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4. He never thought he would get in this deep.
Tue Sep 29, 2015, 11:01 AM
Sep 2015

I think he entered this race with same level of committment as he had in the other presidential races he entered. I doubt in his wildest dreams did he think he would experience "The Summer of Trump."

He is looking for a way out. He doesn't want to be president. He knows he doesn't have what it takes. These comments are the planting of the seeds for an exit.

At least he's not going to nichomachus Sep 2015 #1
best that he not spend too much time with his daughter 6chars Sep 2015 #5
Ick ChairmanAgnostic Sep 2015 #41
Is that the daughter that just announced that she is pregnant? No Vested Interest Sep 2015 #45
One and the same 6chars Sep 2015 #52
Good point. nt No Vested Interest Sep 2015 #55
Time for a new act--thoughtful introspection. TwilightGardener Sep 2015 #2
Going to base his decision to drop out on 41% of the primary vote? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2015 #3
His internal negatives are too high MosheFeingold Oct 2015 #67
I'd kill to see those numbers. Springslips Oct 2015 #71
Counting my 1,000,000 internets now, baby ;-) n/t MosheFeingold Oct 2015 #72
He never thought he would get in this deep. madaboutharry Sep 2015 #4
I agree. elleng Sep 2015 #9
as soon as the fun is gone so is Trump Backwoodsrider Sep 2015 #10
I agree, too. leftyladyfrommo Sep 2015 #14
Yep. nt cyberswede Sep 2015 #16
Running for President is what rich, bored people do. DetlefK Sep 2015 #18
+1 daleanime Sep 2015 #26
reports are that he led a very private life before - chauffeurs, private jets, private elevators wordpix Sep 2015 #28
Yeah I had a conservative friend Runningdawg Sep 2015 #36
haha tell her people love him so much they dumped their contracts with him wordpix Sep 2015 #39
Totally agree. His narcissism has been fed, now it's time to move WestSeattle2 Sep 2015 #42
Articles I've read say it's closer to $3 bil louis-t Sep 2015 #53
All part of the plan... CincyDem Sep 2015 #6
My Sentimernts Exactly. maddogesq Sep 2015 #19
I think Jeb/Kasich - Carson doesn't put any state into play. WestSeattle2 Sep 2015 #43
Mine is Rubio/someone (but I like yours better for us) n/t moonscape Sep 2015 #49
The Narcissist's "moment of clarity." sofa king Sep 2015 #7
interesting assessment Skittles Sep 2015 #56
I think it's the confidence they show. sofa king Sep 2015 #62
Liar Geronimoe Sep 2015 #8
Someone needs a nap MissKat Sep 2015 #11
I was going to say "welcome to DU," but I see you've been here a while.... renate Sep 2015 #63
Purrfect, MissKat! annabanana Sep 2015 #64
What a misleading headline. He did not say he is dropping out. LBN, Trump expels some gas..... still_one Sep 2015 #12
no, comb-over boy, you have not "been childish"--you have been hateful, ugly, ignorant, spiteful niyad Sep 2015 #13
"children are not megalomaniacs, they are generally not narcissists"? FrodosPet Sep 2015 #17
So, as I suspected Kelvin Mace Sep 2015 #15
Yep, sounds like it. n/t BuelahWitch Sep 2015 #35
EVERYTHING Trump does is to stroke his ego world wide wally Sep 2015 #20
Bush opening hibbing Sep 2015 #21
Bu$hie's chances are dewindling.... daleanime Sep 2015 #29
I have always thought that Trump was perfomance art and that he would get out Botany Sep 2015 #22
That sound you hear is Scotty Walker slamming doors GusBob Sep 2015 #23
Fxck - i knew he would get bored and eventually drop it. patsimp Sep 2015 #24
Dear Gawd did Dick Cheney invite him hunting? alcibiades_mystery Sep 2015 #25
Trump is not likely to be the nominee Gothmog Sep 2015 #27
In other words, if I see the enterprise is losing money and not going to make me richer ... L. Coyote Sep 2015 #30
i look for a "sign" that he will percieve that he needs to rededicate himself to the run dembotoz Sep 2015 #31
Two Quick Points About Trump's Ride DaveT Sep 2015 #32
Click bait headline by ABC. He said neither of those two things. Oneironaut Sep 2015 #33
Hello Folks the Donald Here Wash. state Desk Jet Sep 2015 #34
Biggest rule of show business: leave your crowd wanting more. nt Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2015 #37
He'll been gone from the race in a month or two oberliner Sep 2015 #38
I also think he doesn't like to meet the masses wordpix Sep 2015 #40
He's already made his money now he wants to cut and run. Fearless Sep 2015 #44
He seemed tired and subdued on Colbert's show. spooky3 Sep 2015 #46
He was totally unprepared on 60 Minutes as well TexasBushwhacker Sep 2015 #47
In his business he could order some underling to take care of whatever. spooky3 Sep 2015 #57
I think half of his answers were "Management!" n/t TexasBushwhacker Sep 2015 #59
"don't you think he looks tired?" MisterP Sep 2015 #61
Trump was always destined to hit the wall. He has zero substance but lots of hype. AtomicKitten Sep 2015 #48
I wonder what the BFEE threatened him with? notadmblnd Sep 2015 #50
I got another reason for his dropout or his planned one... Snap the Turtle Sep 2015 #51
Trump had real estate deals with Gaddafi back in the same time Bushgang courted him like a King. Sunlei Sep 2015 #54
Maybe he has another TV show lined up? workinclasszero Sep 2015 #58
Yeah..."Celebrity Vice-President" demwing Oct 2015 #66
hahaha workinclasszero Oct 2015 #68
NOOOOOOOO! wildbilln864 Sep 2015 #60
I knew it! That has long been my guess with La Donald librechik Oct 2015 #65
Huh. So it has begun. Orsino Oct 2015 #69
Just about the same time as Romney says Trump won't be Nom ... Myrina Oct 2015 #70
Trump is just catching his second wind. No Deal as the Howie Mandel says. vinny9698 Oct 2015 #73
Translation: "WTF? You people really were stupid enough to buy into this sham?" Arugula Latte Oct 2015 #74
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