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Response to Chicago1980 (Original post)

K&R Auggie Jul 2016 #1
Good. Hopefully, Tim Canova will take her House seat, and she can take her rightful place as Chakab Jul 2016 #2
I suspect she'll take Nancy Pelosi's seat before Tim Canova takes hers. nt MADem Jul 2016 #6
I really doubt that OwlinAZ Jul 2016 #121
What does that mean-- "sounds par for the course?" nt MADem Jul 2016 #139
HA! As if. She's done. Roland99 Jul 2016 #129
They said that about Joe Biden when he was bagged for ripping off Neil Kinnock. MADem Jul 2016 #136
On K Street. Pushing Pay Day Loans Roland99 Jul 2016 #138
No--in the HOUSE. Her peers, who vote on who gets leadership positions. nt MADem Jul 2016 #142
Post removed Post removed Jul 2016 #3
I see what you did there! NWCorona Jul 2016 #4
This message was self-deleted by its author markj757 Jul 2016 #5
Elect D Tim to US Congress FL-23 DONATE HERE! Omaha Steve Jul 2016 #9
+ 1 red dog 1 Jul 2016 #58
He opposes the Iran Nuclear deal BainsBane Jul 2016 #94
I oppose DWS joining the GOP & supporting pay days loans and attacking Senator Warren's work Omaha Steve Jul 2016 #97
"I support the full implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement." - Tim Canova bananas Jul 2016 #119
I didn't care for the way DWS was running the DNC. We're better off without her. Auggie Jul 2016 #11
Used to like her. A LOT. calimary Jul 2016 #130
I still like her--she's the family breadwinner and she was battling breast cancer. MADem Jul 2016 #137
Reporting news isn't cannabis_flower Jul 2016 #27
+ 1 red dog 1 Jul 2016 #60
Living democratic principles and values is not easy. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #101
Wasserman Shultz is not the type of dem i feel i am nvme Jul 2016 #48
Is DWS actually a Democrat? lastlib Jul 2016 #50
I've wondered the same thing on LuvNewcastle Jul 2016 #55
Her Job Is Done billhicks76 Jul 2016 #68
Good news... Mike Nelson Jul 2016 #7
Now only thing left is for her to lose her re-election notadmblnd Jul 2016 #8
Elect D Tim to US Congress FL-23 DONATE HERE! Omaha Steve Jul 2016 #15
AGREED. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #86
That's a good way to stand up against the Iran Nuclear deal BainsBane Jul 2016 #95
It's not a personal grudge. She's bad for our brand. Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #96
Oh, "brand," of course BainsBane Jul 2016 #98
"from people"? What people? "you all"- who all? Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #111
Incredible, isn't it? MADem Jul 2016 #140
"I support the full implementation of the Iran nuclear agreement." - Tim Canova bananas Jul 2016 #117
Ben Jealous, former president of the NAACP has just endorsed Hillary Clinton on MSNBC. Chicago1980 Jul 2016 #10
He gave a speech endorsing, and got booed from some idiots in the hall. MADem Jul 2016 #141
Has long as DU allows posts that bash Bernie supporters elmac Jul 2016 #12
Daily Kos is the same OwlinAZ Jul 2016 #122
Ding Dong! Cobalt Violet Jul 2016 #13
Watch out for that door! n/t brewens Jul 2016 #14
One down coyote Jul 2016 #16
Donna Brazile will take over as interim chair. Chicago1980 Jul 2016 #17
Brazile is much the same as DWS OwlinAZ Jul 2016 #123
And there you have it... Ellipsis Jul 2016 #18
Today is not too soon. mahannah Jul 2016 #19
MSNBC is reporting that Donna Brazile will be the interim DNC chair through the election. 4lbs Jul 2016 #20
Isn't she an MSNBC commentator at times? JustABozoOnThisBus Jul 2016 #24
CNN Zen Democrat Jul 2016 #32
That's what I get for mindless channel-changing. JustABozoOnThisBus Jul 2016 #36
That's getting harder to do these days SwankyXomb Jul 2016 #81
Good News here tiredtoo Jul 2016 #21
So sad :( caballojm Jul 2016 #22
She has been a train wreck into a dumpster fire Botany Jul 2016 #23
The party in power usually loses seats during midterms. Chicago1980 Jul 2016 #25
seems those mid term elections are perpetual nvme Jul 2016 #53
Are you kidding? We got absolutely clobbered in the mid-terms! KPN Jul 2016 #120
good riddance. nt hay rick Jul 2016 #26
It was the right thing to do. liberalmuse Jul 2016 #28
Yes - this story needs to burn itself out. n/t Yo_Mama Jul 2016 #93
Too little too late elmac Jul 2016 #29
I'm not an anti-information Democrat. DWS should resign today. Zen Democrat Jul 2016 #40
well luckily du is not the great oz Mary Mac Jul 2016 #77
Strawman argument. emulatorloo Jul 2016 #88
Great to hear. Now she can go back to shilling for the payday loan industry full time. jalan48 Jul 2016 #30
Senator Bernard Sanders was right about all this 6,7,8 months ago. pangaia Jul 2016 #31
True. Have yet to hear from MSNBC and CNN any apology for their complicity OwlinAZ Jul 2016 #125
