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Thu Jul 28, 2016, 07:41 AM Jul 2016

Bernie Sanders Leaves the Democratic Party [View all]

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Source: Heatstreet

By Emily Zanotti | 5:41 pm, July 27, 2016

The nomination was barely sealed up at the Democratic National Convention before Bernie Sanders, who had campaigned against Hillary Clinton for the party’s nod, went back to being an Independent.

Sanders, who considers himself, officially, an Independent in Congress because his views lean further left than the Democratic party’s platform, caucuses with Democrats. But until declaring an intention to run for the presidency in 2015, he had rarely, if ever, identified as a member of the Democratic Party (he’s been in politics since 1979).

And now, despite pleading with his base to support Hillary, even though they’re concerned that she’s too moderate, Sanders will return to Vermont and to his seat in the Senate, and he’ll do it with no official party affiliation.

Read more: http://heatst.com/politics/bernie-sanders-leaves-the-democratic-party/

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How can Bernie and his supporters expect to convince a Party to significantly change if they're Trust Buster Jul 2016 #1
If the DNC screwed me over professionally I'd leave too GummyBearz Jul 2016 #35
The people voted and not the DNC. Bernie received most of what he wanted in the platform as well Trust Buster Jul 2016 #37
He did not leave in the midst of progress... his progress stayed behind, as part of the Democrat secondwind Jul 2016 #46
To collect dust on the shelves ? Very weak. Trust Buster Jul 2016 #50
That will never happen. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #109
But Sanders is bolting the Party. Trust Buster Jul 2016 #118
He left in the midst of the Democratic National Convention. George II Jul 2016 #122
We are NOT the "Democrat Party." jmowreader Jul 2016 #132
Tells us a lot, doesn't it? George II Jul 2016 #134
The DNC was supposed to be neutral. It was not. bklyncowgirl Jul 2016 #79
Exactly right humbled_opinion Jul 2016 #90
Was Sanders' staff milling around in Hillary's database an act of respecting neutrality ? Trust Buster Jul 2016 #120
Nice try at false equivalency. bklyncowgirl Jul 2016 #142
It is false equivilancy to compare lapucelle Jul 2016 #166
DNC is supposed to remain neutral PUBLICLY Charles Bukowski Jul 2016 #152
Remember he wasn't a "Democrat" until April last year, so he was a 16-month "Democrat"... George II Jul 2016 #85
You might want to check his voting record GummyBearz Jul 2016 #95
Oh, is that the standard? Indydem Jul 2016 #96
You might want to check the things he's said about the Democratic Party over the years. George II Jul 2016 #97
Advocating that a party reform whether you are a member of it or not is a courageous act. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #116
Risking the displeasure of your voters to to pass stronger gun laws is courageous. lapucelle Jul 2016 #165
He left his mark, Trust Buster. He receive many concessions that are now part of the Democrat secondwind Jul 2016 #42
If he is unwilling to stand with the Democratic Party and that platform, then dust is that Trust Buster Jul 2016 #53
I think the dems can get him back hollowdweller Jul 2016 #115
Or promotes stronger gun laws. lapucelle Jul 2016 #162
It won't change... MellowDem Jul 2016 #83
he wasn't elected to his senate seat as a Democrat 0rganism Jul 2016 #131
If true, that is too bad liberal N proud Jul 2016 #2
Hillary just thanked Bernie in her acceptance speech and showed him in the audience Omaha Steve Jul 2016 #173
Certainly cannot blame him and I'm thinking of doing the same thing. The way he was treated? n/t monmouth4 Jul 2016 #3
Yes, he'd been a Democrat for a whole year & look at the thanks he got! Demit Jul 2016 #6
The DNC thanked him every chance they got.... think Jul 2016 #7
He got more than he deserves. stonecutter357 Jul 2016 #18
You mean how to run a campaign without huge donations from the corporations? think Jul 2016 #21
Bingo, think secondwind Jul 2016 #47
No. The lesson is to allow only Democrats to run for President..nt asuhornets Jul 2016 #48
What were the issues you disagreed with again? Do you prefer he run third party? think Jul 2016 #49
I disagree with the fact that he wants to transform the Democrat Party into his liking asuhornets Jul 2016 #55
Bernie got 43% of the Democratic vote. Did he not? Did he fool them into voting for him? think Jul 2016 #57
They voted for him because they wanted to. But Hillary won. nt asuhornets Jul 2016 #59
Exactly. 43% of Democratic voters voted for Bernie Sanders. think Jul 2016 #60
no thay did not open primaries fucked that up.. stonecutter357 Jul 2016 #64
