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Tue Oct 24, 2017, 10:30 PM Oct 2017

Bernie Sanders becomes most popular national politician, most favored by minorities [View all]

The latest Harvard-Harris poll, conducted between October 14 and October 18, affirms that voters are increasingly favoring Sen. Bernie Sanders and progressivism while President Donald Trump’s favorability continues its downward spiral.

Sanders’ total favorability in this latest poll is 53 percent, and it is highest among hispanics (66 percent) and African-Americans (77 percent). His numbers dwarf other leading politicians’ on the left and right, including Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer. Donald Trump’s unfavorable ratings were the highest of any politician included at 56 percent. Only 37 percent of respondents view Sanders’ unfavorably.

The poll also asked registered Democrats if they support the party embracing progressive policies and moving further to the left. Fifty-two percent of total respondents were in favor, including 69 percent of millennials, 55 percent of women, 65 percent of Hispanics, and 55 percent of African-American Democratic Party voters.


Archive version to get around ad block overlays: http://archive.is/9bgEw#selection-1469.0-1499.179

Are we really going to throw our most popular candidate under the bus because of labels?

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The Observer is owned by Jared Kushner. JaneQPublic Oct 2017 #1
Does he own the Harvard poll? nt LittleBlue Oct 2017 #2
Someone does Not Ruth Oct 2017 #4
Its a tough group. Don't take it personally. rgbecker Oct 2017 #7
This message was self-deleted by its author Wwcd Oct 2017 #8
Some of us are not naive about Kushner. emulatorloo Oct 2017 #13
Nobody here is throwing Sanders "under the bus". progressoid Oct 2017 #44
So? emulatorloo Oct 2017 #46
Not talking about normal criticism. progressoid Oct 2017 #70
IMHO Having a man open a women's convention was a poor decision emulatorloo Oct 2017 #72
Those feelings are understandable HerbChestnut Oct 2017 #145
Fair enough. Seems like I saw some of both emulatorloo Oct 2017 #152
Indeed. PatrickforO Oct 2017 #60
"He's a popular punching bag DU." SO TRUE. SammyWinstonJack Oct 2017 #155
That is more true than you realize. murielm99 Oct 2017 #23
Are you implying that Kushner's poll is FAKE NEWS? politicaljunkie41910 Oct 2017 #49
Banana murielm99 Oct 2017 #57
Controlled release no less. ucrdem Oct 2017 #147
Truth is truth no matter whose mouth it comes out of, and PatrickforO Oct 2017 #61
"His" message murielm99 Oct 2017 #63
You believe everything Jared Kushner says? Ok. emulatorloo Oct 2017 #11
The Harvard poll doesn't say what you claim it does. pnwmom Oct 2017 #35
Of *course* it doesn't! The whole thing is so silly and contrived. NurseJackie Oct 2017 #114
And yet it keeps coming back to haunt us, over and over. pnwmom Oct 2017 #133
Two reasons: NurseJackie Oct 2017 #137
Thank you. cwydro Oct 2017 #123
Steve Bannon is #11 on the popularity list, lapucelle Oct 2017 #146
How can you say ANY of them were more popular than Obama and Biden pnwmom Oct 2017 #148
That's exactly my point. lapucelle Oct 2017 #149
This is the sentence that confused me: pnwmom Oct 2017 #150
I was being ironic. lapucelle Oct 2017 #151
Current publisher is Kushners brother-in-law... VOX Oct 2017 #69
Yes, while Jared is still Owner. JaneQPublic Oct 2017 #84
Is Flynn on Jared's payroll? lapucelle Oct 2017 #95
+1 (NT) JaneQPublic Oct 2017 #125
Good catch. nt ucrdem Oct 2017 #101
Right Me. Oct 2017 #3
Sanders is our version of Trump Motownman78 Oct 2017 #5
Some day the US will join the advanced countries of the world and offer Irish_Dem Oct 2017 #19
What does that have to do with the OP? George II Oct 2017 #54
Sure...it will happen tomorrow...we had 60 votes in the Senate, the House, and the presidency and Demsrule86 Oct 2017 #105
Sadly it won't happen tomorrow. But will have to happen if we wish to stay a Irish_Dem Oct 2017 #121
We can use the ACA to get a system similar to Germany...I think we have a shot at that..and it will Demsrule86 Oct 2017 #122
I beg to differ. Bernie got the discussion going, and more and more people PatrickforO Oct 2017 #66
