #45
If I inherit anything beyond a financial catastrophe I'll be sad. hunter May 2017 #61
Are you sure your mother was on Medicaid? WinkyDink May 2017 #68
There was never going to be an inheritance in my family Bayard May 2017 #55
Would it be preferable for taxpayers to pay granny's medical bills mainer May 2017 #58
Agreed. Duppers May 2017 #64
I have no problem with this... beachbum bob May 2017 #62
i don't have any problem with it, i am not owed anything from my parents Hamlette May 2017 #65
But, hey. You don't have to pay estate taxes question everything May 2017 #71
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