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Sun Jul 2, 2017, 11:38 PM Jul 2017

I'm damn tired of people who claim to be the left [View all]

trying to hijack the Democratic platform.

I'm damn tired of people who are trying to redefine liberals, and the Democratic Party.

If you are not for Civil Rights, Equal Rights, and Social Justice, you are not a liberal.

If you consider civil rights as "Identity politics", you are not a liberal.

If you are complaining about "identity politics" in any way, shape or form, you are not a liberal.

And if you adhere to any of the above, you are not the base, you are not the party, you are not our voice, and you will not dictate our future.

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I still have NO IDEA what identity politics is even about? angstlessk Jul 2017 #1
Google. NT pablo_marmol Jul 2017 #3
Here's the google definition angstlessk Jul 2017 #4
It boils down to this mercuryblues Jul 2017 #9
So maybe he used the wrong words.. whathehell Jul 2017 #346
"Repukes" aren't the only ones, as we have seen here in this thread. (nt) ehrnst Jul 2017 #373
Ask Bernie. brer cat Jul 2017 #10
777. Jackpot. you win the internet for today! Eliot Rosewater Jul 2017 #183
So Bernie is NOT for babylonsister Jul 2017 #236
Enough Bernie Sanders bashing Roy Rolling Jul 2017 #258
Thank you. n/t whathehell Jul 2017 #345
There is a lot out there. sheshe2 Jul 2017 #11
That is a good article Motownman78 Jul 2017 #14
Wow. sheshe2 Jul 2017 #15
That is what my friends pretty much said Motownman78 Jul 2017 #20
He held strong his position in bigotry. Nothing, anyone did would have changed the pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #22
Yep, that's it in a nutshell. nt stevenleser Jul 2017 #129
Yep, you nailed it exactly. brush Jul 2017 #165
"identity politics" is "reverse racism" for the left. (nt) ehrnst Jul 2017 #388
So your friends were all trump supporters? sheshe2 Jul 2017 #27
It's more about priorities... Baconator Jul 2017 #262
Civil rights is non-negotiable...and has nothing to do with jobs...not an either or situation...so Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #349
Exactly.. ehrnst Jul 2017 #378
There's only so many hours in a day and dollars in the bank... Baconator Jul 2017 #468
Civil rights are not negotiable period end of story...one can have different economic proposals... Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #470
Nice bumper sticker... Baconator Jul 2017 #484
Oh really...well as a woman who nearly died at the hands of a right to life doctor in Georgia...I Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #485
Women's rights is life and death. Yes. Thank-you for your post! Eom. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #487
I have shared it...I never realized the role that pro-choice played in womens' lives until I became Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #488
Exactly.. whathehell Jul 2017 #354
This message was self-deleted by its author ehrnst Jul 2017 #377
Well I won't support anyone who doesn't make social justice a priority at the primary level. Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #489
Reducing LGBTQ justice issues to the label "bathrooms" is exactly what is wrong with ehrnst Jul 2017 #376
Apparently. Also - all the Democratic Platform says about women is "abortions for everybody!" ehrnst Jul 2017 #379
Simply amazing! sheshe2 Jul 2017 #386
Voter supression is why we lost the 2016 election, Ninsianna Jul 2017 #21
Not voter suppression Motownman78 Jul 2017 #24
You are sounding incredibly similar to your friend. There is plenty of hard evidence, pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #26
Post removed Post removed Jul 2017 #33
So you have no idea what was being discusssed in MI? Ninsianna Jul 2017 #97
Aaah..the economic message. sheshe2 Jul 2017 #35
Post removed Post removed Jul 2017 #41
If you say so. sheshe2 Jul 2017 #46
That is blatantly false BainsBane Jul 2017 #78
Clearly the poster meant to say "Until" and not "When" whopis01 Jul 2017 #244
You maybe BainsBane Jul 2017 #75
So "voter apathy" kept people from receiving IDs, and turned them away from Ninsianna Jul 2017 #93
90 milion eligible voters didn't vote in 2016 Mosby Jul 2017 #160
um, when your vote is supressed and you're denied an ID that is required to vote, Ninsianna Jul 2017 #266
You misread what I wrote Mosby Jul 2017 #274
It was hundreds of thousands of people, probably more that were Ninsianna Jul 2017 #279
Also, if you're really from motown, you really should pay some attention to the Ninsianna Jul 2017 #95
You doubt vote suppression? Maybe read more, get our more brush Jul 2017 #166
Sorry.. you're wrong. There was Major Voter Cha Jul 2017 #229
You might want to edit your post whopis01 Jul 2017 #243
Come to Texas or Wisconsin and try to vote Gothmog Jul 2017 #245
Here is some of that evidence: ehrnst Jul 2017 #299
Here's your proof of suppression: ehrnst Jul 2017 #492