Why, because there is another Motownman78 Oct 2017 #80
Discussion that will lead nowhere...I wish it wasn't so. Demsrule86 Oct 2017 #106
that doesn't make any sense. They feel free to attack it because they are afraid of what it might JCanete Oct 2017 #131
If we support single payer in 18, we run the risk of having the GOP using it against us as Demsrule86 Oct 2017 #134
That is not accurate at all. First, Trump has proven just how powerful the President actually is, JCanete Oct 2017 #74
It is the same Motownman78 Oct 2017 #79
Again, really off-base in terms of what the left demands. Compromise in message is different JCanete Oct 2017 #85
This. So much this. Kentonio Oct 2017 #97
OH, good. Bernie's a corporate fascist know-nothing who's in over his head? HughBeaumont Oct 2017 #96
Lol. Harvard Harris again? Haven't they been proven to skew their polling to create an outcome? Wwcd Oct 2017 #6
Really? GulfCoast66 Oct 2017 #9
Hmmm. Not a good try. Kingofalldems Oct 2017 #10
Heads are spinning in the bowels of DNC head quarters CentralMass Oct 2017 #12
More like ROFL Wwcd Oct 2017 #41
Why? George II Oct 2017 #55
Heads are IN Plucketeer Oct 2017 #73
Independents outnumber Democrats by over a third Not Ruth Oct 2017 #14
FWIW Not every independent is liberal/progressive. A fair amt are conservative reactionaries emulatorloo Oct 2017 #17
Not saying you're wrong, just trying to understand your point... which is? InAbLuEsTaTe Oct 2017 #26
Poster seems to be saying all the 42 percent independents are liberal/progressives emulatorloo Oct 2017 #29
Ohh okay, gotcha. Independents clearly have a range of views, on varying issues, InAbLuEsTaTe Oct 2017 #33
Not in this poll they don't. There were considerably more Democrats than Independents. pnwmom Oct 2017 #27
Hillary had higher favorability in 2013, 3 years before the next Presidential election stevenleser Oct 2017 #15
Incredibly high favor ability right up to her announcing a run. Mediumsizedhand Oct 2017 #21
When the GOP have three (or in Hillary's case more) years to focus on the leading Democratic stevenleser Oct 2017 #28
Yep. It's too bad the election wasn't held in 2013 Hassin Bin Sober Oct 2017 #53
Or 1981. George II Oct 2017 #56
Let me be the first to say I don't give a rip leftofcool Oct 2017 #16
Most favored by minorities? LexVegas Oct 2017 #18
Against trump who wouldn't be most favored by POCs? Most of us here would be too. brush Oct 2017 #34
Clearly the pollsters are lying about their results, because we all know that what established JCanete Oct 2017 #75
I know I don't believe that poll either...going to look at the internals...and see. Demsrule86 Oct 2017 #110
Banana murielm99 Oct 2017 #20
Bad Bernie, wants education, healthcare, clean food and water. Irish_Dem Oct 2017 #22
So do lots of other people. murielm99 Oct 2017 #24
I hear you, but I have been busy defending Hillary all day. Bernie deserves Irish_Dem Oct 2017 #31
This thread is about the poll. murielm99 Oct 2017 #36
Many apologies, please feel free at anytime to delete my posts if off topic. Irish_Dem Oct 2017 #37
Ignore the haters/dividers. DLevine Oct 2017 #100
other posters here have no power to delete your posts for being off topic Voltaire2 Oct 2017 #141
Not THIS again! Read the Harvard poll. They only compared 4 Democrats along with Bernie pnwmom Oct 2017 #25
Considering his name recognition its a very low score. Hillary was generally 10 points higher stevenleser Oct 2017 #30
Agreed. And I wonder why they don't include Joe Biden in this poll? pnwmom Oct 2017 #32
Regarding Bernie... bagelsforbreakfast Oct 2017 #38
Change? murielm99 Oct 2017 #39
Change vs. same old same old - not a surprise n/m bagelsforbreakfast Oct 2017 #40
Change will happen only by electing Democrats...and we are a center left country...so we won't get Demsrule86 Oct 2017 #116
It's also why they voted for Obama. shanny Oct 2017 #86
This is my point: murielm99 Oct 2017 #87
Damn. shanny Oct 2017 #88
This message was self-deleted by its author murielm99 Oct 2017 #89
Yeah, okay. NanceGreggs Oct 2017 #42
Post removed Post removed Oct 2017 #50
Thats some rightwing bull crap there. revmclaren Oct 2017 #62
