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48. I remember, MrG!
Mon Feb 12, 2024, 05:34 PM
Feb 12

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I was thinking a lot over the weekend, how DU used to be. I was here, very rarely spoke, but I read and learned. I've 'known you and many, many people here, than I have known in my life! This is home to me.

DU has matured so much, We've all taken part in raising it...I like to think that anyway! We need that 'vibe' back! This place is home to so many people, I think we can do this! It's time!


I just have to say... [View all] EarlG Feb 12 OP
Thank you for all of your hard, skillful work. nt spooky3 Feb 12 #1
Post removed Post removed Feb 12 #2
Why? N/T sagetea Feb 12 #8
I suspect some people just want to be jerks. JohnSJ Feb 12 #14
If you aren't happy here, then why don't you go find somewhere else instead of posting JohnSJ Feb 12 #11
Hmmm, I guess... Think. Again. Feb 12 #12
+++ JohnSJ Feb 12 #15
Thanks EarlG and Elad! FakeNoose Feb 12 #3
Yay! Delphinus Feb 12 #4
Thank you for all you do! 2naSalit Feb 12 #5
👍🏼👍🏼 IrishAfricanAmerican Feb 12 #6
Soooo... sagetea Feb 12 #7
Like little shamrocks on St PD! XanaDUer2 Feb 12 #27
Little bdamomma Feb 12 #35
Well... sagetea Feb 12 #37
Easter eggs. Halloween pumpkins or Thanksgiving turkeys. Christmas trees. tblue37 Feb 12 #66
Someone suggested pumpkins for Halloween csziggy Feb 13 #76
Back in the old, old days we used to do four fund drives a year EarlG Feb 12 #45
I remember, MrG! sagetea Feb 12 #48
A Halloween drive, with pumpkins? niyad Feb 12 #51
I want one where we give flags. 🇺🇸 Because the RW tries to hijack the flag. live love laugh Feb 12 #64
I bought 100 hearts ❤️ YoshidaYui Feb 12 #9
No one better EarlG, gab13by13 Feb 12 #10
How could I NOT help? RainCaster Feb 12 #13
EarlG, I don't recall you mentioning it, but... Think. Again. Feb 12 #16
Yes, but it's for all transactions, not just recurring EarlG Feb 12 #46
Glad to help & really glad you reached out!! CrispyQ Feb 12 #17
If you are prioritizing sab390 Feb 12 #18
For those who don't want to use PayPal: is ActBlue a possibility? We're already plugged in there. NBachers Feb 12 #25
That is such a good idea! DU was responsible for over $1 million in donations in 2020. hedda_foil Feb 12 #43
We're not actually plugged into ActBlue EarlG Feb 12 #47
Glad to be able to give back elias7 Feb 12 #19
DU is worth paying for.. it's that simple. mountain grammy Feb 12 #20
You sound like E. Jean Carroll, you know ... planetc Feb 12 #26
Well I began with DU is worth paying for mountain grammy Feb 12 #29
I'm sorry if I wasn't clear -- it happens frequently. planetc Feb 12 #33
The check is in the mail...... democrank Feb 12 #21
I would prefer to mail you a donation Give Peace A Chance Feb 12 #22
I send my contributions by mail..here's the address Deuxcents Feb 12 #38
DU has been my primary news source since it started. byronius Feb 12 #23
A couple of us would like to see the fund drive a regular feature, especially since the code is already in place. usonian Feb 12 #24
Oh Man!!! sagetea Feb 12 #39
It has been fun! pandr32 Feb 12 #28
OOh! a jury that I didn't ave to be on! Oh, Joy! planetc Feb 12 #30
I reluctantly used PayPal for a one-timer. usonian Feb 12 #40
Thank you for all your hard work! CaptainTruth Feb 12 #31
Any way bdamomma Feb 12 #32
I only wish I could do more, Earl. But I love DU and will gladly make a yearly donation to your worthy work. CTyankee Feb 12 #34
That's GREAT !! nt TeamProg Feb 12 #36
Cheers! A number of us have indicated we could deal with a quarterly fund drive, especially if we could give away treats Hekate Feb 12 #41
Appreciation for you, EarlG and Elad Alice Kramden Feb 12 #42
Thank you for all you do! sarchasm Feb 12 #44
Flowers in the summer? piddyprints Feb 12 #49
That's great Earl. TY BootinUp Feb 12 #50
I just added another star membership monthly donation. judesedit Feb 12 #52
Well, of course we did, EarlG, and we are glad that you told us what is going niyad Feb 12 #53
Yay! We rock!! tanyev Feb 12 #54
Go grateful for all of your blood, sweat & tears keeping DU up and running dlk Feb 12 #55
When my annual membership is up in May, I will switch to monthly donations. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 12 #56
FANTASTIC NEWS!! AmBlue Feb 12 #57
Is there an easy way to find this page? KatyaR Feb 12 #58
Thank you for all you do! denvine Feb 12 #59
Thank you! PatSeg Feb 12 #60
Monthly Payment mntleo2 Feb 12 #61
Thank you Earl! True Blue American Feb 12 #62
I've been saying this for months... ClearSky24 Feb 12 #63
Besides the hearts❤️ thinkingagain Feb 12 #65
❤️ ✿❧🌿❧✿ ❤️ Lucinda Feb 12 #67
Thank you, EarlG! Deep State Witch Feb 12 #68
Love you guys! nt LittleGirl Feb 12 #69
Thank you for this and for more. Justice matters. Feb 13 #70
I'm truly thrilled it's eased your burden some. herding cats Feb 13 #71
I hope that you will find other payment options then PayPal. chillfactor Feb 13 #72
An anonymous method of donating would be good radius777 Feb 13 #73
That's wonderful news, EarlG. greatauntoftriplets Feb 13 #74
Earl G you're the best cat moniss Feb 13 #75
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