Well stated.. thank you! No way could they have Cha Jul 2017 #62
+1 betsuni Jul 2017 #63
They are Bigots . THEY are the ones who have a problem with where people go to the bathrooms JI7 Jul 2017 #23
They don't care who does what Motownman78 Jul 2017 #30
if they didn't care then they wouldn't ahve brought that up JI7 Jul 2017 #31
So someone who is unhappy that Motownman78 Jul 2017 #39
economic issues were being talked about by the democrats while Trump was spewing his bigotry JI7 Jul 2017 #40
News Flash Motownman78 Jul 2017 #42
that says more about the white people who vote for them . as i said they are bigots JI7 Jul 2017 #43
True Motownman78 Jul 2017 #47
no he didn't JI7 Jul 2017 #48
Yes he did Motownman78 Jul 2017 #50
this was right after, we learned more afterwards JI7 Jul 2017 #51
Not to mention that 12 million of those who voted for Obama in '12 whathehell Jul 2017 #91
What's your evidence for that? BainsBane Jul 2017 #96
Here you go.. whathehell Jul 2017 #371
Rasmussen BainsBane Jul 2017 #448
The New York Times, The Washington Post, Talking Points Memo.. whathehell Jul 2017 #462
that makes no sense considering Hillary got about the same number of votes as Obama did in 12 and JI7 Jul 2017 #99
Actually, it does.. whathehell Jul 2017 #370
Got proof? Cha Jul 2017 #231
Try this whathehell Jul 2017 #369
Pls stop spreading false info brush Jul 2017 #168
News flash ehrnst Jul 2017 #138
Anyone who embraces (or defends, or advocates for) "trickle-down social justice" has... NurseJackie Jul 2017 #146
Understood. ehrnst Jul 2017 #240
I don't see why we can't be pro-civil AND economic rights...Why does it whathehell Jul 2017 #45
Because people want Motownman78 Jul 2017 #49
What people are you talking about? sheshe2 Jul 2017 #53
lol melman Jul 2017 #54
Yeah, that's part of it. whathehell Jul 2017 #58
Jeeesuuus. SMDH NYResister Jul 2017 #64
I don't expect rural voters to vote Democrat at all BainsBane Jul 2017 #72
You mean bigots or racists? sheshe2 Jul 2017 #73
And politicians who say that rural white voters will suddenly vote for "big government" politicians ehrnst Jul 2017 #140
This message was self-deleted by its author lunasun Jul 2017 #161
Hmmm also looks like some want to blame it on the party supporting transgender rights ...... lunasun Jul 2017 #163
Without getting a pie thrown in my face, transgender rights do hurt Democrats in MY COUNTY. Jim Beard Jul 2017 #438
Well then I guess we will have to wait until there are less bigots in your county to win your Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #475
Its all West Texas, from the Panhandle to the Oil Rough Necks in Midland. A large area. Jim Beard Jul 2017 #479
No area should be written off in my opinion. And there is nothing wrong with emphasizing Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #481
Yes, when they want to downplay social justice issues. Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #471
I doubt it but it certainly says something that they were not bothered with Trumps bigotry. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #32
No, it was all the teevee showed us. betsuni Jul 2017 #52
No, the media was so fixated radical noodle Jul 2017 #69
Yes, Democrats are concerned about Civil Rights. NYResister Jul 2017 #77
When did Democrats talk about bathrooms in the GE? BainsBane Jul 2017 #70
North Carolina was in the national news a lot. Igel Jul 2017 #100
That's not the same as running on the issue at the presidential level BainsBane Jul 2017 #101
plus the democratic candidate for governor won in north carolina JI7 Jul 2017 #102
Good point BainsBane Jul 2017 #104
And in Montana against Gianforte...had Montana run a moderate candidate, we could have taken that Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #108
To my knowledge, nobody else even indicated an interest. Ken Burch Jul 2017 #223
That is not true. There were three or four who were interested and would Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #239
In any case, this is not the subject of this thread. Ken Burch Jul 2017 #280
You brought it up. I was merely informing you that there were others more suited in Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #290
Then there was that Russian thing. n/t tazkcmo Jul 2017 #135
Well Scott Walker defeated the Democratic candidate for Wisconsin way before 2016 delisen Jul 2017 #157
Well your friends were not paying attention or kacekwl Jul 2017 #255
Yeah, the refrain of the straight white man... it was 'bathrooms" vs "factory jobs." ehrnst Jul 2017 #326
Identity politics is code for Democrats should abandon their base and focus on white voters Gothmog Jul 2017 #133
Absolutely. (nt) ehrnst Jul 2017 #144
EXACTLY!!! NastyRiffraff Jul 2017 #171
Yup. nt sheshe2 Jul 2017 #208
Not too subtle, either. Cha Jul 2017 #232
That's a narrow view. KPN Jul 2017 #253
Only if "white voters" are the only people interested in their own economic welfare, whathehell Jul 2017 #342
