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71. Yes, and that's the whole gist of the criticisms.
Sun Oct 8, 2017, 01:50 PM
Oct 2017

If she was going to the beach or a BBQ, then you're right, there is nothing improper with what Witt is wearing. However, she's a big time news anchor on a major news network, and instead of presenting a professional image as a respected journalist, Witt chose to look like she was attending a garden party in that frock.

Yes, she might be "a fairly attractive lady wearing a nice outfit", and again, that's the point, she's not hosting a lollapalooza fashion sale on the Home Shopping Network, yeah? Look at most TV anchor hosts, they are very professional and conservatively attired in unremarkable, dark, muted clothing choices.

This is not a question of us "do-gooders making a issue out of it", it's that some of us still think that its important to respect the value of journalism, a profession that is under constant attack by rightwing sources. Let not defend Alex Witt as she swings her news show towards the Fox News business model, where women really are cast as on air personalities based solely on their looks and their silly gyrations in keeping those too tight red dresses from revealing everything.

Unprofessional..n/t monmouth4 Oct 2017 #1
Actually, it IS a "professional" look for women cable anchors these days. Hortensis Oct 2017 #44
Just look at Pox Noise. calimary Oct 2017 #53
Oh, really? Poor dear. CNN and MSNBC are both trying to be more "poxy" Hortensis Oct 2017 #87
Alex doesn't appear to be revealing any more than the Twitt, RNC Spokesperson Kayleigh Mcenany is politicaljunkie41910 Oct 2017 #162
Professional as in "pro" I guess. ananda Oct 2017 #91
Won't go there. We'd all be pros if conforming to required appearances were the definition. Hortensis Oct 2017 #98
Really? cwydro Oct 2017 #161
Man, and here I thought provincialism was more aligned with conservatives. TheBlackAdder Oct 2017 #163
Not for NBC's Entertainment Tonight rocktivity Oct 2017 #157
It's RIDICULOUS. I mean, what the freak?! WinkyDink Oct 2017 #2
I thought she looked like left over from Saturday night..forgot to change her asiliveandbreathe Oct 2017 #3
Someone made the "walk of shame" directly to work.... AJT Oct 2017 #8
No one would say that about a male anchor. RandySF Oct 2017 #155
If he were wearing a roughed up tux people would know.....it would be embarrassing. AJT Oct 2017 #156
She looks sexy. woolldog Oct 2017 #4
"Sexy" is not professional or appropriate for a news anchor. The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2017 #6
You got all of that from "she looks sexy"? BannonsLiver Oct 2017 #13
Yes, actually. The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2017 #33
yeah I don't don't shame women based on their looks. BannonsLiver Oct 2017 #36
It's not slut-shaming. Nobody is accusing her of looking slutty. The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2017 #42
Fair enough. I'm not sure I agree in this particular case. But that's a thoughtful response. BannonsLiver Oct 2017 #51
See reply #10. It literally shouts 'shame!' at her and calls her dress 'slutty' (nt) muriel_volestrangler Oct 2017 #114
Well said, thank you question everything Oct 2017 #115
Clothes are not part of the term "looks." Looks are not usually WinkyDink Oct 2017 #92
Yeah, actually they are but thanks for the input. BannonsLiver Oct 2017 #111
Yeah, no. "Looks," plural, is not the same as "a look" or "appearance." See: WinkyDink Oct 2017 #118
and Oh My, did anyone mention that to the faux noise women?? a kennedy Oct 2017 #54
No point to that, I should think. WinkyDink Oct 2017 #93
Just wondering here - are you male, by any chance? calimary Oct 2017 #12
Oh! Look at her! She's hot! tenderfoot Oct 2017 #14
... leftstreet Oct 2017 #26
LMAO. n/t LuckyCharms Oct 2017 #45
You made the OP's point. WinkyDink Oct 2017 #90
That was a bit much. The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2017 #5
In the mid-seventies marybourg Oct 2017 #84
Without being too specific, what's she wearing? Orrex Oct 2017 #7
She's in-studio, in the anchor chair, and all you see is bare skin from the chest up. calimary Oct 2017 #15
I'm sure that Bill Hemmer will wear the same outfit in his next segment. Orrex Oct 2017 #17
You'll be alright. I promise. BannonsLiver Oct 2017 #22
The patronizing can stop. RIGHT NOW. Thank you very much. calimary Oct 2017 #28
LOL BannonsLiver Oct 2017 #29
I wish someone would post a pic. cwydro Oct 2017 #24
It's called the "cold shoulder" look, doesn't look comfortable or warm enough: Rhiannon12866 Oct 2017 #68
