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29. Clearly the R's believe they're on the verge of oblivion
Sun Mar 13, 2016, 10:50 AM
Mar 2016

The pattern is clear here and it is resulting in the death of the Republican Party.

The day Scalia died McConnell acted fast to announce his strategy. Sen. Grassley, whose judiciary committee would hold the Supreme Court hearings, initially said he'd wait to see what happens with Obama's pick and seemed open to holding hearings. That tune changed one day later. It would seem that McConnell got to him as soon as he opened his mouth, and suddenly Grassley was all about not holding hearings.

Then Gov. Sandoval's name was floated as a possible nominee, and he was quoted as seeming open to it and honored, although noncommittal. Within 24 hours he pulled his name from consideration. Again, what changed? I'll tell you what changed, McConnell got to him!

McConnell has a theory: if he lets the Democrats do what they want to do - EVER - then they'll improve this country so much for so many that Republicans will never win another election. Better to risk looking obstructionist than to lose the war for the next generation, he figures.

But why? Why does McConnell care so much? Is it because he cares about the issues? Is it because he cares about humanity? No. It's simple: he is competitive and doesn't like to lose. Period. End of story.

As Obama said the other day, this is bad for everyone. America needs a strong, rational Republican Party. Two parties isn't enough. Now there's really only one. That's a huge risk for democracy, even if the one surviving party is the better of the two.

In a democracy, that's what would happen. dchill Mar 2016 #1
Has the President picked a nominee? nm rhett o rick Mar 2016 #2
I am looking forward to his nominee, NHprogressive Mar 2016 #3
The discussion is moot if he doesn't choose a nominee. nm rhett o rick Mar 2016 #6
You're obviously right, but I'm not sure I'm catching your meaning: NHprogressive Mar 2016 #7
Quite the contrary, I think he should nominate someone soon. The longer he waits the rhett o rick Mar 2016 #9
Ah. Got it. NHprogressive Mar 2016 #19
Yes, he needs to do that, pronto! mountain grammy Mar 2016 #4
Oh, he shall. He SHALL! sofa king Mar 2016 #12
I heard he is considering a Hispanic Female Republican and will reveal just before the election. nm rhett o rick Mar 2016 #13
It's possible. sofa king Mar 2016 #16
Dysfunction Junction......................................... turbinetree Mar 2016 #5
The GOP senate needs to do their job Gothmog Mar 2016 #8
This message was self-deleted by its author Bernardo de La Paz Mar 2016 #10
I say let 'em be dicks, and destroy them for it. sofa king Mar 2016 #11
Absolutely. Obama gets his pick and the Senate can't sit on their hands and wait it out. CTyankee Mar 2016 #14
I think nominees can be resubmitted, too. sofa king Mar 2016 #21
Amen. n/t NHprogressive Mar 2016 #20
but the Republican Senate does not represent 2/3 of Americans maxsolomon Mar 2016 #15
A big HELL YEAH! Reagan did it. Dont call me Shirley Mar 2016 #17
I want hom to nominate Sandra Day O'Connor FreedomRain Mar 2016 #18
GIVE'EM HELL PRESIDENT OBAMA! davidpdx Mar 2016 #22
So what will the political-cost be to the Republicans? n/t PoliticAverse Mar 2016 #23
As if what we think matters in this system nt LiberalElite Mar 2016 #24
US Senators are required to take the Oath of Office, I don't understand why they get a pass. n/t Umbral18 Mar 2016 #25
They swear to uphold the Constitution, then ignore it and say they're following it, clear? LastLiberal in PalmSprings Mar 2016 #26
Not worried in the least Mr. Brutus Mar 2016 #27
Come on, do you really think they care what the American people want ! Get real ! Cosmic Dancer Mar 2016 #28
Clearly the R's believe they're on the verge of oblivion unflapped Mar 2016 #29
Above all else Rethugs fear Primary Challenges, they will never hold a hearing. kairos12 Mar 2016 #30
Republicans don't care what Americans think and they're controlling it. Vinca Mar 2016 #31
Americans, phffft. Who cares what they want? When they can buy elections, the assholes valerief Mar 2016 #32
Sign Elizabeth Warren's Petition: Senate Republicans Do Your Job & Vote on Supreme Court Nominee red dog 1 Mar 2016 #33
Looking good that Pres. Sanders will be leading the charge to fill the vacancy. /nt NCjack Mar 2016 #34
So, one in three don't understand the Constitution, I guess. spooky3 Mar 2016 #35
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