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Sun Aug 14, 2016, 09:56 AM Aug 2016

Trump blames 'disgusting' media: 'I would be beating Hillary by 20' [View all]

Source: Politico

In a series of tweets Sunday morning, Donald Trump launched a new tirade against the media, calling it "disgusting" and blaming it for his drop in polls.

His latest tweet storm first targeted the New York Times, which published an article Saturday about the GOP nominee's allegedly failing campaign, but quickly expanded as an indictment of the media in general.

"The failing @nytimes talks about anonymous sources and meetings that never happened. Their reporting is fiction. The media protects Hillary!"

In the article, colleagues who spoke on the condition of anonymity called Trump "exhausted, frustrated and still bewildered by fine points of the political process."

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/08/trump-on-nyt-their-reporting-is-fiction-226988

Pivoting any day now?
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Message auto-removed Name removed Aug 2016 #1
Enjoy your stay! Dr Hobbitstein Aug 2016 #24
This message was self-deleted by its author Odin2005 Aug 2016 #63
Free publicity, Donald, is free because they get to write whatever they want, greymattermom Aug 2016 #2
He's so dumb... sarae Aug 2016 #7
Unprecedented amount of phone-in interviews underpants Aug 2016 #16
Trump has descended to the level of "crank" EricMaundry Aug 2016 #3
Sez the guy who was created by the disgusting media. baldguy Aug 2016 #4
It's all a Grand Conspiracy against Donnie Trump bucolic_frolic Aug 2016 #5
LOL! This from the guy who habitually calls in to the various media programs. Buzz Clik Aug 2016 #6
He's about to pivot around the corner. Hugin Aug 2016 #8
The "Pivot" is fast approaching. At least he can afford assisted living and memory care. Coyotl Aug 2016 #11
He's Correct, the MSM is disgusting, however... Matthew Rose Aug 2016 #9
Absolutely. The Media MADE Trump. Frank Cannon Aug 2016 #18
F-Yes Yallow Aug 2016 #30
Exactly! Spot on! smirkymonkey Aug 2016 #42
His response to the NYT article only seems to reinforce what the NYT reported. RAFisher Aug 2016 #10
Idiot. Half the names in media today learned the biz from those trying to ruin Hillary Rose Siding Aug 2016 #12
I can hear his handlers now.... Wounded Bear Aug 2016 #13
Yeah right Donald PatSeg Aug 2016 #14
Whiney, crybaby Republicans are such a bore RapSoDee Aug 2016 #15
I'm sure he wants the same media deal George W. got! displacedtexan Aug 2016 #17
Rove Scarsdale Aug 2016 #22
Oh yeah Donny, bite the hand that feeds you IronLionZion Aug 2016 #19
Mrs tRump Scarsdale Aug 2016 #23
In hiding probably unless they can find a way to clean up her image as right now cstanleytech Aug 2016 #26
The RNC's plan to turn her into the "Next Jackie Kennedy" hasn't worked out too well, has it? catbyte Aug 2016 #37
Trump declares war on the media tawadi Aug 2016 #20
If the media was really doing its job, he would be trailing by 50 points lastlib Aug 2016 #21
He is right its clearly the medias fault for doing its duty and reporting what cstanleytech Aug 2016 #25
If only the damn media didn't repeat what he said. nt JustABozoOnThisBus Aug 2016 #27
"Exhausted, frustrated, and bewildered" sounds like the refrain to a song written for DTs.... Hekate Aug 2016 #28
All of his other issues aside... I despise people who don't accept responsibility... TipTok Aug 2016 #29
The media keeps reporting what he says Jim Dandy Aug 2016 #31
Maybe the "guy" that likes to associate himself with some people and running for the highest turbinetree Aug 2016 #32
"... bewildered by fine points of the political process"? *fine* points? unblock Aug 2016 #33
Boo hoo, Orange Clown Man. Arkana Aug 2016 #34
He's really not thinking one second past November 8, is he? catbyte Aug 2016 #35
Anyone seeing a longer term positive? Kennah Aug 2016 #36
Someone needs to tell him to stop with the exclamation marks. Moostache Aug 2016 #38
Without the media, he would be beating Hillary Schmidt by 20 in the seventh frame KamaAina Aug 2016 #39
Stupid, disgusting media.. christx30 Aug 2016 #40
OMG, TNNurse Aug 2016 #41
He means if he could get away with lying all the time louis-t Aug 2016 #43
I am going to enjoy watching him try to sue America for not voting for him. Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2016 #44
Any excuse / blame except himself. . . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Aug 2016 #45
So he's exhausted. Waah. Who knew that running for President was a Francis Booth Aug 2016 #47
The old adage: when you do not like the message, blame the messenger vinny9698 Aug 2016 #48
Trump measured his penis last night, blames "disgusting, crooked rulers" Rocknrule Aug 2016 #66
A wise, old saying.... paleotn Aug 2016 #49
But yesterday he said the voters of Conn, PA, Ohio, and Florida were to blame. yellowcanine Aug 2016 #50
The "disgusting" media is because they are reporting on a disgusting person who says Thinkingabout Aug 2016 #51
Yes it's disgusting that the media reported your disgusting statements. muntrv Aug 2016 #52
They gave him twiter access back uppityperson Aug 2016 #53
Seriously Politico? You had to put "allegedly" in front of "failing campaign"?! SunSeeker Aug 2016 #54
I'll say something positive about Trump. He contributed the word "bigly" to the lexicon. spiderpig Aug 2016 #55
How could he be ahead by 20% creeksneakers2 Aug 2016 #56
Now Baby Cheeto moves on to the next group to blame for his failures, the media. Rex Aug 2016 #57
How long before... Yukari Yakumo Aug 2016 #58
Trump has this magical ability to paint a tunnel on his imaginary wall truthisfreedom Aug 2016 #59
When in doubt, blame the media - rather than yourself. n/t pampango Aug 2016 #60
I grew up in a religious cult. Donald sounds exactly like the leader. truthisfreedom Aug 2016 #61
someone call the Waambulance BadGimp Aug 2016 #62
What a whiner! Odin2005 Aug 2016 #64
Trump once again insists that his shit don't stink Rocknrule Aug 2016 #65
He's right. mysuzuki2 Aug 2016 #67
One of the most horrific lies ever....and...too stupid to know Stuart G Aug 2016 #68
Spoken like a true narcissist Shankapotomus Aug 2016 #69
lol, "bewildered by the fine point of the political process" Skittles Aug 2016 #70
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