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112. Oh ffs, I live in IL. HRC won here by double digits. I like Hillary
Tue Oct 3, 2017, 11:06 PM
Oct 2017

I've said it often. I have zero issues with her, I just preferred Bernie - and in this election, and with my location, I could vote my preference. I've also said that those in purple/red states should've voted for her 100%.

Since then I've worked hard to turn 9 local Republican seats Dem. What have you done?

I'm now similarly involved in 6 other local races that we've researched that can be turned from Red to Blue. I was an avid campaign worker for every Dem campaign from Jimmy Carter, to Obama, Duckworth etc

Am I an ally for 2018 or the enemy?

I'm a Bernie Sanders group host. Exactly what would you expect from us? I reiterate, I like Hillary, Obama, Duckworth etc. I live in a solid blue state so my vote was irrelevant.

My issues with bravenak revolved around her deciding I wasn't "black.enough", not election issues at all. She doxxed me.

There are some here who might remember. I will never forget.

Skinner knows where to find me. I'm sure I've been alerted multiple times. I repeat, am I an ally or an enemy?

K&R stonecutter357 Oct 2017 #1
Thanks, MM. Skidmore Oct 2017 #2
Thank You for your service... Stuart G Oct 2017 #3
MineralMan, I have the same feelings about DU and those who were driven off because of some The Wielding Truth Oct 2017 #4
I've had DU friends driven away so hard that I've never seen them again, on any other Aristus Oct 2017 #5
"...vulnerable people or people with minority viewpoints are ganged up on..." Comatose Sphagetti Oct 2017 #6
I don't think your Shangri-La will be here. aikoaiko Oct 2017 #7
You may well be right, MineralMan Oct 2017 #8
Thanks. K&R TheBlackAdder Oct 2017 #9
I'm with you. Feel free to DM me if you need help. sharedvalues Oct 2017 #32
Same here! I've had a few posts hidden that seem positively innocous compared to others. LongTomH Oct 2017 #66
It needed to be said 🙂 MLAA Oct 2017 #10
Thank you for this.....I've felt it myself but held on. AJT Oct 2017 #11
thank you MineralMan.... chillfactor Oct 2017 #12
Awesome iamateacher Oct 2017 #13
Ditto malaise Oct 2017 #14
That's a rather charitable explanation of things mythology Oct 2017 #15
I'm not referring to any individual DUer in this post. MineralMan Oct 2017 #60
"people with minority viewpoints are ganged up" left-of-center2012 Oct 2017 #16
Been there... can't tell you how many times. (Don't give em the satisfaction.) InAbLuEsTaTe Oct 2017 #19
Sad that this kind of stuff bdamomma Oct 2017 #20
Someone alerted me a few days ago bathroommonkey76 Oct 2017 #29
Was the alert voted up or down? n/t left-of-center2012 Oct 2017 #56
Well, they deleted my post. haha bathroommonkey76 Oct 2017 #57
Bravenak and her pack did their best to drive me off riderinthestorm Oct 2017 #17
+1. pintobean Oct 2017 #24
"Stronger together". United is better than divided sharedvalues Oct 2017 #33
So that was only done by one person and one side. Thank you for your objectivity still_one Oct 2017 #35
Indeed, you can usually tell the trolls. Ninsianna Oct 2017 #38
Oh for gd's sake, you wrote in Bernie in the GE and as far as I've seen have expressed no regret. seaglass Oct 2017 #68
Thank you seaglass! I didn't see your post before I responded, but this says R B Garr Oct 2017 #71
Wow. Thanks for finding that, seaglass. George II Oct 2017 #73
They wrote in Bernie? sheshe2 Oct 2017 #92
Uh oh. Cat's out of the bag. betsuni Oct 2017 #93
Wow. SunSeeker Oct 2017 #95
As Skinner and EarlG have said, people who unrepentantly did not vote Hillary dont belong here stevenleser Oct 2017 #96
Oh ffs, I live in IL. HRC won here by double digits. I like Hillary riderinthestorm Oct 2017 #112
If you dont vote for Democratic nominees, youre not an ally. stevenleser Oct 2017 #113
I live in MA and it would be really easy for me to sit out a GE if it was all about me, it's not. seaglass Oct 2017 #115
You didn't vote for Hillary then you can go fuck yourself. tammywammy Oct 2017 #121
Don't even. You wrote in BS's name. I don't give a rat's ass what you think of Hillary. Squinch Oct 2017 #124
Well, you'll always have JPR. greatauntoftriplets Oct 2017 #125
To that now PPRd poster, as the character of Eva Peron said in the musical Evita stevenleser Oct 2017 #128
Sorry to see you go riderinthestorm. aikoaiko Oct 2017 #130
I'm not sorry to see anyone go who feels comfortable at JPR. They are not allies. nt stevenleser Oct 2017 #132
Everyone thinks their own purity test is OK. aikoaiko Oct 2017 #133
My test is simple. Did you vote for the one viable candidate in the GE against Trump stevenleser Oct 2017 #134
My point exactly. aikoaiko Oct 2017 #135
And mine as well. nt stevenleser Oct 2017 #136
Let me guess. This started in 2015. R B Garr Oct 2017 #70
Are you saying that the forum moderators take $$ to reverse a Flagged for Review? ehrnst Oct 2017 #72
You mean with things like this? still_one Oct 2017 #74
Great find! The troll Susan Sarandon saying "fuck them" R B Garr Oct 2017 #75
"her pack"??????????????? heaven05 Oct 2017 #79
her pack? sheshe2 Oct 2017 #91
+1 betsuni Oct 2017 #94
Her pack are those who voted Hillary in the General Election, apparently nt stevenleser Oct 2017 #98
I don't know heaven JustAnotherGen Oct 2017 #127
