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58. Maybe he has another TV show lined up?
Tue Sep 29, 2015, 08:06 PM
Sep 2015

Time to strike the tent, shut down the circus and call it a day?

At least he's not going to nichomachus Sep 2015 #1
best that he not spend too much time with his daughter 6chars Sep 2015 #5
Ick ChairmanAgnostic Sep 2015 #41
Is that the daughter that just announced that she is pregnant? No Vested Interest Sep 2015 #45
One and the same 6chars Sep 2015 #52
Good point. nt No Vested Interest Sep 2015 #55
Time for a new act--thoughtful introspection. TwilightGardener Sep 2015 #2
Going to base his decision to drop out on 41% of the primary vote? Erich Bloodaxe BSN Sep 2015 #3
His internal negatives are too high MosheFeingold Oct 2015 #67
I'd kill to see those numbers. Springslips Oct 2015 #71
Counting my 1,000,000 internets now, baby ;-) n/t MosheFeingold Oct 2015 #72
He never thought he would get in this deep. madaboutharry Sep 2015 #4
I agree. elleng Sep 2015 #9
as soon as the fun is gone so is Trump Backwoodsrider Sep 2015 #10
I agree, too. leftyladyfrommo Sep 2015 #14
Yep. nt cyberswede Sep 2015 #16
Running for President is what rich, bored people do. DetlefK Sep 2015 #18
+1 daleanime Sep 2015 #26
reports are that he led a very private life before - chauffeurs, private jets, private elevators wordpix Sep 2015 #28
Yeah I had a conservative friend Runningdawg Sep 2015 #36
haha tell her people love him so much they dumped their contracts with him wordpix Sep 2015 #39
Totally agree. His narcissism has been fed, now it's time to move WestSeattle2 Sep 2015 #42
Articles I've read say it's closer to $3 bil louis-t Sep 2015 #53
All part of the plan... CincyDem Sep 2015 #6
My Sentimernts Exactly. maddogesq Sep 2015 #19
I think Jeb/Kasich - Carson doesn't put any state into play. WestSeattle2 Sep 2015 #43
Mine is Rubio/someone (but I like yours better for us) n/t moonscape Sep 2015 #49
The Narcissist's "moment of clarity." sofa king Sep 2015 #7
interesting assessment Skittles Sep 2015 #56
I think it's the confidence they show. sofa king Sep 2015 #62
Liar Geronimoe Sep 2015 #8
Someone needs a nap MissKat Sep 2015 #11
I was going to say "welcome to DU," but I see you've been here a while.... renate Sep 2015 #63
Purrfect, MissKat! annabanana Sep 2015 #64
What a misleading headline. He did not say he is dropping out. LBN, Trump expels some gas..... still_one Sep 2015 #12
no, comb-over boy, you have not "been childish"--you have been hateful, ugly, ignorant, spiteful niyad Sep 2015 #13
"children are not megalomaniacs, they are generally not narcissists"? FrodosPet Sep 2015 #17
So, as I suspected Kelvin Mace Sep 2015 #15
Yep, sounds like it. n/t BuelahWitch Sep 2015 #35
EVERYTHING Trump does is to stroke his ego world wide wally Sep 2015 #20
Bush opening hibbing Sep 2015 #21
Bu$hie's chances are dewindling.... daleanime Sep 2015 #29
I have always thought that Trump was perfomance art and that he would get out Botany Sep 2015 #22
That sound you hear is Scotty Walker slamming doors GusBob Sep 2015 #23
Fxck - i knew he would get bored and eventually drop it. patsimp Sep 2015 #24
Dear Gawd did Dick Cheney invite him hunting? alcibiades_mystery Sep 2015 #25
Trump is not likely to be the nominee Gothmog Sep 2015 #27
In other words, if I see the enterprise is losing money and not going to make me richer ... L. Coyote Sep 2015 #30
i look for a "sign" that he will percieve that he needs to rededicate himself to the run dembotoz Sep 2015 #31
Two Quick Points About Trump's Ride DaveT Sep 2015 #32
Click bait headline by ABC. He said neither of those two things. Oneironaut Sep 2015 #33
Hello Folks the Donald Here Wash. state Desk Jet Sep 2015 #34
Biggest rule of show business: leave your crowd wanting more. nt Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2015 #37
He'll been gone from the race in a month or two oberliner Sep 2015 #38
I also think he doesn't like to meet the masses wordpix Sep 2015 #40
He's already made his money now he wants to cut and run. Fearless Sep 2015 #44
He seemed tired and subdued on Colbert's show. spooky3 Sep 2015 #46
He was totally unprepared on 60 Minutes as well TexasBushwhacker Sep 2015 #47
In his business he could order some underling to take care of whatever. spooky3 Sep 2015 #57
I think half of his answers were "Management!" n/t TexasBushwhacker Sep 2015 #59
"don't you think he looks tired?" MisterP Sep 2015 #61
Trump was always destined to hit the wall. He has zero substance but lots of hype. AtomicKitten Sep 2015 #48
I wonder what the BFEE threatened him with? notadmblnd Sep 2015 #50
I got another reason for his dropout or his planned one... Snap the Turtle Sep 2015 #51
Trump had real estate deals with Gaddafi back in the same time Bushgang courted him like a King. Sunlei Sep 2015 #54
Maybe he has another TV show lined up? workinclasszero Sep 2015 #58
Yeah..."Celebrity Vice-President" demwing Oct 2015 #66
hahaha workinclasszero Oct 2015 #68
NOOOOOOOO! wildbilln864 Sep 2015 #60
I knew it! That has long been my guess with La Donald librechik Oct 2015 #65
Huh. So it has begun. Orsino Oct 2015 #69
Just about the same time as Romney says Trump won't be Nom ... Myrina Oct 2015 #70
Trump is just catching his second wind. No Deal as the Howie Mandel says. vinny9698 Oct 2015 #73
Translation: "WTF? You people really were stupid enough to buy into this sham?" Arugula Latte Oct 2015 #74
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