Social Justice is an economic issue for women, LGBTQ , people of color and Transgender...you can Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #476
+50 Thousand Me. Jul 2017 #141
Yep. Trickle down social justice is about as probable as trickle down economics. (nt) ehrnst Jul 2017 #142
I feel like they're both very conservative viewpoints. Any "trickle-down" policy is conservative... NurseJackie Jul 2017 #145
Exactly, ehrnst. nt sheshe2 Jul 2017 #210
Here's the wiki entry....... pablo_marmol Jul 2017 #260
Or better yet check out Twitter Chevy Jul 2017 #7
straight white men who get upset when the subject is women, or minorities, or trans, etc Skittles Jul 2017 #65
+1. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #66
Also known as broflakes YCHDT Jul 2017 #150
you know it Skittles Jul 2017 #212
I love that term Gothmog Jul 2017 #246
Yep. (nt) ehrnst Jul 2017 #300
Which ONE of those groups doesn't need an income to live on, or financial security? whathehell Jul 2017 #344
Ah I am also a white female and lost jobs because I was a woman and was questioned on how my kids Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #477
I see it as concerns BainsBane Jul 2017 #68
Um, policies should benefit white men whathehell Jul 2017 #389
An example, then I try no more. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #397
I never, ever heard him dismiss the poor as you're implying he has whathehell Jul 2017 #408
First sentence, Wth. This would be the beginning, the start. Actually knowing what Sanders says. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #414
Um, yeah...First words include WORKING class, not just whathehell Jul 2017 #416
I associate working and middle about the same. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #417
Then you,'ve been associating incorrectly, I'm afraid. whathehell Jul 2017 #420
Yes, it is on yearly income. Are you telling me we divide blue and white collar in this argument? pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #426
His policy, dismissed the poor. His policy. His words. His free college. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #415
He adopted Clinton"d proposal?!..You must be kidding! whathehell Jul 2017 #418
We disagree on facts. One right, one wrong. That is correct. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #419
Wow...Yes we do. whathehell Jul 2017 #421
I get it. You state you get it. I equally say, " seek out the real ones." pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #427
Uh huh whathehell Jul 2017 #435
A poster made it easy for you. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #436
Lol...Let me make it "easy" for you. whathehell Jul 2017 #441
Look at you. Have a terrific Thursday, soon to be weekend. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #442
Yeah, you too. Have a great day. whathehell Jul 2017 #445
Actually, she did propose debt free college in August 2015. ehrnst Jul 2017 #433
Her plan was very good and would have avoided the problems that I saw in Georgia with Georgia Hope. Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #473
Georgia Hope ended up just as you describe. In fact the wealthier kids drive what is called Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #472
There you go, an obvious yet ignored. Thank-you. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #474
We have real world examples of what works with free tuition plans. Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #482
I am very much enjoying and being educated by yours. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #490
Thanks...I was so excited when they came out with it. But I doubt my daughter who just Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #491
How odd your reaction to any discussion of equal rights BainsBane Jul 2017 #447
Really?..What I find odd is that any discussion of economic rights whathehell Jul 2017 #463
Sanders himself makes the statement. I have given you the quotes. We listened to Sanders. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #464
It's a perjorative for issues that don't apply to white straight men ehrnst Jul 2017 #126
+1 emulatorloo Jul 2017 #176
"Identity Politics" equals civil rights emulatorloo Jul 2017 #175
I was in a thread stating women in the WH gets .80 to the $1.00. That would be identity politic. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #182
Seems to be used in a different context every time I see it Alice11111 Jul 2017 #213
Speaking out publically while ((black, female, gay, etc)) meadowlander Jul 2017 #267
It challenges white straight male privilege, which seems to have had a resurgence ehrnst Jul 2017 #393
THIS, damn it!!! EffieBlack Jul 2017 #2
Agreed Gothmog Jul 2017 #136
+ 1000 sheshe2 Jul 2017 #5
Damn straight they won't. Cha Jul 2017 #6
Nicely put! n/t Chevy Jul 2017 #8
K&R brer cat Jul 2017 #12
So tired of Dems being accused of having no message, standing for nothing, betsuni Jul 2017 #13