. ismnotwasm Oct 2017 #90
Notice how this posts inspires a 15+ post pile-on melman Oct 2017 #97
Because it has come out that that person did not vote for Hillary by their own admission stevenleser Oct 2017 #99
What are you even talking about? melman Oct 2017 #102
Post 68 above. nt stevenleser Oct 2017 #104
So you agree that Democrats are the trolls on Democratic Underground. betsuni Oct 2017 #100
Did not say that melman Oct 2017 #101
The "pile-on" are those who voted for the Democrat in the election and the "piled-on" didn't. betsuni Oct 2017 #105
No I didn't melman Oct 2017 #106
Yes you did. Your words are here for all to see. betsuni Oct 2017 #116
12 years here, and it turns out that you are one of the BOBs who gave us Trump. Squinch Oct 2017 #110
And now they are trying to justify not voting for the Democratic nominee for President stevenleser Oct 2017 #114
@$!# the trolls amd their pile-ons. Scurrilous Oct 2017 #18
That person wasn't ganged up on and provoked into exploding melman Oct 2017 #21
Sometimes when people can't rebut the message they (metaphorically) shoot the messenger Bernardo de La Paz Oct 2017 #22
you old fart spanone Oct 2017 #23
I embrace my old fartness, I'll have you know. MineralMan Oct 2017 #61
as do I spanone Oct 2017 #65
There's a lot of beating of dead horses. milestogo Oct 2017 #25
FlameSuit Goonch Oct 2017 #26
I could not agree more. Jarqui Oct 2017 #27
That happens to me a lot. Jim Beard Oct 2017 #37
You actually got banned for saying that?? DFW Oct 2017 #45
I've always supported Dems Jarqui Oct 2017 #50
OK, now I get it. DFW Oct 2017 #51
No I was banned - posting ability revoked Jarqui Oct 2017 #52
It's definitely not the same mentality in that party. DFW Oct 2017 #53
It was weird - particularly without explanation. Jarqui Oct 2017 #55
It's OK DFW Oct 2017 #58
My US family enjoys care from Johns Hopkins. My brother in law works there. Jarqui Oct 2017 #64
The long waits for non-urgent afflictions scare me. I would have been dead for 13 years now. DFW Oct 2017 #67
That is not the Canadian system Jarqui Oct 2017 #69
Cheers and good tidings to you! flvegan Oct 2017 #28
There are posts in this thread implying that an undefined minority viewpoint was ganged up on still_one Oct 2017 #30
Not to mention, the minority that says they were Ganged up on were 80% of DUers stevenleser Oct 2017 #103
Took me a few more seconds than it should to realize "Ganges up on" betsuni Oct 2017 #108
98,000 Yupster Oct 2017 #31
Not sure why but I found your reply very funny. grantcart Oct 2017 #109
I treat every post I make... Xolodno Oct 2017 #34
I have all sorts of heterodox opinions--even a few heretical ones... First Speaker Oct 2017 #36
Thanks Mineral Man. smirkymonkey Oct 2017 #39
I love reading your posts. Scruffy1 Oct 2017 #40
I've been on DU since 2001 and I have more problems with the thought police Submariner Oct 2017 #41
Amen.. I miss the good old days too SoCalDem Oct 2017 #43
Always glad to read your posts, MM. I bailed twice, taking grateful refuge in spinoff groups... Hekate Oct 2017 #42
I'd like others to agree with me, because....ego. What I cannot abide is being misunderstood, WinkyDink Oct 2017 #44
One of the real tricks seems to be the hardest to learn DFW Oct 2017 #46
Perfectly put. cwydro Oct 2017 #47
Too many people think we all hatched from the same egg. DFW Oct 2017 #48
Exactly. cwydro Oct 2017 #49
Everyone on DU has opinions, and should be able to express them. MineralMan Oct 2017 #63
The second approach to disagreement seems to have become more common here on DU over time. Dark n Stormy Knight Oct 2017 #83
I've been a member for 13 years samplegirl Oct 2017 #54
+1 get the red out Oct 2017 #59
I read you! Amd i know you are right. The profile of those doing doing the 'alerting" and causing haveahart Oct 2017 #62
No one that DU was created for would try to drive you off. Hortensis Oct 2017 #76
I'm sure that's true, and I'm not going anywhere. MineralMan Oct 2017 #80
Very well stated! Va Lefty Oct 2017 #77
They almost ran me off early on. It can be brutal here. redstatebluegirl Oct 2017 #78
For anyone who has strong opinions, only an ability to shrug off MineralMan Oct 2017 #81
Oh my...Compuserve in the 80's annabanana Oct 2017 #82
Yup. The Compuserve Politics Forum was a lot like MineralMan Oct 2017 #85
By the way, the Compuserve Political Debate Forum MineralMan Oct 2017 #88
I'm here as a Democrat (as in DEMOCRATIC Underground) louis c Oct 2017 #84
They do find (or start) other sites, but often stick around MineralMan Oct 2017 #86
This is the only site I belong to or visit louis c Oct 2017 #89
Super into unity right now StrictlyRockers Oct 2017 #87
It sounds to me SCantiGOP Oct 2017 #107
you post too much Demonaut Oct 2017 #111
No. I post exactly as much as I choose to. MineralMan Oct 2017 #117
lol, it was a terrible joke Demonaut Oct 2017 #122
And I post too little. So what? betsuni Oct 2017 #118
what Demonaut Oct 2017 #123
I've been here a while. It's really not that hard to follow the rules. nt redgreenandblue Oct 2017 #119
You're right. It's not that hard. MineralMan Oct 2017 #120
You're alright, Mineral Man. Sugar Smack Oct 2017 #126
Not new just quiet bcbink Oct 2017 #129
Thanks very much for posting a reply! MineralMan Oct 2017 #131
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