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23. This whole healthcare fiasco very telling: Discussion CAN'T focus on excess profits driving cost
Tue Jul 18, 2017, 08:57 AM
Jul 2017

The country spends almost DOUBLE per capita what other countries spend.
💰We have $10,000 injectable opioid antidotes that used to cost $65.
💰We have $70,000 per year MS drugs that cost $7,000 in the U.K.
💰We have kickbacks to doctors, who themselves are in deep debt due to unfunded universities and medical schools.
💰We have trumped-up dieseases wherein the limits for saying you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol were artificially lowered due to lobbying from drug companies that simply wanted to expand their market.
💰We have direct-to-consumer drug advertising every 5 minutes on TV.
💰We have very well-paid executives, like the United Healthcare CEO who received annual compensation between $30 M and $100 M per year -- whose MAIN job is to increase profits, increase revenue, and increase value back to shareholders.
💰We have at least $100 Billion dollars in dividends going back to stockholders in the for-profit healthcare industry.

Even on MSNBC, the debate isn't -- and CAN'T be -- seriously focused on why medical costs are so high, because, well, there is direct-to-consumer drug advertising every 5 minutes .

How much of the $4.5 trillion health care cost in the US is turning into profit for the top 1%? How much of it is unnecessary treatment driven by a desire to increase revenues to for-profit companies?
The Powell memo has been so successful that the only argument allowed is "some people want free stuff and they want ME to pay for it through higher taxes". do they teach the
Powell memo in school now? Ha. I doubt it -- and if they did, any person in the state of Florida has the legal right to challenge it, even non-parents.

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There's all kinds of Democrats. yallerdawg Jul 2017 #3
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for thousands of elected posts in those red states there is NO dem candidate at all. that's why msongs Jul 2017 #14
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The country has move so far to the right it makes my grand-parent's generation of conservatives... tenderfoot Jul 2017 #4
Ike wouldn't be allowed in today's Republican party. Golden Raisin Jul 2017 #7
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This whole healthcare fiasco very telling: Discussion CAN'T focus on excess profits driving cost lostnfound Jul 2017 #23
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Right now, most of us are funding the filters, brought our cable bills lostnfound Jul 2017 #31
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It is not that. 80 something percent of the Trump supporters still love him. It is their Laura PourMeADrink Jul 2017 #12
Get rid of Fox and right wing hate machines😁 rainy Jul 2017 #13
I don't think we can reach them. But, we can out vote them! earthshine Jul 2017 #21
They will never take our freedom!!!! Initech Jul 2017 #15
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I guess for me I thought the 16 dem party platform was progressive and a women was nominated lunasun Jul 2017 #19
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So let's say in November you have a House choice of a very conservative democrat, Eliot Rosewater Jul 2017 #28
+1000! Too much of "moving right" is at women's expense! Greybnk48 Jul 2017 #29
We need to challenge every bank owned WinstonSmith00 Jul 2017 #30
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