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Sat Jul 7, 2012, 11:31 PM Jul 2012

"Human beings are at their best when they are free of authority." Agree or disagree? [View all]

I read this quote and wondered what you thought of it.

It seems simple to me - what gets in the way of productivity, communities, families, etc is authority.

Specifically it is unearned authority.

And that each worker/family member/human being has to earn authority with each other, not through some central authority.

That is, leaders and authoritarian structures - be they state, corporate, religious or other - are what always doom us.

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It depends. SoutherDem Jul 2012 #1
Depends entirely on the individual. I don't believe this idea can be generalized. Lionessa Jul 2012 #2
Yep..I started to post the same words. BlueJazz Jul 2012 #8
This poll serves no valuable point. DrewFlorida Jul 2012 #3
It separates the authoritarians from the communalists. PassingFair Jul 2012 #5
I can't believe even 1 person voted "agree" with this. Zalatix Jul 2012 #4
It's not a strict dichotomy pwhtckll Jul 2012 #6
If all their wants and needs are filled, yes Gman Jul 2012 #7
Some people have insatiable needs. nt Confusious Jul 2012 #10
Wouldn't work Confusious Jul 2012 #9
Children are at their worst when they are free of authority. Iggo Jul 2012 #11
just look how wonderful societies are when all authority collapses Douglas Carpenter Jul 2012 #12
what kind of crap push poll is this? Tuesday Afternoon Jul 2012 #13
Bingo. Children are human beings, and they need parents to tell them that they can't have MADem Jul 2012 #55
Humans need athority. UnrepentantLiberal Jul 2012 #14
Where did you see this? n/t ChazII Jul 2012 #15
AK Press (Anarchist Collective Publishing House) Mission Statement Taverner Jul 2012 #18
This message was self-deleted by its author cherokeeprogressive Jul 2012 #16
How is "authority" earned? cherokeeprogressive Jul 2012 #17
It depends on the size of the group and how the authority is implimented. Marrah_G Jul 2012 #19
It depends who/what the authority is. Occupy, for instance, suggests bottom-up community authority. stevenleser Jul 2012 #20
"Only a few prefer liberty - The majority seek only fair masters." Sallust Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2012 #21
The Romans got their liberty in the end Confusious Jul 2012 #58
In small groups with reasonable social constraints 4th law of robotics Jul 2012 #22
Human beings are at their best when they are not manipulated by authority woo me with science Jul 2012 #23
Amarchy doesn't work as a social structure. nt rrneck Jul 2012 #24
What does? Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2012 #26
This is an Rand quote? Bluenorthwest Jul 2012 #25
It is a matter of balance treestar Jul 2012 #27
If you didn't have someone telling you what to do would you? Would you?... Historic NY Jul 2012 #28
Just what Ron Paul and his little boy want, to free of authority (government). No thanks. Little Star Jul 2012 #29
Government, I am convinced, is a dog and pony show Taverner Jul 2012 #34
the only way to eliminate (or otherwise control) the corporation is through governmnet. nt arely staircase Jul 2012 #45
Only if you believe JustAnotherGen Jul 2012 #30
Yay, authoritarianism! woo me with science Jul 2012 #31
It's just not that simple. stevenleser Jul 2012 #59
Mikhail Bakunin Tierra_y_Libertad Jul 2012 #32
where does the sociopath fit in that formulation without everybody else getting screwed? yurbud Jul 2012 #68
Human beings are pack animals. We always look for a pack with a strong leader BlueCaliDem Jul 2012 #33
Authority comes naturally ... Trajan Jul 2012 #35
Even anarchists wear the proscribed uniform. lumberjack_jeff Jul 2012 #36
Black has significance, just as Red does to Socialists Taverner Jul 2012 #37
Much depends on the level of authority ... spin Jul 2012 #38
Great post! Taverner Jul 2012 #39
Thanks for your support. (n/t) spin Jul 2012 #42
This is the kind of discussion I was trying to foster Taverner Jul 2012 #46
I enjoy posting on DU as it offers an opportunity not only to express my opinions ... spin Jul 2012 #48
Extreme levels of authority, and no authority at all, are both likely to lead to bad consequences LeftishBrit Jul 2012 #40
How about collective, rather than individual derived athority? Taverner Jul 2012 #47
Depends on the collective. Ask African Americans how they'd feel about a 1950's southern collective. stevenleser Jul 2012 #56
This! FrodosPet Jul 2012 #62
being accountable to someone else Bluerthanblue Jul 2012 #41
I actually enjoy driving on roads with designated traffic rules riderinthestorm Jul 2012 #43
That depends. I am thankful 280, 101, 680 and, thank dog, 17 all have speed limits Taverner Jul 2012 #53
bankster's paradise nt arely staircase Jul 2012 #44
If authority did not exist, people would quickly invent it. quaker bill Jul 2012 #49
To "Agree" assumes that libertarianism is correct. It isn't. baldguy Jul 2012 #50
Anarchism is radically different than Libertarianism Taverner Jul 2012 #52
Agree. Authority is always exploitative. nt Deep13 Jul 2012 #51
Unchecked authority is death to a free society orpupilofnature57 Jul 2012 #54
Wouldn't Somalia be representative of what happens when... Spazito Jul 2012 #57
No - the opposite actually Taverner Jul 2012 #60
Well, it seems, in Somalia, authority is everyone AND no one... Spazito Jul 2012 #61
That requires people to step up FrodosPet Jul 2012 #63
It also depends on the type of authority and where they get their legitimacy. LiberalFighter Jul 2012 #64
Now that's the million dollar answer Taverner Jul 2012 #66
Many people fear liberty, as you can now see. bemildred Jul 2012 #65
Read "Better Angels of Our Nature" by Steven Pinker and you'll disagree mainer Jul 2012 #67
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