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31. Do more dishonest institutions than BIG CORPORATIONS exist in our society?
Fri Feb 13, 2015, 07:38 PM
Feb 2015

Typical mega-corporation, swimming in a sea of crony-capitalism...

Its as if its an invasion. Historic NY Feb 2015 #1
we need a real hero angrychair Feb 2015 #17
Great, Steve! Cha Feb 2015 #2
Maybe this is a stupid question and it's all been explained elsewhere -- scarletwoman Feb 2015 #3
TPP blkmusclmachine Feb 2015 #4
Yes....TPP. It can ignore all environmental laws also. glinda Feb 2015 #14
Not a stupid question at all, I wondered the same thing. whathehell Feb 2015 #5
Because of Kelo v. City of New London PoliticAverse Feb 2015 #6
Well, I actually read the whole page - and it looks to me that the ruling concerned scarletwoman Feb 2015 #8
Well Kelo allows a local government to use eminent domain to benefit a private party. PoliticAverse Feb 2015 #10
Thank you again. scarletwoman Feb 2015 #11
I would think that since Interstate Commerce is the main business of well the business; greiner3 Feb 2015 #21
The most galling thing about Kelo is that christx30 Feb 2015 #25
Can't Eminent Domain work both ways? I see to remember a case where a neighborhood fought rhett o rick Feb 2015 #27
They are actually an American company LiberalLovinLug Feb 2015 #29
Whether this is a U.S. Corporation or a foreign one..... RationalMan Feb 2015 #7
Yes, and if the government were doing this central scrutinizer Feb 2015 #24
no, it is a US entity azureblue Feb 2015 #13
Authoritarian Capitalist turbinetree Feb 2015 #30
Woot! The timing could not be better 99th_Monkey Feb 2015 #9
I hope this carries through and stops this abomination. freshwest Feb 2015 #12
It looks like they are already working on plan 'B' Brother Buzz Feb 2015 #15
The problem with going west is two-fold rpannier Feb 2015 #18
If it misses the Koch owned refinery in TX, that'll deny them untaxed billions. freshwest Feb 2015 #22
Canada needs to build their pipeline in Canada! Marthe48 Feb 2015 #23
Our Freedom Loving Republicans think it is okay for a foreign country to declare eminent domain Drahthaardogs Feb 2015 #16
Exactly, my thoughts packman Feb 2015 #19
The Kochs have convinced tea-baggers that Keystone XL will benefit them groundloop Feb 2015 #20
Strip mining an area the size of Florida & slurrying tar sands with clean water to pump through think Feb 2015 #26
Wonderful. jwirr Feb 2015 #28
Do more dishonest institutions than BIG CORPORATIONS exist in our society? nikto Feb 2015 #31
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