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No harm in trying and failing. ffr Feb 2024 #1
Thank you and Elad for your great work! Wild blueberry Feb 2024 #2
I'm very sorry the update failed, but glad to see you back, and without any data lost. highplainsdem Feb 2024 #3
No problem. A suggestion perhaps. Schedule your updates late at night. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 2024 #4
They addressed that in their notice yesterday rurallib Feb 2024 #8
Did not read closely, my bad. Suggestion removed. OAITW r.2.0 Feb 2024 #12
Any way to blame it on Mike Johnson and get the RNC to pay for our therapy? Hermit-The-Prog Feb 2024 #5
Ha! Or at least the senseandsensibility Feb 2024 #17
It's clearly Joe Biden's fault Ray Bruns Feb 2024 #72
Well, it's good you chose a slow news day. jls4561 Feb 2024 #6
At least you picked a slow news day. NT mahatmakanejeeves Feb 2024 #7
the site being down was way too reminiscent of 2016. SleeplessinSoCal Feb 2024 #16
Thanks for all that you do! Think. Again. Feb 2024 #9
Got to say - been there, done that rurallib Feb 2024 #10
My sentiments exactly. Gidney N Cloyd Feb 2024 #42
Good luck! AltairIV Feb 2024 #11
Create a restore point DoBW Feb 2024 #13
Never let a computer know you are depending on it. n/t dobleremolque Feb 2024 #14
Thanks for the update and I am ready for whenever your next shot at it is-n/t marked50 Feb 2024 #15
Keep up the good work. It will happen! GreenWave Feb 2024 #18
No apology needed, but thanks just the same! ShazzieB Feb 2024 #19
Thank you for all you do! Hope22 Feb 2024 #20
The joys of MIS... dlk Feb 2024 #21
I'm just happy that you are up and running. live love laugh Feb 2024 #22
Bummer... 2naSalit Feb 2024 #23
Failure is important. madaboutharry Feb 2024 #24
Been there done that slightlv Feb 2024 #25
At least it wasn't a Neuralink patient you were working on! True Dough Feb 2024 #26
Almost felt like I was going through withdrawal or something. calimary Feb 2024 #27
No worries MustLoveBeagles Feb 2024 #28
So glad we are back online! I'm sorry that you had a more Tanuki Feb 2024 #29
As someone who works in IT, I fully understand! CousinIT Feb 2024 #30
Thanks for all you do. virgdem Feb 2024 #31
Thank you & Elad for All Your Cha Feb 2024 #32
appreciate all you do... nt WarGamer Feb 2024 #33
Thanks for trying malaise Feb 2024 #34
Thank you for all you do and I also have a clean apartment, extra clean...LOL. SheilaAnn Feb 2024 #35
It's cool. Happens all the time deep in software. Carry on. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Feb 2024 #36
No worries. Stuff happens. LoisB Feb 2024 #37
I know you guys were like BumRushDaShow Feb 2024 #38
No need to apologize. You guys are still the best. EarnestPutz Feb 2024 #39
Thank you for the update on the update that didn't update but will update!! chowder66 Feb 2024 #40
Don't... orangecrush Feb 2024 #41
No need for apologies. UTUSN Feb 2024 #43
No worries. Deeply appreciate all you do for us and du. cbabe Feb 2024 #44
I AM OUTRAGED!!!111one!! AnrothElf Feb 2024 #45
such is the natural cussedness of things OldSWODog Feb 2024 #46
To EarlG and Elad ... we understand and we'll get through this ... Rome wasn't built in a day, or even in a year FakeNoose Feb 2024 #47
Thanks for all you do both visible and behind the scenes Golden Raisin Feb 2024 #48
Won't work on my desk top computer Liberal In Texas Feb 2024 #49
As a software developer, this failure was the best possible failure. eggplant Feb 2024 #50
I know that was frustrating, but it's reassuring Pinback Feb 2024 #51
No apologies necessary!! LoveTheDU Feb 2024 #52
Thanks for doing this for us. MuseRider Feb 2024 #53
I was getting worried; glad to see DU back. In case you didn't know, I was up at 4:00 AM ET when Backseat Driver Feb 2024 #54
Situation Normal All Fouled Up (SNAFU) Jacson6 Feb 2024 #55
Not a problem. PoindexterOglethorpe Feb 2024 #56
Fun, fun, fun! Almost anyone who's worked in a company w computers knows there might be some downtime, somewhen... electric_blue68 Feb 2024 #57
No worries mvd Feb 2024 #58
I don't think anyone expects you to be clairvoyant. soldierant Feb 2024 #59
Thanks for what you tried to do. greatauntoftriplets Feb 2024 #60
Thanks for all you do to keep the site AKwannabe Feb 2024 #61
Thanks for protecting our data. sinkingfeeling Feb 2024 #62
I will admit that after the first couple of hours, I started having flashbacks niyad Feb 2024 #63
Stuff happens. I work in IT, so I get it. Kennah Feb 2024 #64
We're on your side.Do what needs to be done. We have have faith in y'all. marble falls Feb 2024 #65
Them new fangled computer things sure are complicated, aren't they? Aussie105 Feb 2024 #66
Absence makes the heart grow fonder. tazkcmo Feb 2024 #67
Noticed a lot of missing Avatars today KS Toronado Feb 2024 #68
I used to hate Windows updates Klondike Kat Feb 2024 #69
Have you tried turning it off and then back on? twodogsbarking Feb 2024 #70
No Worries EarlG.... Mr. Mustard 2023 Feb 2024 #71
DU will not be available on February 30 all day Jerry2144 Feb 2024 #73
I've noted a large number of user's avatars aren't displaying. n/t SpankMe Feb 2024 #74
Thanks EarlG for the efforts and the update sdfernando Feb 2024 #75
Could you try and pick a day for the update when SCOTUS isn't selling our Democracy in a fire sale to protect the...... usaf-vet Feb 2024 #76
friend of mine said that failure is your friend . dont be too harsh on yourself. dont do any good. AllaN01Bear Feb 2024 #77
Will our journals be coming back? Rocknation Mar 2024 #78
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