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People of Maine, throw off your illegitimate ruler! March on your Capital! Throw the bum out. TeamPooka Oct 2016 #1
I'm now picturing Che with a Maine accent saying "You Must Be Of Use"... Ken Burch Oct 2016 #30
Sure is, racist fuckwizz's should not be candidates Foggyhill Oct 2016 #2
Nutbag. nt onehandle Oct 2016 #3
He may have a point. ChairmanAgnostic Oct 2016 #4
You beat me to it. Maybe he didn't really win? They should check. Laser102 Oct 2016 #25
Republicans ALWAYS want it BOTH ways HAB911 Oct 2016 #5
Soooo, the GOP is Bi? ChairmanAgnostic Oct 2016 #26
I wish awoke_in_2003 Oct 2016 #32
If the voters in Maine are smart they will vote for proposal 5 on this ballot. It's for RCV. Snotcicles Oct 2016 #6
You know I will be voting for it. Hubby too! GreenPartyVoter Oct 2016 #7
You guys are so lucky. I wish we were voting on it here in Michigan. nt Snotcicles Oct 2016 #11
Hopefully we will all get something better than plurality voting someday! GreenPartyVoter Oct 2016 #21
absolutely voting for it! n/t mainer Oct 2016 #12
I have racked my brain to try and figure out why anybody would not want this option. Snotcicles Oct 2016 #14
Arguments against includei GreenPartyVoter Oct 2016 #15
How did this guy win? DrToast Oct 2016 #8
The Left split the vote both times, but we are trying to get ranked choice voting passed GreenPartyVoter Oct 2016 #9
Wouldn't an instant runoff system make more sense? SwankyXomb Oct 2016 #18
Same thing in this case. :^) GreenPartyVoter Oct 2016 #19
Louisiana has something similar and it's a disaster jmowreader Oct 2016 #28
Then he's not legit. Historic NY Oct 2016 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author kestrel91316 Oct 2016 #13
They way this works is Zing Zing Zingbah Oct 2016 #31
Well that would explain things up in Maine. PaulRevere08 Oct 2016 #16
He's the perfect poster boy for the perils of third party voting. tenderfoot Oct 2016 #17
In a plurality election, hence the push for election reform! GreenPartyVoter Oct 2016 #20
IDIOT Angry Dragon Oct 2016 #22
Er...WTF? Rex Oct 2016 #23
I echo your hate for LePage, TWICE, argh. downeastdaniel Oct 2016 #24
He's an effin' idjit. Gormy Cuss Oct 2016 #27
Thank Eliot Cutler for that disaster jmowreader Oct 2016 #29
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