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Mon Sep 4, 2017, 12:18 AM Sep 2017

progressive values and democratic party politics [View all]

I'm a little too young to remember details about howard dean's 50 state strategy. What I do remember is that Howard Dean himself seemed to the left of the other major candidate (Kerry? I would have to look it up). he was popular and likable and he was taken out of the running by the MSM's "mrrrahhh" hitpiece.

fast forward to 2016 - the two most popular and energizing candidates (sanders/trump) were those who spoke their mind, stood true to their beliefs, and motivated the average guy to vote. how many people *don't* vote? it boggles the mind. the two parties are ideologically different. IMO there is little room for "winning over the other side". the middle of the road/non-voter is not stupid, but maybe they simply sit out most elections until they are motivated by something.

there are many things that unite democrats: environment/energy, health care, economic policy, and education. we need a strong articulate progressive candidate who will focus on diplomacy (while maintaining a strong defense) and lead us into this century.

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Just sitting back, waiting... regnaD kciN Sep 2017 #1
Yeah. It's the safest option on this one. eom Control-Z Sep 2017 #2
Yep, this should be good. beam me up scottie Sep 2017 #4
Lol...it's begun. George Eliot Sep 2017 #11
*dons flame retardant suit* beam me up scottie Sep 2017 #13
I was a Dean supporter BainsBane Sep 2017 #3
plus 1000 n/t radical noodle Sep 2017 #5
Would be nice to have someone there clu Sep 2017 #6
What? BainsBane Sep 2017 #8
I'm claiming their policy wasn't strong enough to warrant midterm support clu Sep 2017 #10
Do you know what congress is? BainsBane Sep 2017 #15
I see what you are sayinf clu Sep 2017 #17
What is negated? BainsBane Sep 2017 #21
Yep clu Sep 2017 #23
Be careful with gaming conservatives sharedvalues Sep 2017 #45
respectfully clu Sep 2017 #48
Fair. I'm talking about the Breitbart-brainwashed sharedvalues Sep 2017 #74
BainsBane isn't a "dude". George II Sep 2017 #51
Woohoo! This reply deserves a standing "O". Thank you for not suffering fools. brush Sep 2017 #57
Ted Kennedy's death changed EVERYTHING. Obama, unlike those who slam him, faced reality. pnwmom Sep 2017 #36
You would have preferred sticking with the public option and not having the ACA at all? George II Sep 2017 #52
there was a lot going on after obama inauguration clu Sep 2017 #53
More to the point clu Sep 2017 #7
Because hardly anyone agrees with them BainsBane Sep 2017 #9
Ah I see clu Sep 2017 #12
I always thought Dean was brought down by a lousy sound system. Vinca Sep 2017 #43
That doesn't explain why Dean did so poorly in Iowa oberliner Sep 2017 #50
i didn't follow politics closely enough at that time clu Sep 2017 #54
Dean was way ahead in Iowa for months leading up the caucus oberliner Sep 2017 #58
mrrraahh clu Sep 2017 #59
This was before the "Dean Scream" oberliner Sep 2017 #61
No. Govt broken due to GOP. sharedvalues Sep 2017 #44
how do we fight propaganda clu Sep 2017 #49
Middle-of-the-roaders? Are you serious? brush Sep 2017 #60
Grassroots: we need to talk to neighbors sharedvalues Sep 2017 #73
Post of the day! NastyRiffraff Sep 2017 #69
They really distorted that clip BainsBane Sep 2017 #80
Energy policy and the gulf clu Sep 2017 #14
How about weaning America completely off fossil fuels? BainsBane Sep 2017 #16
Legislating electric cars? clu Sep 2017 #18
One law? You think that's all it takes? BainsBane Sep 2017 #19
This is the same platform clu Sep 2017 #20
You didn't read it at all BainsBane Sep 2017 #22
I didn't read it at all clu Sep 2017 #24
Why don't you provide a link to the part of the debate BainsBane Sep 2017 #25
Find it yet? BainsBane Sep 2017 #26
i just watched the majority of both debates thinking i'd have to find it clu Sep 2017 #27
Your claim BainsBane Sep 2017 #33
i heard her response during the clip clu Sep 2017 #47
Bernie is zentrum Sep 2017 #28
There is no evidence showing Bernie is the most popular. The silly poll that purports to show that pnwmom Sep 2017 #30
54% according to the latest poll commissioned by the Hill BainsBane Sep 2017 #31
I don't agree with him and I don't trust him lunamagica Sep 2017 #41
Hillary spoke her mind, stood true to her beliefs, and earned the votes of several million pnwmom Sep 2017 #29
as i have posted on that same gaming forum clu Sep 2017 #32
Again. Hillary had 2.9 million more votes, the vast majority of which pnwmom Sep 2017 #34
needed them in PA/MI/WI clu Sep 2017 #35
We'll never know how many votes in those states were suppressed, pnwmom Sep 2017 #38
Yes we needed them in PA where I live. RW propaganda demonized HRC and cost her Middle class votes John1956PA Sep 2017 #42
Not just RW propaganda. The Russians targeted their propaganda at specific segments of voters pnwmom Sep 2017 #75
+100 John1956PA Sep 2017 #83
ANOTHER dismissal of the actual voting? yallerdawg Sep 2017 #55
exactly heaven05 Sep 2017 #78
It's wise to stop digging when you're in a hole. Isn't it strange to you that the exact 3 states... brush Sep 2017 #62
you're calling a sanders supporter clu Sep 2017 #63
You may want to turn it back to Sanders v Hillary. I'm talking about a stolen election between... brush Sep 2017 #64
ok then clu Sep 2017 #65
Yeah, right. Repug vote suppression, Comey and Russian interference had no effect. brush Sep 2017 #66
you voted for sanders heaven05 Sep 2017 #79
No, this isn't rocket science. You asked so I'll tell you. Hillary trounced Bernie in PA, 56-44. pnwmom Sep 2017 #81
you're serious??? heaven05 Sep 2017 #77
And was rated the most truthful politician running in 2016 BainsBane Sep 2017 #37
And sadly, her unwillingness to over-promise and to lie probably hurt her. n/t pnwmom Sep 2017 #39
Yes, we live in a time when voters demand that politicians lie to them BainsBane Sep 2017 #40
++++++ heaven05 Sep 2017 #76
And awayyyy we go tymorial Sep 2017 #46
If progressives want to take over the Democratic Party. . . DinahMoeHum Sep 2017 #56
That sounds like so much work Expecting Rain Sep 2017 #67
+1000 MineralMan Sep 2017 #68
But it's so much easier to whine on a message board! NastyRiffraff Sep 2017 #70
i had feet on the street for obama clu Sep 2017 #71
+1000000000 treestar Sep 2017 #72
More "mind boggling" is voter suppression & votes not counted delisen Sep 2017 #82
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