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43. Why? Am I defending Trump, lying for him, or making up lame excuses
Fri Oct 6, 2017, 04:58 PM
Oct 2017

for his string of daily insults and unearned errors? Am I criticising the weak and the poor or chastising thousand of suffering Americans who have been left to live or die as best they can!

Stop defending these fucking Republicans! They are not our friends, and this lying, devious woman is being well paid to treat professional journalists like they are annoying, traveling vacuum salesmen instead of respected members our free and adversarial press corps, which we depend on as our Constitutional right.

If it cramps your bowels when I mock her, I don't care, hear me on that. I am 70+, so make of that what you will. If you think it makes a whit of difference how I should look in order to get your approval to castigate any goddamned Republican in the manner I see fit, think again!

I can't get past her intensely angry demeanor... I picture her microwaving hlthe2b Oct 2017 #1
No, she doesn't. B2G Oct 2017 #2
Whether you like it or not.. HipChick Oct 2017 #3
That doesn't mean we need to propagate it here. nt B2G Oct 2017 #6
So if she came out wearing an orange wig and a big red nose we can't say anything? Major Nikon Oct 2017 #17
If she does, yes. B2G Oct 2017 #19
How about a dead t-shirt and bunny slippers? Major Nikon Oct 2017 #21
Have to agree with you, B2G True Dough Oct 2017 #27
If Huckabee-Sanders ever stopped lying and lecturing everyone people might respect her lunatica Oct 2017 #28
She doesn't have my respect at all True Dough Oct 2017 #29
Its whats in her heart madokie Oct 2017 #34
You won't get an argument from me! True Dough Oct 2017 #40
I agree with you madokie Oct 2017 #41
I have watched her a few times, all she does is lie and bullshit. rzemanfl Oct 2017 #4
I don't care! Its my opinion, if you don't like it, I could care even less. Got it? nt procon Oct 2017 #5
Ditto. nt B2G Oct 2017 #7
Glad you agree. 😁 procon Oct 2017 #8
Wow. cwydro Oct 2017 #30
Exactly madokie Oct 2017 #35
She is a bigoted lying piece of shit who defends another piece of shit JI7 Oct 2017 #9
Very true. But her anger and disdain for direct and Ilsa Oct 2017 #20
True, I hope she keeps on with the same look...it can only help our cause. unitedwethrive Oct 2017 #23
I know. cwydro Oct 2017 #26
It's done with McConnell all the time. Not saying it's right, but this isn't the first time. C Moon Oct 2017 #33
I agree and am chagrined that I notice her excessive eye shadow elfin Oct 2017 #37
A rabid racoon, just to clarify! Kleveland Oct 2017 #10
She may have put those on to help hide from her eyes what she sees in the mirror. Tikki Oct 2017 #11
Her surly demeanor makes her ugly. She's crap at her job. octoberlib Oct 2017 #12
She's is crap..the ex-Faux host from the State Dept would do better HipChick Oct 2017 #13
There ya go. Lol. nt B2G Oct 2017 #14
Exactly. murielm99 Oct 2017 #18
I can't get past those hypnotic eyes awesomerwb1 Oct 2017 #15
It's the long, long fake eyelashes. SharonAnn Oct 2017 #32
She doesnt like the press and those Daily briefings are apparently Grammy23 Oct 2017 #16
It's 'cause the Mooch ain't there no more to give her beauty tips. dawg Oct 2017 #22
LOL, I remember him doing that. procon Oct 2017 #24
It's her Halloween costume. She looks like Mrs. Munster. nt Irish_Dem Oct 2017 #25
Morticia Addams trof Oct 2017 #42
Oh, yes that fits too. nt Irish_Dem Oct 2017 #45
Lovely. cwydro Oct 2017 #31
I remember when I was sliced and diced for suggesting Candy Crowley resembled a cow Purveyor Oct 2017 #38
Why? Am I defending Trump, lying for him, or making up lame excuses procon Oct 2017 #43
sorry, so sorry....not partial to comments about womens looks Merlot Oct 2017 #36
Hear, hear! eom Purveyor Oct 2017 #39
Not partial to Republicans, but to each their own. 😣 nt procon Oct 2017 #44
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