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Wed Jan 27, 2021, 12:14 PM Jan 2021

PSA: If you joined DU between 2001 and mid-2003, you now have a proper join date [View all]

As mentioned in my anniversary thread last week, we have been working to assign join dates to members who joined prior to the launch of DU2 in mid-2003. The reason for this is that we will soon be starting a daily thread to celebrate DUers' anniversaries and posting milestones, and of course we didn't want to leave out our earliest members.

Elad has now completed the process of assigning join dates, so if you are a member who joined between 2001 and mid-2003, you can now see that date on your profile. Unfortunately, due to the way that we had to calculate these dates, we cannot guarantee that it is your exact join date -- however, rest assured that if it is not exactly correct, it is certainly within three or four days of the actual date. (Also note that everyone has a join time of 4:00AM -- we didn't calculate estimated times, so that was simply a side effect of the process of assigning dates.)

We're still testing to make sure the new daily thread works correctly, but we hope to have it up and running very soon.

Thanks for reading!

-- EarlG and Elad

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I noticed that yesterday underpants Jan 2021 #1
This is so cool WhiteTara Jan 2021 #2
Fri Oct 25, 2002. Cool!! GreenPartyVoter Jan 2021 #3
Thank you! UpInArms Jan 2021 #4
Huh! I was sure I joined before October 2001! Maeve Jan 2021 #5
Me too. I lurked beginning inauguration day, 2001, but didn't register until July, 01... hlthe2b Jan 2021 #50
exactly one month before 9/11 Skittles Jan 2021 #6
Hi Skittles griffi94 Jan 2021 #21
You had a Mint Skittles picture. nt Gore1FL Jan 2021 #43
Cool. And I appreciate the explanation regarding the 4:00 a.m. time stamp! Native Jan 2021 #7
I actually didn't ask EarlG Jan 2021 #9
Gotcha. That makes sense. Native Jan 2021 #10
Can the old guard now get something special like a differently colored star? Native Jan 2021 #11
Cool! Dyedinthewoolliberal Jan 2021 #8
I was wondering about that time. I guess it says 3am and not 4am because of CST? efhmc Jan 2021 #12
Mine says Nov. 10, 2003, murielm99 Jan 2021 #33
May 28 2001 for me... comradebillyboy Jan 2021 #13
I did. BUT I had to re-join with a new name when I changed emails and lost my password. Binkie The Clown Jan 2021 #14
Same SalviaBlue Jan 2021 #31
Thank you! ProfessorPlum Jan 2021 #15
Mine is off by two years. stopbush Jan 2021 #16
Different account maybe? EarlG Jan 2021 #18
No. Same moniker I started with. stopbush Jan 2021 #48
October 5, 2003. Yikes! lamp_shade Jan 2021 #17
Cool! Thank you! sueh Jan 2021 #19
woohoo. thanks. KG Jan 2021 #20
I joined some time after bush v. gore and well before 9-11. 90-percent Jan 2021 #22
See post 18 above EarlG Jan 2021 #23
well, my du life prior to 2004 90-percent Jan 2021 #25
Member since: Wed Sep 5, 2001, 04:00 AM Dukkha Jan 2021 #24
Since you guys have such awesome power, Dem2theMax Jan 2021 #26
How fun! Happyhippychick Jan 2021 #27
Well, Earl, mine says 2008. It's very incorrect. I've been coming here since the beginning. I may judesedit Jan 2021 #28
It's based on when your account was created EarlG Jan 2021 #35
I've served on your jury many times. That is what's very weird. judesedit Jan 2021 #42
What probably happened is EarlG Jan 2021 #46
Gotcha. Thanx! judesedit Jan 2021 #47
Fri Jul 25, 2003 Reader Rabbit Jan 2021 #29
mine says 2016, but we all had to re do our passwords and usernames in the AllaN01Bear Jan 2021 #30
Passwords had to be changed but EarlG Jan 2021 #39
thanks for your information. AllaN01Bear Jan 2021 #45
Awesome! Thank you! colorado_ufo Jan 2021 #32
Thank you Earl. Great job and thanks for your hard work. slater71 Jan 2021 #34
My username has always been the same. My password had to be judesedit Jan 2021 #36
I noticed. Thanks LiberalFighter Jan 2021 #37
Yay! Thank you! March 30, 2003! Mrs. Overall Jan 2021 #38
March 31, 2002. aquamarina Jan 2021 #40
Cool! Gore1FL Jan 2021 #41
Member since: Wed Nov 10, 2004, 12:27 PM. n/t aggiesal Jan 2021 #44
Late to reply but THANK YOU! MuseRider Jan 2021 #49
Been a few changes around here ForrestGump Feb 2021 #51
yay to all you old timers! The only forum Ive been in that long is the golden retriever forum samnsara Feb 2021 #52
Oh wow.. glad I finally saw this! Cha Feb 2021 #53
Neat. Mon Aug 6, 2001, 04:00 AM ThirdEye Feb 2021 #54
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