They're Called Cold Shoulder Tops Me. Oct 2017 #37
The dress Megyn Kelly wore for her Putin interview was also inappropriate as heck: tblue37 Oct 2017 #63
Thank you for posting that. spiderpig Oct 2017 #136
Here is a pic: demmiblue Oct 2017 #43
Can't wait for Roy Clark to bust out a solo on the fiddle! (nt) Orrex Oct 2017 #47
You are showing your age there; Roy died 25 years ago. comradebillyboy Oct 2017 #77
Not if we believe. Orrex Oct 2017 #78
Supposably. Iggo Oct 2017 #105
Roy's still here Zorro Oct 2017 #158
Yup. 84. Not dead. TexasBushwhacker Oct 2017 #159
my mistake comradebillyboy Oct 2017 #168
Orrex jodymarie aimee Oct 2017 #148
Well, that is a bit jarring, but I guess she gets to choose what she wants to wear. cwydro Oct 2017 #49
That's it? melman Oct 2017 #113
THAT is what all the fuss is about? phleshdef Oct 2017 #129
"those bothered are the problem" melman Oct 2017 #138
I think the top is fine jmowreader Oct 2017 #145
BREAKING: An Important Message From The Church Lady! TheBlackAdder Oct 2017 #165
The moment she came on the air, madaboutharry Oct 2017 #9
Personal opinion here - but this cold-shoulder look is ridiculous spiderpig Oct 2017 #140
I noticed that immediately. SHAME on her! I tweeted about that to her. calimary Oct 2017 #10
You've got to be kidding with this melman Oct 2017 #121
Lots of Judgy McJudgersons on this thread. BannonsLiver Oct 2017 #11
I don't think pointing out a fact is being judgy. madaboutharry Oct 2017 #21
I do. And if a male started the discussion there would be hell to pay. BannonsLiver Oct 2017 #23
I disagree. madaboutharry Oct 2017 #30
Hogwash. procon Oct 2017 #59
Thanks. BannonsLiver Oct 2017 #61
Post removed Post removed Oct 2017 #16
Just for fun - what's wrong with FAT? nt Dreamer Tatum Oct 2017 #18
Mean post... Oneironaut Oct 2017 #40
She doesnt look fat at all. cwydro Oct 2017 #50
Alex Witt? yallerdawg Oct 2017 #19
"Modest" is HARDLY the word for it. calimary Oct 2017 #41
Her shoulders are exposed? yallerdawg Oct 2017 #57
Neither she nor Alex have the kind of bodies to show off their goods. MoonRiver Oct 2017 #67
I think they are both spectacularly beautiful women! yallerdawg Oct 2017 #72
I don't care either. MoonRiver Oct 2017 #73
That's some sexist bullshit right there. phleshdef Oct 2017 #130
I think the worsd that people are struggling for is "casual" Dreamer Tatum Oct 2017 #20
Casual, not professional. Not a credible anchor look. I prefer Rachel Maddow's look. Professional SharonAnn Oct 2017 #25
She's not credible no matter what she's wearing. onecaliberal Oct 2017 #32
I cant get MSNBC right now. Pic? Anyone? cwydro Oct 2017 #27
It's really a whole lot of nothing BannonsLiver Oct 2017 #31
Lol, Im trying to picture what could be so bad. cwydro Oct 2017 #34
So if Ali Velshi or Anderson Cooper came on camera wearing a tank top The Velveteen Ocelot Oct 2017 #35
If AC wants to wear women's clothing that's his business. BannonsLiver Oct 2017 #38
Being from the old school saidsimplesimon Oct 2017 #70
But but ... TenHouseCats Oct 2017 #135
Thank you. spiderpig Oct 2017 #164
here.... spanone Oct 2017 #48
Thanks! Nt cwydro Oct 2017 #55
👍🏼 spanone Oct 2017 #58
I dont know why it would matter, unless if she was forced to wear those clothes. Oneironaut Oct 2017 #39
Please see Post 43. calimary Oct 2017 #46
I still dont get it. Shes a little casual, but her shoulders are showing. Oneironaut Oct 2017 #60
When I went to go seek out what the fuss was about xor Oct 2017 #80
... and ... what? muriel_volestrangler Oct 2017 #110
I know, the SHAME post kinda made her sound like Hester Prynne. cwydro Oct 2017 #166
I didn't see it on TV, but judging by the pic of her in this thread... LuckyCharms Oct 2017 #52
You'd think she was wearing a thong from some of the reactions. BannonsLiver Oct 2017 #62
Jesus H christ, Are we adults here, Is this 2017? Old Vet Oct 2017 #56
Yes, and that's the whole gist of the criticisms. procon Oct 2017 #71
Some of you think that, fine. Most of us don't. wasupaloopa Oct 2017 #89
And who are these people you speak of; the "most or us"? procon Oct 2017 #107
Like I said it ain't a big deal wasupaloopa Oct 2017 #142
If that's your only takeaway from all the posts in this thread, no wonder procon Oct 2017 #146
LOL! That's the "cold shoulder" fashion look, donchaknow? Rhiannon12866 Oct 2017 #64
Fashion confession BannonsLiver Oct 2017 #65
Its a good one, thats for sure! cwydro Oct 2017 #74
Usually Hiding a Bald Head at Clubs in Texas Stallion Oct 2017 #85
Oh dear me. lpbk2713 Oct 2017 #66
