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I hope he and the others recover quickly csziggy Jun 2017 #1
Want him to fully recover so when we beat him in his reelection he is healthy enough Eliot Rosewater Jun 2017 #2
Also because he is a human being Tiggeroshii Jun 2017 #6
Amen... golfguru Jun 2017 #3
Wishing him a full and speedy recovery Tiggeroshii Jun 2017 #4
Too bad he's not thinking about other Americans who don't have his taxpayer-provided healthcare dalton99a Jun 2017 #5
And that there are shootings every day no small thanks to his NRA A+ rating flibbitygiblets Jun 2017 #51
"do unto others what you would do to yourself"... mwooldri Jun 2017 #79
He might be after this...life altering conditions can lead to life-altering thinking... Volaris Jun 2017 #112
No violence is not the answer... Raster Jun 2017 #7
Hope he gets well quickly. Blue_true Jun 2017 #8
Wishing all involved a speedy recovery. hamsterjill Jun 2017 #9
I wish all injured a speedy recovery. Pinkflamingo Jun 2017 #10
Yes. narnian60 Jun 2017 #74
Speedy recovery blueseas Jun 2017 #11
He's a human Wawannabe Jun 2017 #12
Hope he has a full and speedy recovery Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Jun 2017 #13
Hang in their Steve Scalise ....get better. Demsrule86 Jun 2017 #14
and all of those injured today BainsBane Jun 2017 #15
Well wishes to all who have been injured Kaleva Jun 2017 #16
wishing a full recovery for Scalise and the other shooting victims. salin Jun 2017 #17
no dembotoz Jun 2017 #18
None. SammyWinstonJack Jun 2017 #90
Agreed mcar Jun 2017 #19
K&R... spanone Jun 2017 #20
Amen. He's a husband and father of 2 young kids. DesertRat Jun 2017 #21
Amen to that indeed. Zoonart Jun 2017 #41
I wish Scalise a full recovery meow2u3 Jun 2017 #22
Thoughts are with him as well as the others who were shot. onenote Jun 2017 #23
may this experience handmade34 Jun 2017 #24
My hope also DeminPennswoods Jun 2017 #34
Gun violence affects everyone, regardless of race, religion, or politics. forgotmylogin Jun 2017 #25
I send him all of the "thoughts and prayers!" nt ExciteBike66 Jun 2017 #26
Violence is not the answer. democrank Jun 2017 #27
ehhhh MurderMittenLiberal Jun 2017 #47
You're correct, ehhhh. democrank Jun 2017 #59
I'm so sorry ailsagirl Jun 2017 #28
I wish him a speedy recovery. A far more effective method of octoberlib Jun 2017 #29
He's stable right? retrowire Jun 2017 #30
he came out of surgery in critical condition Mosby Jun 2017 #43
Yes, major blood vessels in that area, as well as part of the gut. Rollo Jun 2017 #81
Wishing him a speedy recovery. n/t awesomerwb1 Jun 2017 #31
For ALL involved furtheradu Jun 2017 #32
I hope he recovers well, but I hope he uses this time to ponder all the misery he is trying to OnDoutside Jun 2017 #33
Yes. Without qualification. nolabear Jun 2017 #35
Those second amendment remedies elmac Jun 2017 #36
Agreed - senseless acts of violence like this have no place...anywhere Mime-Is-Money Jun 2017 #37
Recommended. H2O Man Jun 2017 #38
I hope he makes a full recovery soon The Genealogist Jun 2017 #39
Best wishes for a full and quick recover. Nt B2G Jun 2017 #40
Scalise Gets Helicoptered to OR, 24 Million Walk to ER.... KarmaKola Jun 2017 #42
+1 dalton99a Jun 2017 #44
+1 tallahasseedem Jun 2017 #61
And he's in bed with the NRA. Jeesh! - nt KingCharlemagne Jun 2017 #86
A plus rating from the NRA n/t sarge43 Jun 2017 #128
One fewer ambulatory fascist, imo. - nt KingCharlemagne Jun 2017 #130
While I'm not a pacifist as you are. NCTraveler Jun 2017 #45
I don't want them hurt MFM008 Jun 2017 #46
. slumcamper Jun 2017 #48
I hope all of the injured have a speedy and full recovery. CentralMass Jun 2017 #49
Support for progressives elmac Jun 2017 #50
K&R Scurrilous Jun 2017 #52
If he hadn't been there with security coverage I believe many would be dead. redwitch Jun 2017 #53
I hope Rep. Scalise makes a full recovery. Willie Pep Jun 2017 #54
Sorry Bear Creek Jun 2017 #55
Oh go away! cannabis_flower Jun 2017 #134
Hoping for a full recovery mainstreetonce Jun 2017 #56
the thought of him dragging himself across the dirt brought me to tears... samnsara Jun 2017 #57
Yeah, it was sad to read that, the gunman was still shooting while Blue_true Jun 2017 #96
He's my Congressman... Cheviteau Jun 2017 #58
Yep. It was a summit of white supremacists and neo-Nazis dalton99a Jun 2017 #62
There is no doubt he is a louse. The_Casual_Observer Jun 2017 #65
No doubt he is a first class coeur_de_lion Jun 2017 #70
