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22. Exactly!
Sat Dec 16, 2017, 09:44 PM
Dec 2017

Just now posted in another thread...
We know it always comes down to something personal for these assholes. Whatever affects them is all they care about.

She must be a true Republican at her core... CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2017 #1
Sadly, none of the current Republicans in the Senate can be called moderate mvd Dec 2017 #5
I am so disgusted with the national Republicans! They don't represent us AT ALL. n/t CaliforniaPeggy Dec 2017 #6
Yes I hope Collins gets beaten next time mvd Dec 2017 #7
Nah, she's just old and lost her brain. Kajun Gal Dec 2017 #10
A true repuglican. She was bought out - say $10M? erronis Dec 2017 #15
YUP !!!!!!!!!! pangaia Dec 2017 #30
NEVER call her a moderate on anything! Chasstev365 Dec 2017 #2
Ugh! K&R! MelissaB Dec 2017 #3
She likes Trump left-of-center2012 Dec 2017 #4
She will realize he buffaloed her! Kajun Gal Dec 2017 #11
Well there you have it. BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2017 #12
Exactly! Duppers Dec 2017 #22
Lord how I hate them. BlancheSplanchnik Dec 2017 #32
This is one of many reasons why praise for Collins is unwarranted. J_William_Ryan Dec 2017 #8
+1 dalton99a Dec 2017 #14
My revised HATE list... BigmanPigman Dec 2017 #9
and on my revised curse list. dixiegrrrrl Dec 2017 #16
How did you do that? BigmanPigman Dec 2017 #31
For anybody who yammers about what a "moderate Northeastern Republican" this fuckbucket is. . . . BigDemVoter Dec 2017 #13
I have been saying for a while that the only response maxrandb Dec 2017 #20
Shes a damn tool. mountain grammy Dec 2017 #17
At the core of all the GOP Hate Mongers and Bigots Cryptoad Dec 2017 #18
Guess her back up job came through Corgigal Dec 2017 #19
In the 21st Century, ALL Republicans are bad. Dawson Leery Dec 2017 #21
Republicanism is incompatible with decency and common sense. IluvPitties Dec 2017 #23
+1 Dawson Leery Dec 2017 #25
The next time someone here thanks her for a vote AllyCat Dec 2017 #24
There isn't a truly decent republican in the whole lot. Afromania Dec 2017 #27
2018 is coming up, and does the populace of Maine care? still_one Dec 2017 #26
Howard Dean thinks the people of Maine care. TDale313 Dec 2017 #28
Ya'll must have seen the questions asked of this fuckwad pangaia Dec 2017 #29
45's obviously got photos or video of her doing something really bad.... lindysalsagal Dec 2017 #33
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