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So that's probably the end of Jane Sanders being on seven different shows on MSNBC every day. onehandle May 2016 #1
Yeah AlbertCat May 2016 #4
easy to be an armchair quarterback 6chars May 2016 #8
From that article: George II May 2016 #32
sounds familiar 6chars May 2016 #34
familiar pattern Angel Martin May 2016 #39
That sounds remarkably familiar. Interesting. yardwork May 2016 #56
She had overblown plans--just like Sanders does now. riversedge May 2016 #13
And now she's probably under criminal investigation! See: George II May 2016 #41
And as we know, if someone is under investigation, they must have done something wrong. n/t hughee99 May 2016 #54
This was Jane's baby liberal N proud May 2016 #2
How does this happen? Raine1967 May 2016 #3
The article said that they could finish up at nearby institutions LisaM May 2016 #5
Thanks. I missed that part in the article. Raine1967 May 2016 #19
Goes back to a couple of years ago, and here is a little detail of the reasons why... George II May 2016 #6
Does that constitute bank fraud? moosewhisperer May 2016 #10
I don't know. Some are saying it is, others not. It's fuzzy, I guess one would have to read.... George II May 2016 #11
I'm thinking an anonymous miracle donor will materialize sometime after after July 2016 azurnoir May 2016 #23
Probably not, but even so unfortunately that will be too late to save the college. George II May 2016 #24
as long as the collage retains it's accreditation it's not too late in fact this announcement azurnoir May 2016 #29
The article was just updated a few minutes ago: George II May 2016 #31
They are grifters.... Gloria May 2016 #42
They will be able to finish their programs at neighboring colleges riversedge May 2016 #15
Thanks, I missed that part! Raine1967 May 2016 #16
They will transfer to other schools tammywammy May 2016 #25
Imagine the scandal if this was in any way associated with the Clintons. CrowCityDem May 2016 #7
You mean like the 6 Billion that went missing when HRC was SOS? trudyco May 2016 #18
also Bills for profit college board membership... elehhhhna May 2016 #28
Did that school (whatever it is, hadn't heard this before) go out of business? Was he running it? George II May 2016 #35
Read this and weep and throw up elehhhhna May 2016 #49
That's all you got? Sorry, no onions and my stomach is calm, not weeping or throwing up. George II May 2016 #52
would that be the same sanders that is hiding their 2015 tax return? nt msongs May 2016 #9
Very interesting. yardwork May 2016 #58
Never a thriving college. Always struggling. cali May 2016 #12
She did.... more than $50,000/student in debt. What was she thinking? Adrahil May 2016 #14
This wasn't her first rodeo, actually. She had problems at Goddard College back in the 1990s. LisaM May 2016 #20
Highly doubtful, but if true even more reason to not take on $10M additional debt.... George II May 2016 #22
Not according to this: George II May 2016 #33
It went to hell when they expanded to the Caribbean resort owned by their friend. misterhighwasted May 2016 #17
Overlooking the fact that Jane Sander's is Bernie Sander's wife ... LannyDeVaney May 2016 #21
You should alert the IRS... Human101948 May 2016 #27
Was it ever really a "thriving" college? jmowreader May 2016 #26
No, they had declining enrollment... Human101948 May 2016 #30
"It's a formula that has failed colleges/universities across the country." Divernan May 2016 #36
However, it is unlikely that this failure caused the deaths of millions... Human101948 May 2016 #37
Absolutely true: Hill has blood on her hands, Jane doesn't! Divernan May 2016 #38
The same could be said for most small businesses TexasBushwhacker May 2016 #53
According to the articles posted in this thread, enrollment dropped under Sanders' leadership - George II May 2016 #40
Small non-traditionals like Burlington are having a very difficult time everywhere Recursion May 2016 #48
NBC News picked up the story. Check out their headline. SunSeeker May 2016 #43
Interesting comment in the NBC article: George II May 2016 #44
Interesting is one way to describe it. SunSeeker May 2016 #50
Jane's mismanagement of the college and misrepresenation of pledged donations harmed the school CreekDog May 2016 #45
In 2010 they paid $10M for the property, last year they sold it for about $7.5M. That's a $2.5M.... George II May 2016 #46
"we're addressing affordability by resetting tuition to $21,500" brooklynite May 2016 #47
K&R. nt UtahLib May 2016 #51
one word response: NO Skittles May 2016 #55
I'm sure the dozens of employees that lost their jobs and all the students that have been hung out.. George II May 2016 #59
Sanders has not been vetted by the national press Gothmog May 2016 #57
AP announced somewhere yesterday that they're not even going to cover Sanders anymore. George II May 2016 #60
Sanders' so called revolution is a flop and so Sander is not relevant Gothmog May 2016 #65
Message auto-removed Name removed May 2016 #61
DU rec...nt SidDithers May 2016 #62
Looking at the comments, DU has turned into a Democrat bashing website Democat May 2016 #63
I don't remember you complainig about all the Clinton bashing on these pages question everything May 2016 #64
Check my posting history Democat May 2016 #66
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