Even David Duke cannabis_flower Jun 2017 #135
Yes even him coeur_de_lion Jun 2017 #138
The best way to honor Scalise... Fluke a Snooker Jun 2017 #60
Reminder that The Bible Jun 2017 #63
This post is out-of-line. DesertRat Jun 2017 #72
+1. n/t rzemanfl Jun 2017 #89
Please do. summer_in_TX Jun 2017 #93
I think he put some thought into it. 58Sunliner Jun 2017 #120
He's dead, Jim Major Nikon Jun 2017 #140
Yes DesertRat Jun 2017 #142
Best wishes congressman Soxfan58 Jun 2017 #64
I wish him to have an ephiphany while recovering.. Amimnoch Jun 2017 #66
I hope that he demand to look at the hospital bill. Blue_true Jun 2017 #99
Exactly and thank you. MuseRider Jun 2017 #67
A speedy recovery to all the victims Burma Jones Jun 2017 #68
Sending my thoughts and prayers as well. Barack_America Jun 2017 #69
Mine as well. Thank you for starting this. grossproffit Jun 2017 #71
K&R! Wishing him and the others who were injured a safe and speedy recovery Rhiannon12866 Jun 2017 #73
Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery for him and all who were injured. Ilsa Jun 2017 #75
Same here! I wish him and everyone a speedy recovery. What a horrible thing to have happen! n/t RKP5637 Jun 2017 #76
. denbot Jun 2017 #77
same here DonCoquixote Jun 2017 #78
I could say something about being glad he wasn't shot in the head because we have enough brain ... Rollo Jun 2017 #80
That's the attitude we should have! GetRidOfThem Jun 2017 #82
also for David Bailey and Crystal Griner... raging moderate Jun 2017 #83
No Comment All-In Jun 2017 #84
For sure Roy Rolling Jun 2017 #85
Conservatives and fascists love it when we abase ourselves by KingCharlemagne Jun 2017 #87
It doesn't prove weakness but rather character and strength. summer_in_TX Jun 2017 #97
The Haters Own Almost All Of The Government If You Haven't Noticed All-In Jun 2017 #100
Perhaps I can use that "character and strength" to help pay for my doctor's visits and meds Jake Stern Jun 2017 #123
Sorry to tell you, MLK, Jr. and the Civil Right Movement didn't "convert KingCharlemagne Jun 2017 #129
Like the kid who thinks he'll stop a bully by saying "please don't hit me" Jake Stern Jun 2017 #124
Peace Achilleaze Jun 2017 #88
Prayers orangecrush Jun 2017 #91
How about a moment of reflection concerning the acts of violent intimidation aimed at two Democrats Doitnow Jun 2017 #92
He has Obama Care. Demtexan Jun 2017 #94
They Don't Care About Us All-In Jun 2017 #101
Agree Meowmee Jun 2017 #117
Good luck buddy. mahina Jun 2017 #95
Quick healing to all of those injured. n/t gldstwmn Jun 2017 #98
Rachel just got a detailed report of his condition BumRushDaShow Jun 2017 #102
It sounds so much worse that initially reported DesertRat Jun 2017 #116
Violence guss Jun 2017 #103
Agree. kstewart33 Jun 2017 #104
I hope all of the victims make a full and speedy recovery. Violence is not the answer. -Steph- Jun 2017 #105
K&R TomCADem Jun 2017 #106
Absolutely. calimary Jun 2017 #107
Hoping for a full recovery for Scalise and all Americans affected by gun violence. VOX Jun 2017 #108
+1 SunSeeker Jun 2017 #109
Ditto. n/t Tarheel_Dem Jun 2017 #110
thoughts and prayers IronLionZion Jun 2017 #111
I'm sorry people were shot. kaotikross Jun 2017 #113
Prayers for healing and peace marlakay Jun 2017 #114
"Violence is NEVER the answer!" Get well soon so we can continue the DEBATE! Sunlei Jun 2017 #115
My thoughts are with Representative Scalise. I sincerely wish him a full Upthevibe Jun 2017 #118
I hope that he heals. I also hope that he is infused with empathy and becomes an advocate for grantcart Jun 2017 #119
wishing him the best Skittles Jun 2017 #121
He and his family are in my prayers. Here's to a speedy recovery. AgadorSparticus Jun 2017 #122
Nobody deserves to be shot for their political views. meadowlander Jun 2017 #125
For Steve Scalise and others injured Alt-Orange Jun 2017 #126
No one should ever have to suffer from such senseless violence. Silver Gaia Jun 2017 #127
Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword BlancheSplanchnik Jun 2017 #131
Nah, I'm Good lib87 Jun 2017 #132
Lets hope Steve makes a speedy recovery so he can continue God's work... benpollard Jun 2017 #133
Kindest thing I can say,you reap what you sow. lark Jun 2017 #136
I'll send my wishes for a speedy recovery. LongTomH Jun 2017 #137
Agree with you on no violence. I wish him and everyone affected a speedy recovery. n/t Zing Zing Zingbah Jun 2017 #139
Agree. highplainsdem Jun 2017 #141
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