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27. Dear god she just described Fox News, Hate Radio, and Britebart
Tue Jun 27, 2017, 06:56 PM
Jun 2017

and its gotten us EXACTLY to the place she described--dangerous for america (as is made absolutlely fucking obvious by the fact that Donald Trump is the goddamned president).

But since she can't come out and say 'good job team, thanks for the agitprop and bringing The Suckers onboard' all they have is Projection writ large.

Trying to accuse the profit-margin-driven-media of making their pennies from lying to people, is only going to piss them off and drive them to make those pennies by telling the truth that much harder and better (i think Olbermann is correct about this, even if it will take some time). This dumbass probably just gaslighted herself into a propane factory and doesn't realize her boss likes to solve problems with a fucking blowtorch hahahahah.

Fascists attack. pangaia Jun 2017 #1
As bad as Spicer is mcar Jun 2017 #2
man did you ever say it !!!! pangaia Jun 2017 #15
Salvation Army Barbiebot. ananda Jun 2017 #25
She does come from a family of paleotn Jun 2017 #66
We're becoming like Turkey Matthew28 Jun 2017 #3
It is frightening mcar Jun 2017 #4
Russia destablised Turkey and helped with that Coup. Just like they colluded with Republicans to att Sunlei Jun 2017 #8
I'm not good with links, but GallopingGhost Jun 2017 #5
Shit! Wawannabe Jun 2017 #69
I almost deleted my post GallopingGhost Jun 2017 #72
I watch it too mcar Jun 2017 #7
Journalists across the lands know press freedoms are under attack. Sunlei Jun 2017 #10
And it's already reached their surrogates Awsi Dooger Jun 2017 #9
As an avid sports fan, this bugs the hell out of me. Still In Wisconsin Jun 2017 #24
I am attacked on a Miami Hurricanes site Awsi Dooger Jun 2017 #47
I am also a huge Wisconsin Badgers fan... Still In Wisconsin Jun 2017 #53
I don't watch CNN, they have too many obnoxous right wingers on all of the time katmondoo Jun 2017 #11
That drives me crazy too mcar Jun 2017 #13
Irony: "accurate or not, I don't know, but I would encourage everybody...to take a look at it" muriel_volestrangler Jun 2017 #12
Well said muriel mcar Jun 2017 #14
THAT, more than anything else, utterly blew me away. janx Jun 2017 #16
The Washington Post noticed it too muriel_volestrangler Jun 2017 #38
Thanks for the link! janx Jun 2017 #42
Very well said malaise Jun 2017 #19
That jumped out at me too Lordquinton Jun 2017 #39
I know, right? mountain grammy Jun 2017 #45
I much prefer "unnamed sources" over the unending lies spewed by this White House. yallerdawg Jun 2017 #17
Everything is fake if they don't like it. n/t Buckeye_Democrat Jun 2017 #18
Or the newspaper or network is "failing." maddiemom Jun 2017 #65
my fault bora13 Jun 2017 #20
Post removed Post removed Jun 2017 #21
A republican working in CNN's health unit rants about his networks coverage of Trump! .99center Jun 2017 #28
That's the garbage video she wants people to watch when she has no idea if it's fake or not muriel_volestrangler Jun 2017 #31
Cnn is doing their best to please Comrade Trump! Cryptoad Jun 2017 #22
Huh? mcar Jun 2017 #23
Most of their day time news people could easliy ,,,, Cryptoad Jun 2017 #30
Fuck CNN too. hunter Jun 2017 #26
plus 1000 Cryptoad Jun 2017 #32
Trump said "You want me." And they did. hunter Jun 2017 #35
Dear god she just described Fox News, Hate Radio, and Britebart Volaris Jun 2017 #27
Spicer at least has the decency to look uncomfortable when JenniferJuniper Jun 2017 #29
He's a fake president. lpbk2713 Jun 2017 #33
With the first sentence out of that Breitbart stooge's mouth, I nailed him as a shill. procon Jun 2017 #34
They've been at war with CNN and other legitimate news orgs since Jan 2017. nt Honeycombe8 Jun 2017 #36
Robert Mueller isn't gathering fake evidence. He won't be issuing fake indictments. Mr. Ected Jun 2017 #37
Thanks Wawannabe Jun 2017 #71
CNN should make Mr.Bill Jun 2017 #40
This whole #FakeNews thing is about credibility and dictating lies as truth bucolic_frolic Jun 2017 #41
They are planning to take out all the American media, one outlet at a time. Tatiana Jun 2017 #43
Yes mcar Jun 2017 #44
Yes, exacty! mountain grammy Jun 2017 #46
FOX News is probably safe. nt Jamaal510 Jun 2017 #54
Mahalo, mcar! Cha Jun 2017 #48
Thanks Cha! mcar Jun 2017 #49
Backatcha! Cha Jun 2017 #50
Why doesn't CNN have the backbone to stand up for themselves? Doodley Jun 2017 #51
Firing Jeffrey Lord would be a great first step ecstatic Jun 2017 #52
It's straight false. CNN HELPED him get elected. sharedvalues Jun 2017 #55
Alex Jones thinks the government is turning frogs gay IronLionZion Jun 2017 #56
Because why wouldn't the gov't be turning frogs gay? mcar Jun 2017 #57
Next step will be mandatory gay marriage for everyone IronLionZion Jun 2017 #58
It was right alongside the Death Panels mcar Jun 2017 #59
Even if they fire all those robots DK504 Jun 2017 #60
War between CNN and BillyBobBrilliant Jun 2017 #61
Never pick a fight with people who buy ink by the barrel. spanone Jun 2017 #62
This is actually a good thing Iplayoneontv Jun 2017 #63
Yeah, but that's just this week DFW Jun 2017 #64
Twitler is after WaPo and NYT again today mcar Jun 2017 #67
It's really too bad Wawannabe Jun 2017 #68
if CNN was as corrupt at the Trump administration...CNN would have said they used Fresh_Start Jun 2017 #70
There's a video circulating now, whether it's accurate or not, I don't know... MrPurple Jun 2017 #73
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