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Sat Dec 16, 2017, 11:12 PM Dec 2017

WaPo hit piece on Taibbi: Should it end Matt's career? [View all]

Kathy Lally has a bone to pick with Matt Taibbi about misogyny bullying, 20 years ago. There's no reason to doubt what Kathy accuses Taibbi of.

The question is, should this end Matt Taibbi's career.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not a friend of Matt Taibbi. As a matter of fact, he and I have been pissy with each other, since I prompted his "Greed and Debt" story, about Mitt Romney, in 2012.

Though I actually gave Taibbi permission to omit my name, we were expecting him to tell the eToys and Mattel frauds, as part of the "Greed and Debt" story.

After all, "Greed and Debt" was a huge, success, cover story.

Be that all as it may, Kathy Lally is going for Matt Taibbi's jugular, basically accusing Taibbi and his co-author, of being misogynist Assholes.

Thing is, it was 20 years ago.

I tweeted Kathy Pally, asking her if she did the regular journalist protocol, of reaching out to Matt, seeking either a comment, or apology.

Kathy Lally hasn't responded to me.

The question we seek to answer - should Matt Taibbi's bad faith misogny, 20 years ago - end his career, today?

In my opinion, despite my being really pissed off at Matt Taibbi, he should eat humble pie.

I suggest Matt reach out to Anita Hill and see a way to make things right.

Just sayin......we Occupiers...need him!

