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sofa king

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4. Prediction:
Tue Mar 15, 2016, 06:27 PM
Mar 2016

Within ten years, self-driving cars are discovered to be a reality when a major automaker, seeking better safety ratings, is busted for cars that secretly assert autonomy over bad drivers and then erase their own AI in the event of a crash.

Double points: the phenomenon will be discovered by the handful of people who actually try to drive SUVs off-road, and discover that the computers reset and malfunction after particularly hard days.

Wow -- a minor fender-bender causes this overreaction nichomachus Mar 2016 #1
It's not an overreaction, it's reality catching up to the hype. nt bananas Mar 2016 #2
Still far far far fewer at fault accidents per mile than human drivers whatthehey Mar 2016 #22
The last analysis I saw showed that they were involved in accidents at a higher rate. Yo_Mama Mar 2016 #27
Prediction: sofa king Mar 2016 #4
From my understanding... davidthegnome Mar 2016 #3
Facts will never overcome the pearl clutching nt nichomachus Mar 2016 #6
No, the statistics show they are more prone to accidents than humans. bananas Mar 2016 #9
My mistake, I think. davidthegnome Mar 2016 #12
What data so you have that shows them AT FAULT more than human drivers? whatthehey Mar 2016 #23
None. davidthegnome Mar 2016 #24
These vehicles do nothing to bring life back to a human scale. HuckleB Mar 2016 #5
Not sure if I accurately understand your point. davidthegnome Mar 2016 #13
If we chose to create lives that need lengthy daily commutes... HuckleB Mar 2016 #16
People aremoving to huge metro centers because that's hedgehog Mar 2016 #21
That's a smart growth and transit-oriented-development issue...not a personal-automotive one Chan790 Mar 2016 #25
Another of Google's noble and useful contributions chapdrum Mar 2016 #7
And how is this surprising? DCBob Mar 2016 #8
Autonomous vehicles will be available sooner, rather than later. Paladin Mar 2016 #10
Engineering hype houston16revival Mar 2016 #11
Your digital watch has more computing power than the Apollo computer. rickford66 Mar 2016 #14
Uhm, that came true, several times since then... Humanist_Activist Mar 2016 #15
Also, Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Chan790 Mar 2016 #26
So many possibilities, thinking about making my nephew a retrogame console... Humanist_Activist Mar 2016 #28
Subtle sarcasm? PersonNumber503602 Mar 2016 #19
Anyone who thinks that their 11-year old son will not need to get a drivers license is delusional. Nye Bevan Mar 2016 #17
I wouldn't so quickly dismiss the possibility. ohnoyoudidnt Mar 2016 #18
I tested a Tesla with autopilot last week 47of74 Mar 2016 #20
St. Louis sucks at marking lanes, period, hell when it rains or snows, everyone... Humanist_Activist Mar 2016 #29
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