I read that all the time, Dems don't have a message which is total BS Iliyah Jul 2017 #16
"Democrats have no ideas" was a big GOP meme in the Bush years emulatorloo Jul 2017 #177
EQUALITY GOOD! Cha Jul 2017 #18
Pres O, love him! Iliyah Jul 2017 #34
You'll love this, Iliyah... Cha Jul 2017 #57
Yeah for President Obama Gothmog Jul 2017 #247
We knew he would! He's not the kind of Cha Jul 2017 #254
Yes, so is the ability to support your family! whathehell Jul 2017 #347
Nobody ever said it wasn't. Cha Jul 2017 #350
No one ever said equality wasn't either.. whathehell Jul 2017 #352
They call it "Identity politics". Cha Jul 2017 #357
Is that what"they" call it? whathehell Jul 2017 #359
+1. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #19
Yup. nt sheshe2 Jul 2017 #55
Thank you! wryter2000 Jul 2017 #203
I'm tired of it, too! At least I see lots of uncensored comments after R B Garr Jul 2017 #465
Or, both parties are the same. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #17
I will never forgive Stein or Nader for using this crappy line Gothmog Jul 2017 #248
And Sanders. I agree. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #251
There are major differences between the parties Gothmog Jul 2017 #269
Yes. The Democratic base, the Democratic Party prefers our position. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #271
Economic justice doesn't make the list? nt hay rick Jul 2017 #25
Democratic Party always and consistently works toward economic justice. That is a given. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #28
Not when we moved right on economics. We abandoned working people and the poor Ken Burch Jul 2017 #225
No we did not abandon people. Everything the Democratic party does, is to strengthen the economy. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #234
Can you give an example of moving right on economics? betsuni Jul 2017 #242
Voting to protect credit card companies over working people is the one that always gets to me. aikoaiko Jul 2017 #257
The only vote on credit card companies I could find was from 2009 betsuni Jul 2017 #263
Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA) aikoaiko Jul 2017 #264
Free trade, NAFTA, GATT, TPP. Mosby Jul 2017 #275
LOL. betsuni Jul 2017 #295
Let's unpack that. ehrnst Jul 2017 #391
I do not even try to explain the necessity of TPP and why it is important to us. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #399
It's become dogma. ehrnst Jul 2017 #407
Correct. What happened? Also, corporatist shill. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #412
Not to mention - 401ks are intertwined with Wall Street ehrnst Jul 2017 #422
Correct or other forms of personal retirement so we can eventually not work and pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #429
The progressive view of trade Mosby Jul 2017 #411
But it looks like you've changed your position from any trade deal being "bad for everyone" ehrnst Jul 2017 #443
I didn't say trade agreements were "bad for everyone". Mosby Jul 2017 #446
But you posted a link to an establishment Democrat ehrnst Jul 2017 #451
The problem is they do a very bad job articulating the message. Terrible branding and messaging. LBM20 Jul 2017 #458
Economic justice is inseparable from social justice. Economics have been used to oppress. ehrnst Jul 2017 #127
Pay attention. emulatorloo Jul 2017 #180
Can you tell us who is omitting it from the list? ehrnst Jul 2017 #457
Which people? oberliner Jul 2017 #29
... orangecrush Jul 2017 #36
I don't give a fuuuuuuck nt retrowire Jul 2017 #37
Yeah, well, NYResister Jul 2017 #67
I don't give a fuuuuuuck about that either. retrowire Jul 2017 #124
Obsessed with Bernie and his supporters? Check! Arazi Jul 2017 #134
Talking about OP? retrowire Jul 2017 #148
Yup Arazi Jul 2017 #155
Bernie is not running for anything...he is now one senator among 100 ...I don't get being a Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #478
We already KNOW that NastyRiffraff Jul 2017 #172
I'm not repetitive about it. nt retrowire Jul 2017 #186
It seems to me that a lot of people agree with the OP. It may not be all about you. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #187
Lmao heaven forbid someone disagree! retrowire Jul 2017 #188
It appears you are taking that position, not vice versa. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #189
Damn you're sharp! Nt retrowire Jul 2017 #191
True that. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #192
You are not a liberal if you are hostile or indifferent to labor unions whathehell Jul 2017 #38
most economic disparity due to bigotry over things like race, gender, sexual orientation JI7 Jul 2017 #44
I'm sorry, but that's not true.. whathehell Jul 2017 #56
and not everything is the same. in the United States it IS due to race with majority of white people JI7 Jul 2017 #60
I never said it was whathehell Jul 2017 #74