Bernie said he lost fair and square. So fuck that fake-ass Assange and Putin CT noise. emulatorloo Oct 2017 #67
He started that race expecting to get about 5% of the vote Kentonio Oct 2017 #98
Yes, it would be fascinating ... NanceGreggs Oct 2017 #142
He was not rejected, Clinton was put forward. Using that kind of language is silly. And Sanders JCanete Oct 2017 #136
Sure, mm hmm, okay. NanceGreggs Oct 2017 #144
Not hardly. HRC totally whooped his ass. Not to mention this fantasy has been debunked. Lil Missy Oct 2017 #43
Russians stirring the ole Shitpot! Cryptoad Oct 2017 #45
* Wwcd Oct 2017 #51
BTW,,,,,welcome to DU, Comrade! Cryptoad Oct 2017 #119
Interesting. Joined a week ago and zipped passed the 100 post mark just like that. Hekate Oct 2017 #126
He's not "our" candidate. Bleacher Creature Oct 2017 #47
Well said.Thanks for posting this but wonder if it will open any minds onit2day Oct 2017 #48
Nothing sourced from Jared Kushners right wing rag is going to open my mind. MrsCoffee Oct 2017 #92
Did you look at the poll...it is a bullshit poll from a right wing rag... Demsrule86 Oct 2017 #115
Here we go again with this questionable poll. From the FIRST page of the poll: George II Oct 2017 #52
That's a very good point. The problem isn't the results necessarily, but certainly the declaration JCanete Oct 2017 #76
I pretty much agree with you on this Tom Rinaldo Oct 2017 #108
Steve Bannon and Rex Tillerson are politicians? mcar Oct 2017 #113
Do you understand weighting? Cuthbert Allgood Oct 2017 #128
Not hard to understand why. Snackshack Oct 2017 #58
To answer your last question, Blue, PatrickforO Oct 2017 #59
This poll causes such tremendous butthurt melman Oct 2017 #64
1. Bernie @ 53%. 2. Mike Pence @ 45%. Pence is almost as popular as Bernie. emulatorloo Oct 2017 #71
The Republicans would be smart to run Pence LittleBlue Oct 2017 #81
Most Americans don't want a theocrat in office using the Bible to legislate emulatorloo Oct 2017 #112
And from so many PDittie Oct 2017 #107
The butthurt come from those who are so desperate to think that a former presidential Demsrule86 Oct 2017 #117
funny that's what the right wingers say treestar Oct 2017 #143
Oh dear dog, no, not THIS again! NastyRiffraff Oct 2017 #65
Nope seta1950 Oct 2017 #68
Addressing your final sentence: how is he being "thrown under the bus because of labels"? Hekate Oct 2017 #77
What a great post...you said it so much better than me. Demsrule86 Oct 2017 #118
Well, thank you. Glad to be of service. Hekate Oct 2017 #127
It was perfect! Demsrule86 Oct 2017 #135
sorry..I don't agree... chillfactor Oct 2017 #78
Hillary won 3 million more votes than Trump. Hassin Bin Sober Oct 2017 #90
In the immortal words of the current resident of the Oval Office...."Fake News", and in this case... Tarheel_Dem Oct 2017 #82
This is... Mike Nelson Oct 2017 #83
I cant believe people post shit from the observer and defend it just like the Russia Today bullshit MrsCoffee Oct 2017 #91
Russians are duping again. Just remember their role in 2016, coolsandy Oct 2017 #93
I wonder why the referenced ad-free version lapucelle Oct 2017 #94
Good catch, lapucelle. sheshe2 Oct 2017 #130
We must remember that the purpose of this website Trumpocalypse Oct 2017 #99
im sorry, i just cant............ samnsara Oct 2017 #102
Jared Kushner is laughing at you. N/t FSogol Oct 2017 #103
Really? MrScorpio Oct 2017 #104
Excellent ! left-of-center2012 Oct 2017 #109
First of all, it is an online polls...IE meaningless. Demsrule86 Oct 2017 #111
It's too bad Bernie's not a Democrat. Progressive dog Oct 2017 #120
Why does the link at the archived version go to a Turkish source? lapucelle Oct 2017 #124
How very special. comradebillyboy Oct 2017 #129
St Petersburg is probably chilly this time of year... LanternWaste Oct 2017 #132
This is the part where I remind DU Blue_Tires Oct 2017 #138
I'm sorry, when did politics become just a popularity contest? Blue_Tires Oct 2017 #139
Bernie isn't a Dem, so he isn't "OUR" candidate Blue_Tires Oct 2017 #140
Just over 600,000 will be the most people he will ever officially represent. bluepen Oct 2017 #153
I bet you this thread is a flame war JonLP24 Oct 2017 #154
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