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14. I don't understand what's going on here at all.
Fri Dec 15, 2017, 08:10 PM
Dec 2017

Granted, I stopped a couple of courses and a dissertation short of a PHD. I've been involved in politics from the local level since I was a "Kennedy Girl' in junior high and recruited other kids while my mom, one of the few Democrats in a very Republican town, welcomed JFK on stage locally in1960 when he was "barnstorming" the country. I've had the time to be very active locally in the last few presidential elections and worked for state and local candidates in PA. ( actually getting a bit pissed with Sen. Bob Casey and Gov. Tom). Isn't this situation a plus for Mueller due to the way it was previously handled?

Yep n2doc Dec 2017 #1
Excellent! kentuck Dec 2017 #4
My father (83) is direct and concise when he says, BigmanPigman Dec 2017 #9
If the rest of the country not fooled Dec 2017 #17
That sounds delightful. Corvo Bianco Dec 2017 #18
I always liked you. mahina Dec 2017 #27
It IS nice being able to agree and discuss BigmanPigman Dec 2017 #31
So, the point is Bob Loblaw Dec 2017 #20
Goddam jesus, that is hands down the greatest post of the week! Iggo Dec 2017 #22
+1000! dchill Dec 2017 #24
excellent. myrna minx Dec 2017 #28
The Foxbot GOP will snatch up anything to make their "bias" case. oasis Dec 2017 #2
The public understands a demotion of one agent for naughty texts many months before the Fred Sanders Dec 2017 #5
I don't understand what's going on here at all. maddiemom Dec 2017 #14
Yes, it shows the opposite of bias to demote someone as soon as you know. Not mention Fred Sanders Dec 2017 #16
In general,most Wellstone ruled Dec 2017 #3
"f*cking moron" Vs. "f*cking idiot" ? Tuff call Achilleaze Dec 2017 #6
Nonsensical argument? LakeArenal Dec 2017 #7
Rex Tillerson is a Soros mole inside the tRump administration! . . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Dec 2017 #8
one difference is that, officially, Tillerson does not admit to having said that. (n/t) thesquanderer Dec 2017 #10
But, weren't there reported witnesses? kentuck Dec 2017 #11
Tillerson didn't deny it, either PJMcK Dec 2017 #19
According to the IQ Scale an idiot has a lower intelligence level than a moron. jalan48 Dec 2017 #12
Graham called him a "kook", too. George II Dec 2017 #13
From a Dictionary spike jones Dec 2017 #15
When does an American citizen not have a right to a free opinion and speach? randr Dec 2017 #21
K&R. dchill Dec 2017 #23
Umm, the real point about it is.... garybeck Dec 2017 #25
They are just following their lead from the RW media underpants Dec 2017 #26
Apparently, FBI agents are sworn to tell the truth. Martin Eden Dec 2017 #29
Yes this whole thing is orchestrated. The leaking of the texts - which were not supposed to Kirk Lover Dec 2017 #30
You dont get it. "Timing" is what makes Ferrets are Cool Dec 2017 #32
add effing imbecile to the list Motley13 Dec 2017 #33
Everything is so blatantly obvious. It makes me nuts. Must make most of the country nuts. N/T SleeplessinSoCal Dec 2017 #34
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