Yes, not being a white, straight man puts you in a very different economic situation ehrnst Jul 2017 #130
We're talking about recent history - in the US. ehrnst Jul 2017 #128
This is true, were not equally being fucked either YCHDT Jul 2017 #151
Nope, and as far as "getting fucked equally" whathehell Jul 2017 #358
Just because there is ranking in who gets fucked less than others ehrnst Jul 2017 #456
Huh? whathehell Jul 2017 #366
There are also example of areas with economic justice and blatant racism...such as the UK and Europe Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #355
The OP is right. Cha Jul 2017 #59
I am also right.. whathehell Jul 2017 #80
The attempt to make this a conflict is despicable Voltaire2 Jul 2017 #113
I agree.. whathehell Jul 2017 #364
Yes, indeed. You should remind yourself of that n/t kcr Jul 2017 #237
Lol.. whathehell Jul 2017 #365
You are not a liberal if you are hostile to our identity as people. sheshe2 Jul 2017 #71
Guess what?...I'm not whathehell Jul 2017 #79
Post removed Post removed Jul 2017 #85
I don't know what you're talking about.. whathehell Jul 2017 #86
Yeah well, one candidate covered both. NYResister Jul 2017 #88
Yeah, I voted for her.. whathehell Jul 2017 #89
You keep accusing others of "ignoring economic issues" when they are not. (nt) ehrnst Jul 2017 #310
First of all, I'm not "accusing" anyone, I'm just giving voice whathehell Jul 2017 #319
You accuse, then deny you are accusing. ehrnst Jul 2017 #324
Um, shrnst?.. I won't continue responding to baseless accusations.. whathehell Jul 2017 #337
"I'm not going to continue responding..." ehrnst Jul 2017 #383
Well some in the party believe that civil rights are not negotiable and you can not have economic Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #351
Because the platform of the some left is minimizing social justice as an issue YCHDT Jul 2017 #152
They- would likely say the opposite -- That they've focused almost exclusively whathehell Jul 2017 #306
Can you state specific instances when Democrats have done this? Hillary included both. ehrnst Jul 2017 #312
I can't think of any specific instances where Democrats have ignored whathehell Jul 2017 #316
You said: ehrnst Jul 2017 #320
Answer: the same people the poster charged with ignoring social issues. whathehell Jul 2017 #339
Again.... ehrnst Jul 2017 #372
I am confused. Are you saying unless there are instances where Democrats 'ignore' social Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #353
I don't see it that way.. whathehell Jul 2017 #340
They don't Caliman73 Jul 2017 #179
Good post. Thank-you. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #184
Who are "they"?... whathehell Jul 2017 #314
Perhaps I was unclear. Caliman73 Jul 2017 #328
I haven't seen any democrats ignoring social issues, have you? whathehell Jul 2017 #338
I am not sure that the OP thinks. Caliman73 Jul 2017 #361
Really? whathehell Jul 2017 #363
Because I understand what the OP is trying to convey. Caliman73 Jul 2017 #405
So you didn't know what I 'was trying to convey" lol? whathehell Jul 2017 #413
Tell me where I have used weasel words. Caliman73 Jul 2017 #440
It's all in the context..Beyond that, you'll only get answers to your questions whathehell Jul 2017 #466
What questions have you asked me that I have not addressed. Caliman73 Jul 2017 #467
Lol, not "addressed"-- answered.. They're not necessarily synonyms, whathehell Jul 2017 #469
I agree with this alarimer Jul 2017 #289
Laws have been passed, Supreme Court decisions have come down supporting this. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #292
I agree..Social issues are important, but they are also whathehell Jul 2017 #309
Because certain ambitious politicians feel they gain credibility by the division. (nt) ehrnst Jul 2017 #305
Care to name any? whathehell Jul 2017 #307
WTF? NYResister Jul 2017 #82
Nobody has. Flailing against a fictional Democratic Party. betsuni Jul 2017 #83
Huh?? whathehell Jul 2017 #84
The Democratic party does both...and that is a fact. Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #109
Strawman. Everyone here believes in labor unions. emulatorloo Jul 2017 #181
Totally a strawman. Cha Jul 2017 #218
Only if the OP is too, since everyone here believes in Civil Rights as well.. whathehell Jul 2017 #367
K&R Jamaal510 Jul 2017 #61
Leftists are not trying to 'redefine' 'hijack' the Democratic party leftstreet Jul 2017 #76
You know what? NYResister Jul 2017 #81
Can you forward me the memo? SCantiGOP Jul 2017 #156
It's the majority of the Democrats who decide that Steven Maurer Jul 2017 #197
+1. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #199
Except no small number of them BainsBane Jul 2017 #87
That's correct leftstreet Jul 2017 #153
That I agree with BainsBane Jul 2017 #169
They refuse to do the heavy lifting needed in order to win...and I dispute that they are Democrats.. Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #110
