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Fri Sep 16, 2016, 05:46 PM Sep 2016

Bernie Sanders: ‘This is not the time for a protest vote’ [View all]

Source: Washington Post

Anyone driving into Bernie Sanders's rally here, anyone with a radio tuned to ABC News, could hear the low-key voice of Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson. In 60-second radio spots, the former governor of New Mexico introduces himself as a pragmatist who, like most voters, resented a presidential choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

"Our economic challenges will be conquered not by force, but by cooperation and mutual respect," Johnson says in one of the ads. "For the independent majority of Americans who feel as I do, I say: Why wait one more day?"

At the rally itself, Sanders continued making the pitch he's been honing since he returned to the campaign trail: This isn't a year to vote third party. Mentioning Clinton's name sparingly, Sanders told several hundred voters — many still wearing gear from the Democratic primary — that their votes could stop the election of a Republican "who thinks climate change is a hoax."

Sanders, who was the most prominent independent in American politics even before his run, is gradually embracing a role as a third-party critic, a spoiler of the spoilers. As Democrats contemplate ways to tamp down a protest vote for Johnson, or for the Green Party's Jill Stein, Sanders is already arguing that anyone who voted for him would set the movement back by voting against Clinton. In an interview after the rally — the first in a three-state weekend tour for Democratic candidates — Sanders said that Democrats and the media need to focus on Clinton's actual policies more than they have been, in a campaign dominated by back-and-forths about Trump's gaffes.

Read more: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/09/16/bernie-sanders-this-is-not-the-time-for-a-protest-vote/

This election is turning into Bush vs. Gore 2.0. This time with historical context.
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Bernie is right on the money here! LovingA2andMI Sep 2016 #1
Huge K&R!!! Auggie Sep 2016 #2
In some ways, I think the "Bernie or Trump...er, Bust" people are worse than Trump supporters Rocknrule Sep 2016 #3
Johnson "cooperation and mutual respect" TexasBushwhacker Sep 2016 #4
Not a single one of my daughters friends are voting for Clinton. Xithras Sep 2016 #5
Blame Millennials for President Trump otohara Sep 2016 #6
These "Bern it down" people infuriate me Rocknrule Sep 2016 #7
Honestly nuke war is the least of my worries on trump yeoman6987 Sep 2016 #30
They are the left's version of the tea party. Their way or the highway...no compromise. redstatebluegirl Sep 2016 #32
It is normal for polls to be tied at this point in the election ColemanMaskell Sep 2016 #11
Hope You're Right - My Millennial Son otohara Sep 2016 #18
Snopes.com has debunking of anti-Hillary conspiracy theories. ColemanMaskell Sep 2016 #42
Nice - Thank You otohara Sep 2016 #44
So is it blame baby boomers for Reagan? yeoman6987 Sep 2016 #31
Yes They/We Were otohara Sep 2016 #33
Young voters are typically the least mature and lack a realistic understanding geek tragedy Sep 2016 #16
Your kid's friends are entitled morons Tarc Sep 2016 #47
Bernie is a good man. Lunabell Sep 2016 #8
This is so correct. I love Bernie. I wish we had had a chance to vote for him in 2000. marble falls Sep 2016 #9
A vote for stein or Johnson is a vote for trump Gothmog Sep 2016 #10
If a disaffected right-wing person votes for Johnson, that's voting against Trump. ColemanMaskell Sep 2016 #12
Only if you live in a relative handful of contested states. Coventina Sep 2016 #13
You are wrong-a vote for Johnson or Stein is a vote for Trump Gothmog Sep 2016 #17
Don't blame the criminal activity of the Republicans on voters. n/t Coventina Sep 2016 #19
Your post makes no sense whatsoever Gothmog Sep 2016 #20
I am not encouraging anyone to vote for a third party candidate. Coventina Sep 2016 #21
It makes a difference on the national popular vote which can be important as to mandates Gothmog Sep 2016 #22
That makes even less sense than your first argument. Coventina Sep 2016 #23
Why are you condoning or encouraging people to vote for Stein or Johnson Gothmog Sep 2016 #24
I am NOT condoning NOR encouraging people to vote for Stein or Johnson. Coventina Sep 2016 #25
I know how the electoral college works and I also know that a vote for Stein could elect trump Gothmog Sep 2016 #28
Why do you keep accusing me of motives and opinions I have specifically said I don't have? Coventina Sep 2016 #29
Re-read your own posts Gothmog Sep 2016 #36
You mean my posts where I say all Democrats should vote for Hillary? Coventina Sep 2016 #37
Re-read the OP-a vote for Stein or Johnson is a vote for Trump Gothmog Sep 2016 #38
Again, I never condoned nor excused voters voting for Stein or Johnson. Coventina Sep 2016 #39
You are claiming that people voting in non-battleground states do not matter Gothmog Sep 2016 #40
Fine, so we disagree on the issue of non-battleground states. Coventina Sep 2016 #41
But WAIT! Did you consider that a vote for Stein or Johnson is a vote for trump?! closeupready Sep 2016 #43
You move the goalposts of your initial premise both creatively and deftly. LanternWaste Sep 2016 #46
Interesting segue from Sanders' statement to the Libertarian candidate cprise Sep 2016 #14
Johnson Supports Citizens United Fer Christs Sake otohara Sep 2016 #34
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2016 #15
No shit!!!! mrsv Sep 2016 #26
I would like to see as many as possible votes for Hillary. She is the most Thinkingabout Sep 2016 #27
They will get it if Trump does get elected. texanwitch Sep 2016 #35
Someone needs to tell GHWB that bigwillq Sep 2016 #45
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