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Fascists attack. pangaia Jun 2017 #1
As bad as Spicer is mcar Jun 2017 #2
man did you ever say it !!!! pangaia Jun 2017 #15
Salvation Army Barbiebot. ananda Jun 2017 #25
She does come from a family of paleotn Jun 2017 #66
We're becoming like Turkey Matthew28 Jun 2017 #3
It is frightening mcar Jun 2017 #4
Russia destablised Turkey and helped with that Coup. Just like they colluded with Republicans to att Sunlei Jun 2017 #8
I'm not good with links, but GallopingGhost Jun 2017 #5
Shit! Wawannabe Jun 2017 #69
I almost deleted my post GallopingGhost Jun 2017 #72
I watch it too mcar Jun 2017 #7
Journalists across the lands know press freedoms are under attack. Sunlei Jun 2017 #10
And it's already reached their surrogates Awsi Dooger Jun 2017 #9
As an avid sports fan, this bugs the hell out of me. Still In Wisconsin Jun 2017 #24
I am attacked on a Miami Hurricanes site Awsi Dooger Jun 2017 #47
I am also a huge Wisconsin Badgers fan... Still In Wisconsin Jun 2017 #53
I don't watch CNN, they have too many obnoxous right wingers on all of the time katmondoo Jun 2017 #11
That drives me crazy too mcar Jun 2017 #13
Irony: "accurate or not, I don't know, but I would encourage everybody...to take a look at it" muriel_volestrangler Jun 2017 #12
Well said muriel mcar Jun 2017 #14
THAT, more than anything else, utterly blew me away. janx Jun 2017 #16
The Washington Post noticed it too muriel_volestrangler Jun 2017 #38
Thanks for the link! janx Jun 2017 #42
Very well said malaise Jun 2017 #19
That jumped out at me too Lordquinton Jun 2017 #39
I know, right? mountain grammy Jun 2017 #45
I much prefer "unnamed sources" over the unending lies spewed by this White House. yallerdawg Jun 2017 #17
Everything is fake if they don't like it. n/t Buckeye_Democrat Jun 2017 #18
Or the newspaper or network is "failing." maddiemom Jun 2017 #65
my fault bora13 Jun 2017 #20
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #21
A republican working in CNN's health unit rants about his networks coverage of Trump! .99center Jun 2017 #28
That's the garbage video she wants people to watch when she has no idea if it's fake or not muriel_volestrangler Jun 2017 #31
Cnn is doing their best to please Comrade Trump! Cryptoad Jun 2017 #22
Huh? mcar Jun 2017 #23
Most of their day time news people could easliy ,,,, Cryptoad Jun 2017 #30
Fuck CNN too. hunter Jun 2017 #26
plus 1000 Cryptoad Jun 2017 #32
Trump said "You want me." And they did. hunter Jun 2017 #35
Dear god she just described Fox News, Hate Radio, and Britebart Volaris Jun 2017 #27
Spicer at least has the decency to look uncomfortable when JenniferJuniper Jun 2017 #29
He's a fake president. lpbk2713 Jun 2017 #33
With the first sentence out of that Breitbart stooge's mouth, I nailed him as a shill. procon Jun 2017 #34
They've been at war with CNN and other legitimate news orgs since Jan 2017. nt Honeycombe8 Jun 2017 #36
Robert Mueller isn't gathering fake evidence. He won't be issuing fake indictments. Mr. Ected Jun 2017 #37
Thanks Wawannabe Jun 2017 #71
CNN should make Mr.Bill Jun 2017 #40
This whole #FakeNews thing is about credibility and dictating lies as truth bucolic_frolic Jun 2017 #41
They are planning to take out all the American media, one outlet at a time. Tatiana Jun 2017 #43
Yes mcar Jun 2017 #44
Yes, exacty! mountain grammy Jun 2017 #46
FOX News is probably safe. nt Jamaal510 Jun 2017 #54
Mahalo, mcar! Cha Jun 2017 #48
Thanks Cha! mcar Jun 2017 #49
Backatcha! Cha Jun 2017 #50
Why doesn't CNN have the backbone to stand up for themselves? Doodley Jun 2017 #51
Firing Jeffrey Lord would be a great first step ecstatic Jun 2017 #52
It's straight false. CNN HELPED him get elected. sharedvalues Jun 2017 #55
Alex Jones thinks the government is turning frogs gay IronLionZion Jun 2017 #56
Because why wouldn't the gov't be turning frogs gay? mcar Jun 2017 #57
Next step will be mandatory gay marriage for everyone IronLionZion Jun 2017 #58
It was right alongside the Death Panels mcar Jun 2017 #59
Even if they fire all those robots DK504 Jun 2017 #60
War between CNN and BillyBobBrilliant Jun 2017 #61
Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel. spanone Jun 2017 #62
This is actually a good thing Iplayoneontv Jun 2017 #63
Yeah, but that's just this week DFW Jun 2017 #64
Twitler is after WaPo and NYT again today mcar Jun 2017 #67
It's really too bad Wawannabe Jun 2017 #68
if CNN was as corrupt at the Trump administration...CNN would have said they used Fresh_Start Jun 2017 #70
There's a video circulating now, whether it's accurate or not, I don't know... MrPurple Jun 2017 #73
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