Indeed, they're not Democrats at all. NurseJackie Jul 2017 #120
They are not...and now some have decided that this is the perfect time for a full on single payer Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #122
Having good timing (and being realistic) has never been one of their strong points. As you note... NurseJackie Jul 2017 #123
Excellent post. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #162
Just one thing to add: Saviolo Jul 2017 #214
Yes. Privileged! That cannot be repeated often enough, or LOUDLY enough. It's all... NurseJackie Jul 2017 #215
Bill Maher is a particularly egregious example Saviolo Jul 2017 #226
I stopped watching. My husband still DVR's it... NurseJackie Jul 2017 #230
+1000 (nt) ehrnst Jul 2017 #404
And I dispute that they are Leftists leftstreet Jul 2017 #228
I am a leftist...and no matter what I vote Democratic always...the base of the Party Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #238
My goodness melman Jul 2017 #90
Because I'm an actual liberal Democrat? NYResister Jul 2017 #92
No melman Jul 2017 #121
And super divisive too. Very obvious who Arazi Jul 2017 #132
So, calling out and challenging the dividers is being "super divisive"?? NurseJackie Jul 2017 #149
There's nobody on the left who is NOT for civil rights, equal rights, and sociaL justice Ken Burch Jul 2017 #94
Please refer to Hillary Clinton's platform. NYResister Jul 2017 #98
They voted for her because they believed she was more electable Ken Burch Jul 2017 #282
I voted for Clinton because her policies were the best of all the candidates but maybe O'Mallery. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #284
I didn't. I said in that post you had the right to vote for her for whatever reasons you did Ken Burch Jul 2017 #330
I am not going to refight the primary. Blatantly dismissive telling people why they vote Clinton pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #343
I never used that experssion or even thought it-and I accept that she won the nomination Ken Burch Jul 2017 #348
Really ? KTM Jul 2017 #356
That is not really true. She covered issues important to me and I would like to say Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #480
I wasn't the one who said it was Ken Burch Jul 2017 #483
there are in this thread including people who deny obvious discrimination against minorities by JI7 Jul 2017 #103
No, some (leaders at that ) have called for economic justice and for putting social justice on the Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #107
Of course you're correct. Many others have told that poster the same thing. Often. NurseJackie Jul 2017 #112
I agree nurse...and I believe that it is a minority ( not in the party) that only matter when an Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #117
A tiny minority. And economic justice is a human right as well Ken Burch Jul 2017 #178
The Democratic base is not dismissing economic justice. Further, they shine. Dismissing IP pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #185
It was mentioned by one guy in one speech. He shouldn't have said what he said Ken Burch Jul 2017 #198
Ken Burch, Sanders has stated this many times, one way or another. Respectfully. Eom. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #200
It's not fair to lash out at his supporters for it, though. Ken Burch Jul 2017 #201
Why would you define me as lashing out as I have a conversation with support for our pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #202
You seem to imply that there's an argument among rank and file people in the party and on the left Ken Burch Jul 2017 #216
No implying. A statement that some, and Sanders as leader, wants to put "wedge" issue to the side. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #217
Sanders is simply one person expressing an opinion-he's not going to run for president again. Ken Burch Jul 2017 #221
Whatever Ken Burch. You and I are having different conversations. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #224
LOL! I see no evidence of that. NurseJackie Jul 2017 #207
LOL! Actually, more than one. (It was in all the papers. Surprised you missed it.) NurseJackie Jul 2017 #209
Sorry Our revolution endorsed both Mello and Periello...as did Democratic leaders ...big Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #196
You Forgot The Word Also Me. Jul 2017 #154
Also. Fine, I'll add that. Ken Burch Jul 2017 #222
+1 Me. Jul 2017 #227
Remaking the party into the failed image of Sanders will not help the party Gothmog Jul 2017 #249
"trickle down social justice". Wow, that perfectly describes what we were given. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #250
What the hell is "trickle down social justice"? Ken Burch Jul 2017 #281
Have you attended an Indivisible meeting yet? Gothmog Jul 2017 #294
Ken, you inexperienced college punk... KTM Jul 2017 #341
The idea that if white working class men are restored to earning power ehrnst Jul 2017 #401
