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Bolo Boffin

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15. The Ballad of Mitt Romney (to the tune of The Ballad of John Henry)
Fri Apr 20, 2012, 10:00 PM
Apr 2012

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When Mitt Romney was a little baby,
Just a sittn' on his daddy's knee,
Said, "The Keystone XL on that oil shale flow
Gonna be the death of me, Lord God
Going to be the death of me."

Well Mitt Romney said to the Captain,
I'm gonna take a little trip downtown
Get me a thirty pound hammer with that nine foot handle
I'll beat your communism down, Lord God
I'll beat your communism down.

Well Mitt Romney hammered on that pipeline
Till his hammer was striking fire
And the very last words that I heard that fella say was
No 7-Eleven cookie 'for I die, Lord God
No 7-Eleven cookie 'for I die.

Well they carried him down to the graveyard
And they buried him in the sand
And every gallon of shale a bubblin' on by
It cried out, "There lies a steel drivin' man, Lord God
There lies a steel drivin' man."

Well there's some say he came from Mexico
There's some say Michigan
Well I don't give a damn where that poor fella was from
You know that, he was a steel drivin' man, Lord God
Mitt Romney was a steel drivin' man.

Well when Mitt Romney was a little baby,
Just a sittn' on his daddy's knee,
Said, "The Keystone XL on that oil shale flow
Gonna be the death of me, Lord God
Going to be the death of me."
Honestly I would love to see that Drale Apr 2012 #1
That confirms that it benefits corporations and the wealthy, not the rest of us. SharonAnn Apr 2012 #19
Of course. After firing everyone else, who would be left? TheCowsCameHome Apr 2012 #2
I'm sure the states would have something to say about that SemperEadem Apr 2012 #3
He wouldn't make it to the morning break on a job like that. Webster Green Apr 2012 #4
there would have to be another guy to make sure rurallib Apr 2012 #12
Romney: I’ll build Keystone pipeline even ‘if I have to do it myself’ Botany Apr 2012 #18
Hello Mitt. This is a shovel. It's used for digging. Get to know it. ... Now, get going! Bozita Apr 2012 #22
Mitt may not know what a shovel is but he certainly can shovel some shyte, can't he? n/t beac Apr 2012 #48
Well, Mitt does dig a deeper hole every time he opens his mouth Auggie Apr 2012 #5
. XemaSab Apr 2012 #24
He may even surpass Michael Steele! Rosa Luxemburg Apr 2012 #51
Like the Obama administration DOESN'T want to build it? truthisfreedom Apr 2012 #6
Building it at all would be the wrong way... TiberiusB Apr 2012 #36
I'd bet everything I own... RowdyRacer Apr 2012 #7
Bingo! goclark Apr 2012 #47
Go for it... It's trespassing. You'll go to jail. Like I said... go for it. Fearless Apr 2012 #8
Mitt's a liar. Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Apr 2012 #9
Doesn't he mean, hire Chinese workers at a buck an hour to build the pipeline. sarcasmo Apr 2012 #10
So manly of a man who did nothing but push paper and make country clud deals underpants Apr 2012 #11
go ahead mitt. instead of 50 building it. it'll be 49 less PatrynXX Apr 2012 #13
oh no, haven't you heard, the repugs say the pipeline will create thousands of jobs? newspeak Apr 2012 #33
He's got time to build a fucking pipeline, but he doesn't have time to file his taxes? MADem Apr 2012 #14
Sock it to him MADem! goclark Apr 2012 #21
And his wife is such a business whiz--why couldn't SHE help and get those taxes done on TIME, like MADem Apr 2012 #37
The Ballad of Mitt Romney (to the tune of The Ballad of John Henry) Bolo Boffin Apr 2012 #15
This thread is full of win XemaSab Apr 2012 #25
A+ chelsea0011 Apr 2012 #28
brilliant grantcart Apr 2012 #39
Really good stuff! ... Wish I could rec a reply Bozita Apr 2012 #41
He's probably practicing his shirt sleeve rolling as we speak... n/t Earth_First Apr 2012 #16
Yep. Though Doubt that he will get it down this Good panzerfaust Apr 2012 #30
well, he bought the ranch months before the election newspeak Apr 2012 #34
He sold the pig farm? Ha! After the Secret Service made all those improvements? MADem Apr 2012 #38
Sorry, Willard. This ain't like hosing Seamus off. You'll need permits. SunSeeker Apr 2012 #17
There goes the aquifer. n/t kiranon Apr 2012 #20
yeah, well just like the fracking newspeak Apr 2012 #35
Yeah right. I doubt that prick could even pick up a shovel. Zoeisright Apr 2012 #23
Ann can help! AlbertCat Apr 2012 #26
Oh, will somebody just tell this idiot to shut up? spiderpig Apr 2012 #27
Aren't all of their kids grown? What's Ann doing now that the hard working SAHM has an empty nest? IndyJones Apr 2012 #29
By saying "build it myself" he means.... jimlup Apr 2012 #31
The only time Romney has turned over dirt... sofa king Apr 2012 #32
LOL! Rosa Luxemburg Apr 2012 #52
Come on MItt make our day goclark Apr 2012 #40
Like he'd even fucking know which end of a wrench to pick up! hatrack Apr 2012 #42
By "doing it himself" he means the hiring of laborers to do the work for him Marrah_G Apr 2012 #43
and they say he has no sense of humor Tax Man Apr 2012 #44
Mitt can't even change the drain pipes in his own bathroom sink! agentS Apr 2012 #45
So he's saying he'd finally get his hands dirty doing some ACTUAL work? truebrit71 Apr 2012 #46
As long as he cleans up the oil spills himself, fine jmowreader Apr 2012 #49
LOL fujiyama Apr 2012 #50
"I like pipelines Mendocino Apr 2012 #53
Tax Haven Mitt has the gall to say about O: " "I just don't think we can afford him any longer." wordpix Apr 2012 #54
Jump on in there, Richie Rich Blandocyte Apr 2012 #55
Rmoney, you would have to get the permits first... and-justice-for-all Apr 2012 #56
Romney is the Chuck Norris of the GOP. randome Apr 2012 #57
Mitt knows how to do things Enrique Apr 2012 #58
It would take Mitt a month to dig a hole as big as HIS. Auntie Bush Apr 2012 #59
I'd like to see them try without using eminent domain. Thor_MN Apr 2012 #60
funny thing is pipeline is only okieinpain Apr 2012 #61
Mittens in proximity to sharp tools would be hilarious. TBF Apr 2012 #62
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