23 votes, 1 pass | Time left: Unlimited
Yes, Matt Taibbi should fall on his sword, end his career.
4 (17%)
No - Taibbi should explain & apologize for his disrespect.
9 (39%)
Who cares
10 (43%)
Laser love/ hates Taibbi..
0 (0%)
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Its based on a right wing hit piece Nevernose Dec 2017 #1
Thanks laserhaas Dec 2017 #2
No, it is not based on a RW lie -- just stop obamanut2012 Dec 2017 #54
Are you asking..or Ordering laserhaas Dec 2017 #70
The allegation against Chis Matthews is from the Daily Caller...told everyone this was the Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #12
You lose me laserhaas Dec 2017 #15
The point is that it is open season on those who are considered by the other side to be progressive. Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #24
Okay laserhaas Dec 2017 #30
Back at you! Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #37
Whoopie..I bumped..heads laserhaas Dec 2017 #39
Im waiting to hear more Nevernose Dec 2017 #16
The enemy if my enemy, is my friend laserhaas Dec 2017 #17
Chris sin minor, Taibbi crime major. Keep Chris, Crucify Taibbi Cicada Dec 2017 #27
Okay laserhaas Dec 2017 #32
Sounds like another Cernovich hit job. Initech Dec 2017 #25
As you should laserhaas Dec 2017 #31
No, it isn't -- stop making excuses for him, it is sickening people keep obamanut2012 Dec 2017 #53
I don't think it will have much of an impact on Taibbi's career whatsoever. EL34x4 Dec 2017 #3
Hope you're right laserhaas Dec 2017 #4
I can't stomach him after reading about his time in Russia. demmiblue Dec 2017 #5
Understand laserhaas Dec 2017 #6
Who is "we"? Spider Jerusalem Dec 2017 #7
He's always been on the side against Wall Street abuse laserhaas Dec 2017 #9
Unless that friend is an abuser LanternWaste Dec 2017 #60
That's a leap laserhaas Dec 2017 #65
Oh hell no. Abusive assholes dont get a pass because of their politics. Nope. bettyellen Dec 2017 #75
Nobody is asking for a "pass" laserhaas Dec 2017 #76
Hes always been a pig who trashed Dems-many cheap shots toward Obama and HRC bettyellen Dec 2017 #80
It is a witch hunt at this point... but hey, as every pointed out to me...if he is guilty of Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #8
It is a hit piece - witch hunt. laserhaas Dec 2017 #10
Crude and rude...how is that different than what Franke supposedly did...nope Matt has to go. Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #11
Franken shouldn't have - and that's obvious laserhaas Dec 2017 #13
You are right. Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #22
The important thing is to point your finger at women as a better way to excuse LanternWaste Dec 2017 #61
The paramount thing is to stop abuse laserhaas Dec 2017 #71
Taibbi's work against Wall Street, like Frankens Fight laserhaas Dec 2017 #14
I supported franken...but I was told these women had to be believe by many who are now Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #23
Slamming works laserhaas Dec 2017 #33
hahaha....My kids were shocked that such old people still wanted to 'fool around'...the horror! Demsrule86 Dec 2017 #36
It's those dang mental oictures laserhaas Dec 2017 #40
However you feel, why call it a "hit piece"? brooklynite Dec 2017 #18
It is a hit piece. As some commentors and votes note laserhaas Dec 2017 #20
Wow...didn't know Taibbi was married with 3 kids laserhaas Dec 2017 #47
Great to see an Obama hater get theirs. BannonsLiver Dec 2017 #19
Bannin's laserhaas Dec 2017 #34
Ohhhhh sick burn BannonsLiver Dec 2017 #38
Yuck laserhaas Dec 2017 #41
Who? Why should I care? MineralMan Dec 2017 #21
Yup...every activist jkurno laserhaas Dec 2017 #35
I would like to see him write an investigative piece on himself Skittles Dec 2017 #26
He apologized on FaceBook laserhaas Dec 2017 #28
I don't do that piece of shit site Skittles Dec 2017 #29
Had many thousands laserhaas Dec 2017 #42
One of my favourite writers Kentonio Dec 2017 #43
He responded on Facebook laserhaas Dec 2017 #44
Acting like a dumbass jock as a young guy Kentonio Dec 2017 #51
"Nearly every day, we asked our female staff if they approved of anal sex. " emulatorloo Dec 2017 #57
Its obnoxious to put this crud, on here laserhaas Dec 2017 #67
Exactly! ...By the standards of the haters laserhaas Dec 2017 #66
Quite divisive of you to call fellow members haters. Whats up w that? bettyellen Dec 2017 #78
You're calling for end to Taibbi laserhaas Dec 2017 #79
Tabbi trashes Dems on the regular. And you support him so what does that say about you and this bettyellen Dec 2017 #81
Here's another...very lengthy...apology at Daily Kos laserhaas Dec 2017 #45
Over st DailyKos and elsewhere, the opine divide is similar laserhaas Dec 2017 #46
He has always pushed the envelope Egnever Dec 2017 #48
No he hasn't pushed the envelope bathroommonkey76 Dec 2017 #50
Taibbi for me has always been a second-rate Hunter Thompson impersonator. bathroommonkey76 Dec 2017 #49
A second rate Hunter Thompson is more credit than he deserves. comradebillyboy Dec 2017 #58
Frankly thanks to all the bullshit accusations, I just don't care anymore Kimchijeon Dec 2017 #52
That's what I said; and Cretins try to ounce on me. laserhaas Dec 2017 #69
Quit handwaving away what he did -- it is disgusting obamanut2012 Dec 2017 #55
This. xmas74 Dec 2017 #62
How many "hit pieces" has Taibbi written about Democrats? Maybe it is Karma. Btw I first read emulatorloo Dec 2017 #56
Just seconding your opinion . The Chicago Reader is in no way shape or form "right wing". lunasun Dec 2017 #59
Seens like old news. aikoaiko Dec 2017 #63
Agree laserhaas Dec 2017 #68
Joy Reid's nasty homophobic blogs were dismissed as ancient history melman Dec 2017 #84
Its not just the years, Taibbi wrote about all this a long time ago aikoaiko Dec 2017 #87
Taibbi has always been a racist and a sexist. Trumpocalypse Dec 2017 #64
Nobody is defending what he did, by this book laserhaas Dec 2017 #72
Execution? Are you delusional? Trumpocalypse Dec 2017 #74
He's still a misogynist. Witness his coverage of Hillary. n/t pnwmom Dec 2017 #73
Post removed Post removed Dec 2017 #77
Misogynistic coverage is verboten. n/t pnwmom Dec 2017 #83
And there it is melman Dec 2017 #85
His misogyny ranneth over. n/t pnwmom Dec 2017 #86
laser, who cares? saidsimplesimon Dec 2017 #82
If he did not touch anyone, then he need to explain and be believable. Blue_true Dec 2017 #88
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