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Butter? malaise Jul 2012 #1
Brrraaaaaaaaaaaaaap!!!!! - 'scuse me. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2012 #5
Seriously this is delish malaise Jul 2012 #20
I'm a sculptor and I am constantly cleaning my hands to get on snappyturtle Jul 2012 #45
Buttered Corn? DJ13 Jul 2012 #11
Enjoy malaise Jul 2012 #23
Yes please Aerows Jul 2012 #18
Feast away malaise Jul 2012 #24
Don't forget this... Gold Metal Flake Jul 2012 #47
Can We Get A More Healthy Snack Yavin4 Jul 2012 #74
Popcorn is the healthiest snack around. Even real butter on top is not bad. New findings juajen Jul 2012 #75
Eating lots of buttered biscuits is cool when you work on a farm demwing Jul 2012 #82
Only if he releases his returns. He will never do that. Its a moot point. nt riderinthestorm Jul 2012 #2
Bain's record is public knowledge MannyGoldstein Jul 2012 #7
I sincerely hope you are right but the American public is going to latch onto sound bites riderinthestorm Jul 2012 #14
Obama's message machine is also extraordinary when MannyGoldstein Jul 2012 #30
A lot of people are morans, but who trusts somebody who is obviously hiding things? yardwork Jul 2012 #43
Answer to that one: treestar Jul 2012 #44
Better yet LiberalFighter Jul 2012 #50
You guys are very good. MissMarple Jul 2012 #69
And the answer is... WinstonSmith4740 Jul 2012 #54
well said! Blue_Roses Jul 2012 #57
My response to that Blue_Roses Jul 2012 #56
this message isn't directed to the Mitt base lunatica Jul 2012 #64
So respond: "How can you trust Romney with our taxes demwing Jul 2012 #83
But Mitt did use our money. He stole those pension funds and made taxpayers make up the difference. SunSeeker Jul 2012 #86
He will have to if the heat gets turned up. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2012 #10
No can do ! jaysunb Jul 2012 #13
That's a good option. TheCowsCameHome Jul 2012 #17
Don't go there lark Jul 2012 #73
Even without tax returns anyone who has made hundreds of millions has a long paper trail Bjorn Against Jul 2012 #15
You could tell tonight he's already on DevonRex Jul 2012 #42
Even tho he looked tired he's got SO much enthusiasm and a twinkle snappyturtle Jul 2012 #46
The OP isn't talking about tax returns. It's talking about public filings and contracts. Docs filed Honeycombe8 Jul 2012 #21
I'm getting the feeling PatSeg Jul 2012 #3
+1 nt jaysunb Jul 2012 #16
Yep. I saw it. Said he and Fineman could DevonRex Jul 2012 #4
he and Fineman could each keep 100 reporters busy for 4 months digging into Romney's dealings DJ13 Jul 2012 #12
It has ALREADY happened. Have you read the DevonRex Jul 2012 #19
Sure, its a hot story now DJ13 Jul 2012 #25
I'd bet everything I own on INSURANCE FRAUD. Romney looted the pension funds knowing federal program blm Jul 2012 #29
Looting workers pension funds B Calm Jul 2012 #36
Did you see the Dem ad with the former steel worker? snappyturtle Jul 2012 #48
You just might be onto something there. DevonRex Jul 2012 #39
wel, all and all, the consumer is still paying for it in added costs to their insurance premiums blm Jul 2012 #72
once again, the PBGC IS NOT FUNDED BY TAXPAYERS. It's on the PBGC website. n/t antigop Jul 2012 #78
the companies with defined benefit pension plans pay the premiums to the PBGC. antigop Jul 2012 #79
the PBGC is NOT FUNDED by taxpayer dollars. I keep trying to tell DU'ers this fact. n/t antigop Jul 2012 #68
ALL fraud affects the taxpayers. Plus....The article said he socialized the losses. blm Jul 2012 #71
the PBGC covers pensions of bankrupt companies. IT IS NOT FUNDED BY TAXPAYERS! antigop Jul 2012 #77
Companies pay premiums to PBGC. And the recently passed highway bill increased those premiums. antigop Jul 2012 #81
So then the Companies pay a higher premium - and guess what that means? demwing Jul 2012 #84
but taxpayers don't pay for premiums -- which is what several DU'ers have claimed n/t antigop Jul 2012 #87
not necessarily when it comes to pensions...the EMPLOYEES may pay for it, but not necessarily the antigop Jul 2012 #89
I do get that, and thanks for posting it I'll correct my wording, but costs ALWAYS get passed on blm Jul 2012 #85
not necessarily...in this case the employees may take the brunt..not the general public/taxpayer. antigop Jul 2012 #88
I missed the Vanity Fair article... Blue_Roses Jul 2012 #59
Here it is. DevonRex Jul 2012 #61
Oh..this is going to be fun.. HipChick Jul 2012 #6
Like a smugglers cove Rosa Luxemburg Jul 2012 #8
Earlier Sharpton said that there were at least 134 documents that Rmoney signed BumRushDaShow Jul 2012 #9
It's not surprising- look how confident the Obama team is KaryninMiami Jul 2012 #22
My guess from the way Obama handled bin laden Blue_Roses Jul 2012 #58
That's why you push. Peel away one layer of bones in the closet and find another. pa28 Jul 2012 #26
Oh thank you Mitt. Marie Marie Jul 2012 #27
Agreed :D jillan Jul 2012 #34
"Bain, Bain, Bain, Bain, eatin' Romney's Bain." randome Jul 2012 #28
It's so nice to be on the giving side for a change. jillan Jul 2012 #31
The Obama campaign gets it creeksneakers2 Jul 2012 #41
True. Crazy birther-esque crap won't fly if it's seen as retaliation or the Bain exposure. lindysalsagal Jul 2012 #52
Kernels of truth from Corn! We are all ears! NRaleighLiberal Jul 2012 #32
Groan... Blue_In_AK Jul 2012 #37
I know. I just like puns. guilty! NRaleighLiberal Jul 2012 #38
oh no. NRaleigh - that was some kind of corny there. nc4bo Jul 2012 #80
I'm curious to know how much corporate welfare B Calm Jul 2012 #33
David Corn is a very respected author, journalist, and researcher. Bring it on, David! nt ailsagirl Jul 2012 #35
That Makes Sense DallasNE Jul 2012 #40
Caribou Barbie is a stalking moose. Octafish Jul 2012 #49
We love you David Corn: even if people tire of this it keeps Mitt off balance flamingdem Jul 2012 #51
I don't understand why this didn't come out in the primaries. Marr Jul 2012 #53
Because they were all repugs, WinstonSmith4740 Jul 2012 #55
Clear Channel! All that right wing radio. I didn't realize. Overseas Jul 2012 #63
Bane Capital JCMach1 Jul 2012 #62
David Corn Dalai_1 Jul 2012 #65
Corn is generally right about things. mwb970 Jul 2012 #66
I liked it when David Corn said "Kind of like the DDay Normandy Invasion". And someone said David ArnoldLayne Jul 2012 #70
Can we now pronounce Mitt terminally "Bain Damaged?" nichomachus Jul 2012 #76
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