Your concern is noted, new member, as is your divisive topic. n/t ms liberty Jul 2017 #105
I'm glad others notice this retrowire Jul 2017 #125
LOL! Okay, I'll be sure to keep that in mind! :-D NurseJackie Jul 2017 #147
Message auto-removed Name removed Jul 2017 #106
I am gay so I am an identity politics person! The problem I have is people who claim to be on the m-lekktor Jul 2017 #111
It can't happen right now. That is what most Democrats say. In order to get Demsrule86 Jul 2017 #118
This is exactly the split the GOP works so hard to accomplish. They won in 2016 don't let them nikibatts Jul 2017 #114
+1 (Thank you.) NurseJackie Jul 2017 #115
I am 100% in agreement. Thanks for the wake up call. oasis Jul 2017 #116
I am also tired of people deciding they, and only they, are the real Democrats loyalsister Jul 2017 #119
Great post Gothmog Jul 2017 #131
Yeah, divisive much? Tell that to Dem leadership who are appointing Bernie, Keith Ellison as leaders Arazi Jul 2017 #137
And With That Inclusion Me. Jul 2017 #143
Coddling and accommodating. Still it is not enough and we get trashed endlessly. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #167
Post removed Post removed Jul 2017 #173
+1. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #174
+1000, absolutely. R B Garr Jul 2017 #190
Link to their statements that they regret including Bernie and Keith? Arazi Jul 2017 #194
Link to a statement that proves the sky is blue. stevenleser Jul 2017 #204
Ah ok. Ya got nothing. Noted Arazi Jul 2017 #205
Yes, and you have nothing proving the sky is blue, proving my point that no proof is necessary nt stevenleser Jul 2017 #206
+ 1 BainsBane Jul 2017 #219
This lunamagica Jul 2017 #261
Good point! ananda Jul 2017 #139
I'm damned tired of rich people with ulterior motives trying to hijack the Democratic platform. YoungDemCA Jul 2017 #158
Who are examples of lefties who are against Civil Rights, Equal Rights, and Social Justice... aikoaiko Jul 2017 #159
Good question. jalan48 Jul 2017 #164
Nailed it, NYResister! NastyRiffraff Jul 2017 #170
Most of ILL DOUCHEBAG's voters are a prime example of IDENTITY POLITICS Martin Eden Jul 2017 #193
I'm a democrat plain and simple. I don't agree will demosincebirth Jul 2017 #195
I don't agree with other Democrats on a number of issues. Willie Pep Jul 2017 #256
Welcome to DU! IronLionZion Jul 2017 #211
+1 for not using "leftist" XRubicon Jul 2017 #220
Our own party leaders highjack the platform. WinstonSmith00 Jul 2017 #233
Which party leaders? NurseJackie Jul 2017 #241
There's no reason we can't be for social justice and these things mvd Jul 2017 #277
I don't understand why you cannot be for economic security and lovemydogs Jul 2017 #235
Exactly mvd Jul 2017 #273
This is the discussion on this thread. Unfortunately, we have a small group that wants to put SJ to pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #276
Can someone please explain Sabrinao Jul 2017 #252
Here's a simple definition from earlier on this thread: Rhiannon12866 Jul 2017 #265
Hmm. Nice to be told there's a litmus test for membership in our party. Gosh, and here I am... PatrickforO Jul 2017 #259
Litmus tests make for a dynamic protest, but not political movements. ehrnst Jul 2017 #268
LOL! NurseJackie Jul 2017 #278
Of course we should be for equality, social justice, and civil rights mvd Jul 2017 #270
The democratic party, Obama and the future Democratic Pres Clinton all actively worked pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #272
Social justice issues are the root of economic issues for most Americans ehrnst Jul 2017 #287
I said above how they are interconnected mvd Jul 2017 #297
I'm curious about what you refer to as "centrist" policies ehrnst Jul 2017 #298
I don't agree with the Third Way/previously DLC type ones mvd Jul 2017 #301
That doesn't clarify what "centrist policies" are ehrnst Jul 2017 #302
I do not understand either and have asked repeatedly. I do not get the clarification, either. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #303
I don't think an answer is forthcoming. (nt) ehrnst Jul 2017 #304
I don't feel like I need to clarify mvd Jul 2017 #317
Of course you don't. And no we haven't had a lot of clarification. ehrnst Jul 2017 #318
Of course I can mvd Jul 2017 #321
That's one way of avoiding explaining your accusations and innuendoes. ehrnst Jul 2017 #322
Disagreed mvd Jul 2017 #323
You didn't really "say" anything but vague accusations of Democrats ehrnst Jul 2017 #329
There are plenty of political screwups since the mid 1990's mdbl Jul 2017 #331
So, every policy of the Democrats since the Mid 1990's were screwups except the FMLA and ACA? ehrnst Jul 2017 #332
I was talking about passed legislation mdbl Jul 2017 #333
Dodd Frank isn't passed legislation? ehrnst Jul 2017 #334
Ok, i'll add them to the small list mdbl Jul 2017 #335
So now you're changing the definition even more? ehrnst Jul 2017 #336
