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Lee Adama

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6. Pass.
Fri Sep 15, 2017, 10:52 PM
Sep 2017

Show me the bill, then I'll decide.

Nothing I've seen proposed to date passes muster for anything I would support, but then again, nothing proposed to date had the details and was really just political fluff rhetoric as opposed to actual policy.

I supported the ACA because it was a well thought out start down the road to actuall workable single payer, but since then all that's been done is political game playing with no real policy.

I also support eradication of cancer and other debilitating diseases. Hoyt Sep 2017 #1
For a lot of people, it depends on who's proposing it... egduj Sep 2017 #2
+1 QC Sep 2017 #3
Lol. whathehell Sep 2017 #4
National Health Service. mwooldri Sep 2017 #5
Pass. Lee Adama Sep 2017 #6
The key Roy Rolling Sep 2017 #7
+1 Qutzupalotl Sep 2017 #9
Show me the bill with details. I'm more leaning toward dual tier systems like that of France. stevenleser Sep 2017 #8
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