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"And the Lord said: "White Power" and the people listened in awe" Rocknrule Aug 2016 #1
God picked Romney and McCain too jberryhill Aug 2016 #2
Are you suggesting God is a loser?! (wink, n/t) PJMcK Aug 2016 #9
Either way... Plucketeer Aug 2016 #39
And he picked Obama, and gave him divine victory, a Holy mandate to lead Midnight Writer Aug 2016 #75
And HRC, Obama, Kerry, lindysalsagal Aug 2016 #77
evidently god wants to make sure democrats keep winning. unblock Aug 2016 #3
Hasn't she bucolic_frolic Aug 2016 #4
God is just trying to teach them a lesson, yet they still don't atone. George II Aug 2016 #5
Yes! roamer65 Aug 2016 #8
God has hell of a sense of humor. Chicago1980 Aug 2016 #6
If she exists, I suspect she's a riot at parties. nt msanthrope Aug 2016 #7
God doesn't have a gender. God isn't a person olddad56 Aug 2016 #72
That was exactly my reaction Fortinbras Armstrong Aug 2016 #46
Pure warrprayer Aug 2016 #10
What does God have to say about this? Zambero Aug 2016 #11
If true, God appears to have a bone to pick with us. mahina Aug 2016 #12
Your 15 minutes are up, Michelle. Granny M Aug 2016 #13
Okay, I'll break it you Michelle, your "god" as you call it or him was turbinetree Aug 2016 #14
I believe that she believes it. onehandle Aug 2016 #15
Bachmann is nuttier than a pile of squirrel shit. bulloney Aug 2016 #16
Because she's nuttier than a pile of squirrel shit. Metro135 Aug 2016 #17
Because sane sorts Plucketeer Aug 2016 #40
she is batshit crazy ..... which is lower than squirrel shit Angry Dragon Aug 2016 #66
"God raised up, I believe Donald Trump" BumRushDaShow Aug 2016 #18
God must hate us then Punx Aug 2016 #19
So the Devil chose Mrs. Clinton? n/t hibbing Aug 2016 #20
I take it as a sure sign that God loves Democrats. (nt) Paladin Aug 2016 #21
And God said, Let there be stupid: and there was Michele Bachmann . Solly Mack Aug 2016 #22
Appears that God wants Hillary to be POTUS treestar Aug 2016 #23
And God laughed! 'Bunch of idjits!" He chortled. eom Maeve Aug 2016 #24
Michelle Bachmann for President keithbvadu2 Aug 2016 #25
Here's the guy God would have chosen to be her VP. keithbvadu2 Aug 2016 #26
Mad as a hatter. Look at those eyes. Hieronymus Aug 2016 #76
It's True - It's True and I got the proof - a photo of God and his groupies packman Aug 2016 #27
Now THAT's a scene right out of 'Deliverance'. COLGATE4 Aug 2016 #68
So he's still a wrathful God, I suppose. sofa king Aug 2016 #28
Goes to show you God has a sense of humor. Wednesdays Aug 2016 #29
an old favortie comes to mind dembotoz Aug 2016 #45
Now why would Michele blame God for getting Trump as the nominee? Thinkingabout Aug 2016 #30
So if God wants Trump to win, Trump will win. So, no need to vote, guys. thesquanderer Aug 2016 #31
This is the same "god" that spoke to Shrub. 47of74 Aug 2016 #32
For an omnipotent and omniscient cove, God has a strange tendency to back candidates who lose. whatthehey Aug 2016 #33
Michele Bachmann: God picked Trump to be the GOP nominee dawn5651 Aug 2016 #34
Ugh. skypilot Aug 2016 #35
Does she actually believe this shit? Or is she just using the gullibility of those ... NurseJackie Aug 2016 #36
God wants a bigot and a racist to lead this country? I don't think so!!!!!!!!! secondwind Aug 2016 #37
Apparently God has picked between 3 - 5 Republican candidates every election cycle for the past 20 world wide wally Aug 2016 #38
And God said: Well, the flood didn't work. Let's try something else. nt Xipe Totec Aug 2016 #41
This God of their's is quite the practical joker Sophiegirl Aug 2016 #42
This message was self-deleted by its author INdemo Aug 2016 #43
what does a greek physician have to do with this collection of nutbars? niyad Aug 2016 #58
Says Who? n/t BillyBobBrilliant Aug 2016 #44
Remember when Trump threw the money changers They_Live Aug 2016 #47
And God told Cruz's daddy and Heidi, while on their knees, that TED was the one Miles Archer Aug 2016 #48
I'd expect God to make a wiser choice left-of-center2012 Aug 2016 #49
I knew it! jcgoldie Aug 2016 #50
Typical word salad in the Palinian tradition Hav Aug 2016 #51
K&R saidsimplesimon Aug 2016 #52
michele, your god is either a psychopath, or has one twisted, sick sense of humour. niyad Aug 2016 #53
god again???!!!??? heaven05 Aug 2016 #54
So if Trump loses will Bachmann say god was wrong or god wanted a democrat? SummerSnow Aug 2016 #55
I feel God elevated him to the level of incompetence for a laugh. n/t woodsprite Aug 2016 #56
She needs a psychiatric evaluation. Unit 001 Aug 2016 #57
I smell dissent in the ranks of The Faithful jmowreader Aug 2016 #59
For once I agree with the nazi nutcase. forest444 Aug 2016 #60
Good grief n/t moonscape Aug 2016 #61
Yeah, okay Michelle NastyRiffraff Aug 2016 #62
"The Bible is true"... czarjak Aug 2016 #63
I'll bet God auto-forwards all of Bachmann's prayers to His spam box Rocknrule Aug 2016 #64
either Bachmann's god is very mean or he/she has a great sense of humor Angry Dragon Aug 2016 #65
Bachmann added, "God's the one with the horns and pitchfork, right?" tclambert Aug 2016 #67
The phrase "Divine retribution" comes to mind. Also "Vengeance is mine, etc." n/t TygrBright Aug 2016 #69
God picked her to lose. truthisfreedom Aug 2016 #70
No Michelle, people picked Trump, uneducated, white, males under 35 picked Trump. olddad56 Aug 2016 #71
God trolls Republicans again SwankyXomb Aug 2016 #73
and God picked Michele Bachmann to be one of tRump's insane followers 0rganism Aug 2016 #74
Yes, the God Nosoi. Eleanors38 Aug 2016 #78
.... Initech Aug 2016 #79
"God picked Trump to be the GOP nominee" ... If that's true, then: Martin Eden Aug 2016 #80
If by "god" she means dumbass GOP voters, she is not incorrect. Thor_MN Aug 2016 #81
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