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28. Louisiana has something similar and it's a disaster
Tue Oct 18, 2016, 07:35 PM
Oct 2016

What works really well is the Washington system: only the top two candidates, regardless of party, in the primary election go on to the general. This has put two Republicans on the general election ballot several times, but it beats the hell out of letting spoiler candidates put unmitigated disasters like Paul Le Page in office.

People of Maine, throw off your illegitimate ruler! March on your Capital! Throw the bum out. TeamPooka Oct 2016 #1
I'm now picturing Che with a Maine accent saying "You Must Be Of Use"... Ken Burch Oct 2016 #30
Sure is, racist fuckwizz's should not be candidates Foggyhill Oct 2016 #2
Nutbag. nt onehandle Oct 2016 #3
He may have a point. ChairmanAgnostic Oct 2016 #4
You beat me to it. Maybe he didn't really win? They should check. Laser102 Oct 2016 #25
Republicans ALWAYS want it BOTH ways HAB911 Oct 2016 #5
Soooo, the GOP is Bi? ChairmanAgnostic Oct 2016 #26
I wish awoke_in_2003 Oct 2016 #32
If the voters in Maine are smart they will vote for proposal 5 on this ballot. It's for RCV. Snotcicles Oct 2016 #6
You know I will be voting for it. Hubby too! GreenPartyVoter Oct 2016 #7
You guys are so lucky. I wish we were voting on it here in Michigan. nt Snotcicles Oct 2016 #11
Hopefully we will all get something better than plurality voting someday! GreenPartyVoter Oct 2016 #21
absolutely voting for it! n/t mainer Oct 2016 #12
I have racked my brain to try and figure out why anybody would not want this option. Snotcicles Oct 2016 #14
Arguments against includei GreenPartyVoter Oct 2016 #15
How did this guy win? DrToast Oct 2016 #8
The Left split the vote both times, but we are trying to get ranked choice voting passed GreenPartyVoter Oct 2016 #9
Wouldn't an instant runoff system make more sense? SwankyXomb Oct 2016 #18
Same thing in this case. :^) GreenPartyVoter Oct 2016 #19
Louisiana has something similar and it's a disaster jmowreader Oct 2016 #28
Then he's not legit. Historic NY Oct 2016 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author kestrel91316 Oct 2016 #13
They way this works is Zing Zing Zingbah Oct 2016 #31
Well that would explain things up in Maine. PaulRevere08 Oct 2016 #16
He's the perfect poster boy for the perils of third party voting. tenderfoot Oct 2016 #17
In a plurality election, hence the push for election reform! GreenPartyVoter Oct 2016 #20
IDIOT Angry Dragon Oct 2016 #22
Er...WTF? Rex Oct 2016 #23
I echo your hate for LePage, TWICE, argh. downeastdaniel Oct 2016 #24
He's an effin' idjit. Gormy Cuss Oct 2016 #27
Thank Eliot Cutler for that disaster jmowreader Oct 2016 #29
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