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What will stop them? Eliot Rosewater May 2017 #1
"Populism" is probably one of the most misused labels in politics... Wounded Bear May 2017 #2
At some point, "populism" was turned into a euphemism for bigotry, nationalism, and even fascism. Ken Burch May 2017 #3
How can you get more men to be active in the resistance? bettyellen May 2017 #4
A good question. Thanks for asking it. Ken Burch May 2017 #6
Didn't assume anything- was pointing out the effort has been carried by women bettyellen May 2017 #7
It is a good thing to think about. Ken Burch May 2017 #9
I'm thinking they don't feel as immediately threatened as women and POC... bettyellen May 2017 #10
Some clearly don't. But some are in flux Ken Burch May 2017 #13
Sometimes it seems like it would take the draft to get dudes to pay attention. bettyellen May 2017 #19
I'm not defending men for not hitting the streets. Ken Burch May 2017 #20
Didn't say you were. I'm just disappointed because I think it would help us. bettyellen May 2017 #21
Absolutely agree. Ken Burch May 2017 #23
Sorry if I have been discouraged, as I see the trend in my real life as well, I'm trying to figure bettyellen May 2017 #24
Unfortunately, I have no answers for all of that, and I AM a man. Ken Burch May 2017 #25
Populism is a style of political rhetoric, it has nothing to do geek tragedy May 2017 #5
OK. Ken Burch May 2017 #8
the problem is the people, i.e. the WWC voters in this country geek tragedy May 2017 #15
Ok, there are horrible people in some parts of the country. Ken Burch May 2017 #22
Umhm. For LEADERS, populism is a method that Hortensis May 2017 #12
populism is a euphemism for demagoguery. geek tragedy May 2017 #14
Yes! Populism is NOT an ideology for governing but a tool Hortensis May 2017 #16
It's not a way of governing in and of itself. Ken Burch May 2017 #18
many of us already said his support was largely based on bigotry and not economics JI7 May 2017 #11
We all agree, I think, that bigotry played a major role. Ken Burch May 2017 #17
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