Yes, I will always gripe when a Democrat supports regressive policy mdbl Jul 2017 #362
But you keep refusing to specify which policies are "regressive" ehrnst Jul 2017 #368
i never said anything about being nice or being done mdbl Jul 2017 #410
Mea culpa, confusing you with a poster with a similar username - however ehrnst Jul 2017 #423
So if you are all about them being interconnected, then why ehrnst Jul 2017 #308
And I'm damned tired LWolf Jul 2017 #283
What part of Clinton's policy was ever putting economic justice under the bus? Ever? Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #285
Welfare reform. nt killbotfactory Jul 2017 #374
Didn't see "Welfare Reform" in a platform of any campaign of hers. Can direct us to where that is? ehrnst Jul 2017 #380
As FLOTUS she was an active participant in shaping policy in the White House killbotfactory Jul 2017 #384
Tell me - what role did HRC play in the drafting/writing of PRWORA? ehrnst Jul 2017 #402
Hillary addressed economic issues in a very progressive way - ehrnst Jul 2017 #286
If this term funny because you just realized that left wing critics of mainstream democrats use it? killbotfactory Jul 2017 #375
The 20th century called, they want neoliberalism back! betsuni Jul 2017 #381
So the obsession with "free-market" solutions and deregulation went away? killbotfactory Jul 2017 #382
Obama flirting with the GOP? betsuni Jul 2017 #385
Is there a gas leak in this thread? nt killbotfactory Jul 2017 #387
I did eat some soft cheese earlier, so ... betsuni Jul 2017 #390
I heard Glenn Greenwald say that BHO let the GOP buy him a drink, and then just teased them ehrnst Jul 2017 #406
I know. We all just don't get how corrupt and rightwing Obama was. ehrnst Jul 2017 #454
Right? I keep being called young and naive, YOU JUST DON'T GET IT. betsuni Jul 2017 #455
Flirting? Can you be more specific? ehrnst Jul 2017 #403
I believe the poster is referring to this: aidbo Jul 2017 #409
Thank you - at least someone here knows how to provide backup for statements ehrnst Jul 2017 #424
I would think it was common knowledge among people who pay attention to democratic politics. aidbo Jul 2017 #444
I think that there was some theatre going on there. ehrnst Jul 2017 #453
First, I agree. When I sat back and watched it all, that is how I assessed it. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #460
And congressional Democrats pressured Obama successfully to not go all the way... ehrnst Jul 2017 #425
Yet Bill Clinton was an "economy" President, leaving a surplus R B Garr Jul 2017 #315
Would you explain the difference between "ranting about" and "discussing" social "issues?" ehrnst Jul 2017 #396
When black men are murdered by cops. When women cannot get a legal medical procedure. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #400
If you are not in favor of the rich paying their fair share of taxes, you are not a Democrat either. alarimer Jul 2017 #288
How about believing that Bettie Jul 2017 #291
Again, the Democratic party has, and always has had emphasis on a strong economic justice component. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #293
The only people who seem to think that they aren't both being considered equally important ehrnst Jul 2017 #394
A lot of people talk exclusively about one or the other Bettie Jul 2017 #395
I think that you believe that if the term "wages" are not included in a discussion of "social issue ehrnst Jul 2017 #398
Wanting equal and civil rights isnt and hasn't been the issue. romanic Jul 2017 #311
What? oegthe Jul 2017 #327
Are you invoking "reverse racism?" ehrnst Jul 2017 #392
I listen to neither lol romanic Jul 2017 #449
OK. ehrnst Jul 2017 #450
Democratic Party is big tent, to say we need a litmus test makes beachbum bob Jul 2017 #313
K&R Gothmog Jul 2017 #325
Good points, NY Resister. Welcome to DU, by the way!! Fluke a Snooker Jul 2017 #360
Especially if you complain about "identity politics" on the left, and then LisaM Jul 2017 #428
The gaslighting of those of us who dearly wanted a woman president will stick with me for a long tim pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #431
Not really reading you here. Are you saying that I offended you? LisaM Jul 2017 #432
I agree with you, in your bluntness of what happen pertaining to women. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #434
THANK YOU! LisaM Jul 2017 #437
Yes. Eom pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #439
What we need is a strong, clear champion of the middle and working classes regardless of gender or LBM20 Jul 2017 #459
It was not Clinton supporters saying they were voting for her because she was a woman. pirateshipdude Jul 2017 #461
I'm damn tired of this thread. nt doc03 Jul 2017 #430
There's nothing wrong with opposing the ideology of "whiteness studies." David__77 Jul 2017 #452
I'm adding: If you are not Pro-Choice, you are not a Liberal. WinkyDink Jul 2017 #486
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