Ok. But he lost. He had many supporters, just not enough. He did better than expected. nt asuhornets Jul 2016 #66
No, we lose. He was more electable that Hillary. olddad56 Jul 2016 #139
Fine. Thank goodness the primaries are over..nt asuhornets Jul 2016 #140
As a staunch Hillary supporter, do I owe him something...nt asuhornets Jul 2016 #67
Except that it wasn't all the Democratic vote LisaM Jul 2016 #164
You mean he's not YOUR Democrat. tecelote Jul 2016 #61
And apparently Hillary is not your Democrat..That's the way it works. nt asuhornets Jul 2016 #63
Not that shallow but nice try. tecelote Jul 2016 #71
Democrats should be thanking him kacekwl Jul 2016 #99
Clinton would not even had a prayer had that happened. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #107
I didn't disagree with anything, He just wasn't my guy...nt asuhornets Jul 2016 #106
It was always a marriage of convenience Lefty Thinker Jul 2016 #105
I don't think so. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #110
Sorry. I didn't use the sarcasm tag but it was sarcasm think Jul 2016 #112
Interesting how many people excuse the actions of the DNC tecelote Jul 2016 #25
Yes, I don't think that with Bernie it's about labels, he is what he has always been. Dustlawyer Jul 2016 #44
Don't blame him Duckhunter935 Jul 2016 #56
The DNC exists to elect Democrats renie408 Jul 2016 #127
Too soon! True Dough Jul 2016 #4
Was anyone at all actually listening to the guy? NCTraveler Jul 2016 #5
No, it was a cut deal from before the beginning, as the superdelegates show downeastdaniel Jul 2016 #9
This was well known. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #10
It seems odd that he didn't wait till the convention was even over. n/t pnwmom Jul 2016 #14
He has stated for a long time he would return to Vermont as an Independent. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #15
As I said, it seems odd that he didn't wait one more day, till the convention was over. pnwmom Jul 2016 #20
He didn't. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #24
What his campaign spokesman said in that interview was wrong. Bernie could always have been pnwmom Jul 2016 #31
He is not going to switch right now as the people elected him as an Independent. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #36
calling this LBN is wrong... Raster Jul 2016 #75
That is exactly what it is. NCTraveler Jul 2016 #76
I have to wonder: Once the convention is over, whatever are the Bernie bashers... Raster Jul 2016 #81
To get maximum exposure BlueMTexpat Jul 2016 #135
This message was self-deleted by its author rjsquirrel Jul 2016 #8
"If Sanders could register as a Democrat, he would, but that isnt how things work in Vermont." chowder66 Jul 2016 #11
UTTER NONSENSE. Patrick Leahy is the Democratic Senator from Vermont. Bernie could be another one. pnwmom Jul 2016 #16
I was elected as an independent; Ill stay two years more as an independent, Mr. Sanders said." chowder66 Jul 2016 #39
He already filed as an Independent for 2018 last October (nt) LongtimeAZDem Jul 2016 #103
Is Vermont a no party registration state? democrattotheend Jul 2016 #101
Yes. chowder66 Jul 2016 #169
Gotcha democrattotheend Jul 2016 #172
Lesson learned rjsquirrel Jul 2016 #12
Exactly!! +1,000!!!! Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2016 #73
+ a million or so! eom BlueMTexpat Jul 2016 #171
In an odd way, this kind of vindicates DWS Shankapotomus Jul 2016 #13
I find "party loyalty uber alles" to be a creepy, authoritarian notion. Odin2005 Jul 2016 #17
It doesn't mean you don't recognize the flaws in the Party Shankapotomus Jul 2016 #74
I agree BLACK4EVER Jul 2016 #34
Doing something illegal and unethical is not a vindication of DWS. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #113
So you are no longer Shankapotomus Jul 2016 #119
Clearly I am torn by these revelations and how Bernie has been treated. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #123
Thank you. rynestonecowboy Jul 2016 #151
You can say someone is "vindicated" in what they predicted to be true coming true... Moonwalk Jul 2016 #138
Are you stating that DWS is vindicated? avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #141
Only because of his shit fake supporters. joshcryer Jul 2016 #154
. stonecutter357 Jul 2016 #19
Leaving? He's running for re-election again as an Independent. He said this months ago. RAFisher Jul 2016 #22
How is it so easy for these outlets to twist people up? NCTraveler Jul 2016 #29
I'll will wait until a more credible source announces this action. FreeStateDemocrat Jul 2016 #23
Oh stop. SujiwanKenobee Jul 2016 #26
Democrats need to be more careful abt,,,, Cryptoad Jul 2016 #27
They should have forced him to run third party. Because his issues weren't remotely like Democratic think Jul 2016 #33
Exactly. LeFleur1 Jul 2016 #125