Never will. pangaia Jul 2016 #131
So, some people got their pound of flesh. leftofcool Jul 2016 #33
Yea they wanted someone's head on a pike. I wouldn't be good enough for some though Ohioblue22 Jul 2016 #128
I hope she is smart enough to stay the hell rateyes Jul 2016 #34
Tragic. a la izquierda Jul 2016 #35
Great! elmac Jul 2016 #37
I think this had to happen. The party needs to put this distraction behind it. totodeinhere Jul 2016 #38
"Distraction" -- now there's a euphemism! KPN Jul 2016 #124
Well excuse me for trying to put the best face on this situation that I can. totodeinhere Jul 2016 #132
Keep in mind it's a distraction of its (DNCs) own making. KPN Jul 2016 #135
Excellent!!! K&R!!! n/t RKP5637 Jul 2016 #39
Good. (nt) Paladin Jul 2016 #41
Okay... FarPoint Jul 2016 #42
Let's not worry about Debbie choie Jul 2016 #43
Not so easy to predict how good her chances are Jemmons Jul 2016 #92
She'll get a big job in the Clinton admin. nm mr_liberal Jul 2016 #44
Yes, (sigh) ... a bigger, better job. Auggie Jul 2016 #54
If that happens I'm gonna be pissssed. PoliticalMalcontent Jul 2016 #75
OK.. coco77 Jul 2016 #45
Julian Asange and Putin win! Loki Jul 2016 #46
Oh Good Grief!!! Chicago1980 Jul 2016 #59
With a user name like that, maybe she's just messing with you. FailureToCommunicate Jul 2016 #65
I am .. coco77 Jul 2016 #90
Excellent news Ruby the Liberal Jul 2016 #47
I don't think she did a good job, either Mister Twilight Jul 2016 #49
12 Governors, 13 Senators, 69 Reps, 913 state seats, and left with 26% of the electorate MisterP Jul 2016 #76
Good rule of thumb. Be less concerned about other what other people do/think. PoliticalMalcontent Jul 2016 #78
I used to like her, what happened over the years? benld74 Jul 2016 #51
Well that's something, at least. Android3.14 Jul 2016 #52
An appropriate step R0ckyRac00n Jul 2016 #56
Didn't President Obama appoint her to that post? stopbush Jul 2016 #57
Wise decision! Equinox Moon Jul 2016 #61
Change happens... CTyankee Jul 2016 #62
Great news kacekwl Jul 2016 #63
It's about time! red dog 1 Jul 2016 #64
Interfering this way with the election process Helen Borg Jul 2016 #66
FINALLY!!! The house drops! backscatter712 Jul 2016 #67
bye! runaway hero Jul 2016 #69
This is SERIES! warrprayer Jul 2016 #70
This sounds like a bad cop and the police union. jalan48 Jul 2016 #71
I'm basically happy about this. lark Jul 2016 #72
Very good news and the acknowledgement of what many here have been saying all along randr Jul 2016 #73
About time ornotna Jul 2016 #74
Let the search for new outrages COMMENCE!!!! JoePhilly Jul 2016 #79
I'm really disappointed DWS hasn't been praised Funtatlaguy Jul 2016 #80
Long overdue Boomer Jul 2016 #82
Good riddance to bad trash. Now, I hope she loses her primary. n/t Still In Wisconsin Jul 2016 #83
I'm a Hillary Supporter but I've never been a big fan of DWS or how she has been running the DNC. Walk away Jul 2016 #84
Thank You runaway hero Jul 2016 #91
Good. She's bad for the brand and her positions- like supporting jail for medical marijuana- are Warren DeMontague Jul 2016 #85
Hell yeah! emulatorloo Jul 2016 #87
Mission Accomplished whopis01 Jul 2016 #89
Meh...Historically don't the Chairs usually resign after a Presidential election. The empressof all Jul 2016 #99
Debbie Wasserman Schultz should not be serving in government. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #100
Well Our Candidate doesn't agree with us --She hired her again The empressof all Jul 2016 #103
Oh that's just great. progressoid Jul 2016 #114
Thats for her district to decide. Blue Idaho Jul 2016 #104
Yes and the DNC has these things called rules which she violated. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #105
So says you Blue Idaho Jul 2016 #106
So says I!!! avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #109
You know what they say about opinions... Blue Idaho Jul 2016 #110
Update: It appears the locals are not happy. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #116
Good riddance. Looooong overdue. deutsey Jul 2016 #102
Resignation should be effective immediately. I assume she gets her travel and accommodations paid TryLogic Jul 2016 #107
Finally! It should have happened liberalhistorian Jul 2016 #108
Donna Brazille is just as bad. ozone_man Jul 2016 #112
And don't let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya. The Green Manalishi Jul 2016 #113
'Bout flippin' time! Raster Jul 2016 #115
Adios seester. lonestarnot Jul 2016 #118
Too little, too late. She is an embarrassment to the Democratic Party. nt bananas Jul 2016 #126
timing Karen_J Jul 2016 #127
aaaaaaaand..... paparush Jul 2016 #133
Good Bettie Jul 2016 #134
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