You should see the female staff at the MLB Network CakeGrrl Oct 2017 #69
Ashton is that you? Am I being punkd? Agschmid Oct 2017 #75
Thats what my mom said MFM008 Oct 2017 #76
It's not a bad outfit per se. It IS, however, not appropriate for the job. You know, like it works WinkyDink Oct 2017 #95
Alex Twit became confused. Polly Hennessey Oct 2017 #81
I think she's a beautiful woman. I think the look is fine on her. I don't think it's appropriate OregonBlue Oct 2017 #82
Or Nicolle Wallace? question everything Oct 2017 #83
Someone explain how this is different to the gop "ban" on sleeveless attire... WoonTars Oct 2017 #86
I agree with you. She is wearing the current fashion I think. wasupaloopa Oct 2017 #88
Yeah, I'd find your comment credible if I didn't think you would NOT be okay with, say, Melania WinkyDink Oct 2017 #96
Why would someone not be OK with Melania wearing that? muriel_volestrangler Oct 2017 #126
Do we know each other? Last I looked Melanoma has worn MUCH less than that... WoonTars Oct 2017 #141
thank you. What the fucking fuck is up with the shaming going on here? Voltaire2 Oct 2017 #171
Jesus Christ ismnotwasm Oct 2017 #94
Mohammed. Do you find it logical attire for female journalists who aspire to projecting WinkyDink Oct 2017 #97
She's showing her shoulders and a bit of her neck. SaschaHM Oct 2017 #99
Do male reporters dress in any way to jeopardize their seriousness? Not talking of WinkyDink Oct 2017 #103
I'm sorry that you can't take a woman seriously if she's showing her shoulders. SaschaHM Oct 2017 #106
1. Re :Roberts-- You might, but not without noting his shirt. Don't play. 2. I can make a WinkyDink Oct 2017 #112
And you are entitled to that opinion. I don't think she goofed and I find SaschaHM Oct 2017 #116
Its worse than overblown. Its absolute brain dead nonsense. phleshdef Oct 2017 #147
exactly! Voltaire2 Oct 2017 #172
Ring....Ring...Yes, hello Zales Jewelers? I need 250 strings of pearls A HERETIC I AM Oct 2017 #100
Hahaha... Liberal Jesus Freak Oct 2017 #150
What's up with all the slut shaming? Baconator Oct 2017 #101
I have no idea. "Professionalism" seems to be the go to excuse in this thread. SaschaHM Oct 2017 #102
You've never heard of the concept "professional attire?" #sad #disingenuous WinkyDink Oct 2017 #104
Not surprised that you're starting to sound like Trump. SaschaHM Oct 2017 #108
EXCUSE ME??! Go read my history of posts, doofus. WinkyDink Oct 2017 #120
Insult. If you start calling people Sad and Disingenuous w/ hashtags, don't SaschaHM Oct 2017 #128
More surprising is Alex Witt going to work dressed like she was at one of Trump's parties. nt procon Oct 2017 #123
I don't know if you're a woman or ever had to wear professional attire... Baconator Oct 2017 #119
Yes. Teacher. Now, you were saying? Tell me, minus a wisecrack, that you would find that blouse WinkyDink Oct 2017 #122
Sure... Baconator Oct 2017 #133
Yea and its superficial garbage with no value to it outside of nosey ass people whining about it. phleshdef Oct 2017 #149
1. Look up "slut." 2. AS IF Melania's clothing choices have never been knocked on DU. AS IF. WinkyDink Oct 2017 #109
The last one I remember for Melania was wearing heels in a disaster zone... Baconator Oct 2017 #117
She changed her shoes. Next? WinkyDink Oct 2017 #124
I love prudish American bullshit on a Sunday. phleshdef Oct 2017 #125
Where can I see? RandySF Oct 2017 #127
Check post #43 if you want the pic. SaschaHM Oct 2017 #134
There might be a link on The Family Research Council website. Hassin Bin Sober Oct 2017 #152
This message was self-deleted by its author RandySF Oct 2017 #153
I'm more disturbed anyone started a tut tutting thread about her outfit than by her outfit! 50 Shades Of Blue Oct 2017 #131
I will not read the other comments Mira Oct 2017 #132
dang i missed it.. was watching Roy Rogers... samnsara Oct 2017 #137
FFS I just heard this crap re. Wonder Woman RandySF Oct 2017 #139
Unfortunately, her hair is covering most of the dress' neckline, so it looks like a tube top rocktivity Oct 2017 #143
at last someone posted the pic of her... CTyankee Oct 2017 #151
Female News Personalities in Boston Say Theres A Push To Dress Sexier seaglass Oct 2017 #144
She looks fine RandySF Oct 2017 #154
Let's start w/ I'm an old fart, but I am a hippie and OldHippieChick Oct 2017 #160
She was just wearing the latest in fashion malaise Oct 2017 #167
This thread shows DU's demographics perfectly... snooper2 Oct 2017 #169
OMG! Kate Baldwin on CNN is showing CLEAVAGE! And worse, Pathwalker Oct 2017 #170
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