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Wed Oct 25, 2017, 11:25 AM Oct 2017

Murkowski, Collins, McCain, Flake, Corker all voted to give immunity to banks. You know who didn't? [View all]

Every. Senate. Democrat. Including Joe Manchin.

Remember that the next time you feel the urge to thank one of these Republicans for their "courage".

Remember that the next time someone tells you that party affiliation doesn't matter.

Remember that the next time someone tells you that a more conservative-leaning red state Democrat is worse than a Republican.

Right now, we'll take the victories where we can get them. But at the end of the day, remember: the only "good" Republican is a defeated Republican. Carry on.

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As usual, talk is cheap... Wounded Bear Oct 2017 #1
Two repubs voted against it SCantiGOP Oct 2017 #9
Did they vote that way out of real concern for the bill NewJeffCT Oct 2017 #10
If I had to guess DFW Oct 2017 #13
Repubs are always on number two. nt Xipe Totec Oct 2017 #25
I dont think enough of us are willing to learn this lesson. Sadly, I do not think so. Eliot Rosewater Oct 2017 #2
The independents also voted against it al bupp Oct 2017 #3
Yep mountain grammy Oct 2017 #41
Excellent point. awesomerwb1 Oct 2017 #4
any dem over any rep SCantiGOP Oct 2017 #56
Yes, they always go low, and lower and lower. brush Oct 2017 #66
But the media and some supporters of an Independent told me there was no difference in the parties. LonePirate Oct 2017 #5
You got THAT right!!!! MyOwnPeace Oct 2017 #6
well flake already ruled out 25th or impeachment... samnsara Oct 2017 #23
Why do you think that? Did he say that? nt Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #58
It's time for Warren to declare... zentrum Oct 2017 #7
shes nice enough but im just not feeling it with her... samnsara Oct 2017 #20
Until someone else better pops up Cosmocat Oct 2017 #21
As soon as Warren does that the GOP will deploy their oppo file via FOX, FB, and Twitter... Hekate Oct 2017 #28
Good points. zentrum Oct 2017 #44
Not the time. Nothing to interfere with the 2018 mid-terms. nt Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #59
Also the next time we need to punish red state Democrats IronLionZion Oct 2017 #8
The Dems in a red state are not responsible for who the state voted for. Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #60
Excellent point! eom BlueMTexpat Oct 2017 #64
Republicans never forget who they work for Loubee Oct 2017 #11
Get thee to the greatest page, PRONTO! ffr Oct 2017 #12
It's obvious that you have totally forgotten that Hillary made a speech to Goldman Sachs! gratuitous Oct 2017 #14
I am truly sorry! Maven Oct 2017 #50
Well Said! (n/t) B Stieg Oct 2017 #15
Never trust a puke regardless of what they say, watch how they vote!!! FreeStateDemocrat Oct 2017 #16
Amen Maven. NoMoreRepugs Oct 2017 #17
Exactly. A whole lotta grandstanding without actually walking the walk. Neema Oct 2017 #18
Great call!!!! MyOwnPeace Oct 2017 #27
Its not that cut and dry: basic human rights angrychair Oct 2017 #19
As a woman, I am well aware of what it means to be relegated to 2nd class. Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #62
To clear up a couple points angrychair Oct 2017 #65
"WE" don't select local candidates. The states & districts do. By popularity & funding. Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #67
Add to your list: Remember that next time someone gripes that our leadership is not "progressive"... Hekate Oct 2017 #22
Fresh blood is good. It pumps energy and new ideas into any organization. Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #34
Makes you wonder DownriverDem Oct 2017 #38
Agreed. They've both done an excellent job post-election Maven Oct 2017 #46
Once again the media does its part, by reporting "Congress" voted to give banks immunity. rogue emissary Oct 2017 #24
+1. nt Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #35
Trust not one of them malaise Oct 2017 #26
In the minds of Bernie or Busters, HRC was the equivalent of Joe Manchin. Or maybe Lieberman. StevieM Oct 2017 #29
And they were wrong! DownriverDem Oct 2017 #39
I agree this has little to do with courage. I understand the inclination to praise where these JCanete Oct 2017 #30
Republicans - to a person - can't be trusted to do the right thing. Vinca Oct 2017 #31
Some Senator years ago said to a reporter " The Senate is owned by the banks ". geretogo Oct 2017 #32
You are right, Maven. Even a blue dog Democrat is better than a Republican. Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #33
Yes, and numbers matter. Majorities, specifically. nt Maven Oct 2017 #48
Every time one of them managed to stumble into doing something positive there are threads Afromania Oct 2017 #36
We liberals love stories of redemption. Maven Oct 2017 #49
Love my senators - Michigan DownriverDem Oct 2017 #37
Typical REthugs. Lie Cheat and Steal. They are all the same. Doitnow Oct 2017 #40
Damn straight. (nt) ehrnst Oct 2017 #42
they voted for their god, the banks. lunatica Oct 2017 #43
Murkowski, Collins, McCain, Flake, Corker... Dark n Stormy Knight Oct 2017 #45
Bravo Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Oct 2017 #47
Murkowski, Collins, McCain, Flake, Corker are just as independent as guillaumeb Oct 2017 #51
Joe Manchin is still miles above the least kooky GOP Senator, Susan Collins. Dawson Leery Oct 2017 #52
R#196 for, thank you! UTUSN Oct 2017 #53
This message was self-deleted by its author lordsummerisle Oct 2017 #54
Not the point BainsBane Oct 2017 #55
That any of those folks are considered "moderate" is a sad, sad testament. Garrett78 Oct 2017 #57
No, but I'll remember it the next time . . . MrModerate Oct 2017 #61
This is indeed the bottom line! BlueMTexpat Oct 2017 #63
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