Party affiliation is meaningless. Bernie went Democratic for the votes. Oneironaut Jul 2016 #28
Sanders did the decent thing running as a Democrat. ananda Jul 2016 #30
That's not good enough rynestonecowboy Jul 2016 #155
His lack of commitment to being a true MyNameGoesHere Jul 2016 #32
That change would be a Donald Trump presidency. rynestonecowboy Jul 2016 #156
and the purge of all things bernie continues on du dembotoz Jul 2016 #38
You have noticed this also---------------- turbinetree Jul 2016 #102
its getting really damn ugly dembotoz Jul 2016 #111
It really is, its like, lets rub it in some more, and keep rubbing it in ----------------- turbinetree Jul 2016 #114
i ran the bernie caucus in my county dembotoz Jul 2016 #129
I haven't been here in a few weeks rynestonecowboy Jul 2016 #161
How is it a purge? David__77 Jul 2016 #137
Goodbye committee assignments. Loki Jul 2016 #40
And I'm not surprised rynestonecowboy Jul 2016 #157
Well, to be fair, he *ran* and was elected as an Independent. It'd be kind of wrong to go back BlueCaliDem Jul 2016 #41
nice reach. rynestonecowboy Jul 2016 #160
He never was a Democrat and he never will be. DCBob Jul 2016 #43
This souce has not been used before in LBN...see screen grab Omaha Steve Jul 2016 #45
exactly wallyworld2 Jul 2016 #52
not LBN at all, more a diatribe from a non mainstream source n/a uhnope Jul 2016 #51
You do realize there are not enough "registered Democrats" to elect anyone POTUS awake Jul 2016 #54
He is continuing his term as an Independent because that is what he was elected as. Hissyspit Jul 2016 #58
That was my take on it. Pacifist Patriot Jul 2016 #65
Right, it is fundamentally an opinion piece, not LBN (n/t) thesquanderer Jul 2016 #94
Am I the only one that feels badly used by a carpetbagger bullimiami Jul 2016 #62
well there are all of those working class Trump supports awake Jul 2016 #70
It appears that the Democratic party were the ones using him. avaistheone1 Jul 2016 #117
He couldn't even wait until after the election? Liberal_Stalwart71 Jul 2016 #68
It does look bad. Chemisse Jul 2016 #80
I've been considering changing my party affiliation from being Unaffliated to Democrat bekkilyn Jul 2016 #69
well said awake Jul 2016 #72
Yeah. I'm still adding to my ignore list. Thought I'd be done that by now. woodsprite Jul 2016 #124
I am too, sad to say. Keep hoping for bridging... JudyM Jul 2016 #147
Sorry... Mike Nelson Jul 2016 #77
Divisive S stirring Uponthegears Jul 2016 #78
Why is this news? Everyone knew he'd go back to the ol' "I-VT" if he didn't win the nom Tarc Jul 2016 #82
Is he placing himself on the Nov. ballot for the presidency as an indep.?? MichiganVote Jul 2016 #84
well rtracey Jul 2016 #86
Think about this Joe Nation Jul 2016 #87
I've argued with Independents for years.. mountain grammy Jul 2016 #88
He is a Dem, but too constrained by the party rules to be as effective as he wants, IMO. JudyM Jul 2016 #148
Good. deathrind Jul 2016 #89
Whenever I see a weirdly-sourced flamebait headline like this reflection Jul 2016 #91
If this post is true, it is another example of The Democratic party shooting themselves in the foot. TheEuclideanOne Jul 2016 #92
Because, it's always easier to change things that you're not participating in? NurseJackie Jul 2016 #93
Yawn. Like that changes anything. truthisfreedom Jul 2016 #98
This headline is kind of misleading democrattotheend Jul 2016 #100
... geologic Jul 2016 #104
Obviously not much fact-checking or critical thinking going on ... GeorgeGist Jul 2016 #108
Old news. Sanders filed paperwork with the Senate last October stopbush Jul 2016 #121
this is nothing but division-bait fishwax Jul 2016 #126
Agree 100%. MelissaB Jul 2016 #128
Who could possibly treat the Democratic Party with more contempt . . FairWinds Jul 2016 #130
Seems a little early to make such an announcement DFW Jul 2016 #133
We have to stop re-hashing old hurts and keep our eyes on the prize! PLEASE! Moonwalk Jul 2016 #136
Who didn't see this coming? nt SunSeeker Jul 2016 #143
I have to believe he'll come back... Scorpionflyx Jul 2016 #144
Snopes says this is mostly false scipan Jul 2016 #145
+1. This should be the first post people read in this thread. JudyM Jul 2016 #149
Serious question: Why is this a big deal? NHDEMFORLIFE Jul 2016 #146
sad asimovecho Jul 2016 #150
His faux supporters ended his revolution. joshcryer Jul 2016 #153
In Texas, he would be known as WhiteTara Jul 2016 #158
Nobody's paying attention and just slinging poo. Zen Democrat Jul 2016 #159
I believe the misunderstanding is Jeff Weaver's fault. Koinos Jul 2016 #163
Good! Glad he is at least sort of standing with his beliefs. ClairDiamond Jul 2016 #167
DINO indeed NobodyHere Jul 2016 #168
Nice to know... hurple Jul 2016 #170
Locking, does not meet LBN SOP. uppityperson Jul 2016 #174
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