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Omaha Steve

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Sun Mar 26, 2017, 05:44 PM Mar 2017


Source: Newsweek


Bernie Sanders is returning to a key campaign promise and will introduce a single-payer healthcare bill in the wake of the Republicans' Obamacare replacement defeat.

The Vermont senator said Sunday that he was willing to work with both Democrats and Republicans to provide "insurance for all," two days after the GOP leadership's American Health Care Act was pulled from the House floor to avoid a legislative defeat. Sanders' support for a single-payer system was a centerpiece of his unsuccessful run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

"Where we should be going is to join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee healthcare to all people as a right," he said on CNN's "State of the Union."

Sanders' comments came a day after he told a crowd in Hardwick, Vermont, that Medicare-for-all is "a common sense proposal, and I think once the American people understand it, we can go forward with it,” according to Vermont Public Radio.

FULL story at link below.

Senator Bernie Sanders will introduce a bill that would establish single-payer, Medicare-for-all healthcare.

Read more: http://www.newsweek.com/bernie-sanders-sponsor-single-payer-healthcare-bill-574403

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Bernie's the Man! jalan48 Mar 2017 #1
All that is needed to get President Trump to support Single Payer GeoWilliam750 Mar 2017 #82
we should buy a commercial on Fox yurbud Mar 2017 #102
LOL-you make a good point. jalan48 Mar 2017 #103
The fact that the ACA is market based should do it IronLionZion Mar 2017 #122
I've said it a few days ago ... Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2017 #125
K & R! 50 Shades Of Blue Mar 2017 #2
K&R CentralMass Mar 2017 #3
He does this every year Recursion Mar 2017 #4
Good! 'Cause someone oughta! Where the hell are the actual Democrats? mpcamb Mar 2017 #35
Post removed Post removed Mar 2017 #69
True chwaliszewski Mar 2017 #70
The "real" world is what we make it Red Knight Mar 2017 #71
13 million (over 40%) say otherwise Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #73
Much of the "real world" already has what Bernie is asking bekkilyn Mar 2017 #90
Very true. Much of the real world does already have it. Amimnoch Mar 2017 #94
Now is the perfect time do it on the heels of the failed GOP bill. Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2017 #128
It is an interesting tactic, but who would support from their side? Amimnoch Mar 2017 #135
There were plenty of Trump voters. They had a panel of Trump voters, also ... Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2017 #144
No, almost no countries have national single payer systems Recursion Mar 2017 #97
No, many have both. Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2017 #129
Which is a national multi-payer system Recursion Mar 2017 #131
My father and uncle are doctors in France ... Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2017 #145
Yeah, that's what I meant: France is closest to that model Recursion Mar 2017 #147
We ALL live in the real world. Ken Burch Mar 2017 #98
"Be realistic. Demand the impossible!" 1968 Paris Anarchists Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2017 #130
"I will continue to be an impossible person as long as those who are now possible REMAIN possible." Ken Burch Mar 2017 #132
Nicely done! Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2017 #143
You do make some very compelling points Ken. Amimnoch Mar 2017 #137
We have a big mindset problem bekkilyn Mar 2017 #138
No one disputes that having a sympathetic president, congress, and state legislatures matters. Ken Burch Mar 2017 #139
NO NANCE. DAMMIT. *DEMAND* single payer, you MIGHT GET the Public OPTION. yodermon Mar 2017 #101
Some D's just won't support Berniecare Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #106
Sometimes I think moderate R's would pose less opposition bekkilyn Mar 2017 #115
We would never have had the New Deal if there hadn't been strong grassroots support for socialism... Ken Burch Mar 2017 #134
There's probably more pressing issues they're working on Blue_Tires Mar 2017 #140
Start bringing in the hospital organizations and various lobbies and I'll believe it's not just a Jonny Appleseed Mar 2017 #5
The "Stunt" is on-going Plucketeer Mar 2017 #25
I hope .... paleotn Mar 2017 #39
Yeah Plucketeer Mar 2017 #56
Canada doesn't have a system like Sanders is proposing Recursion Mar 2017 #100
That's nice Plucketeer Mar 2017 #105
In Canada we have The Health Act LiberalLovinLug Mar 2017 #118
The Health Act mandate has no teeth, though Recursion Mar 2017 #127
well, it is the law of the land LiberalLovinLug Mar 2017 #133
It's the HR676 bill he's going to introduce... Heartstrings Mar 2017 #6
202-224-3121 - congressional switchboard. Calling counts, since they count calls. JudyM Mar 2017 #7
Also emailing, faxing...anything! Heartstrings Mar 2017 #18
I absolutely love this bill, free healthcare for all HoneyBadger Mar 2017 #59
Please explain to me why Congress will act on this bill again? still_one Mar 2017 #153
This message was self-deleted by its author Chevy Mar 2017 #8
Considering that slightly more humbled_opinion Mar 2017 #9
The work insurance would probably become supplement to Medicare like my Blue Cross LiberalArkie Mar 2017 #12
*ditto* CountAllVotes Mar 2017 #14
+100 skylucy Mar 2017 #26
So do I! Voluntary, but True Blue American Mar 2017 #54
It just proves the power of the Unions CountAllVotes Mar 2017 #57
Why are their Mcare premiums so high? Mine are about a third of that. Stardust Mar 2017 #149
Medicare premiums are based on gross income CountAllVotes Mar 2017 #155
Yeah, my heart bleeds for them. Stardust Mar 2017 #159
One of these people does not mind paying the $300+ CountAllVotes Mar 2017 #160
This bill puts everyone residing in America into the union, but without the onerous dues HoneyBadger Mar 2017 #60
Perhaps not "onerous" but definitely dues... brooklynite Mar 2017 #75
For the most part from the top 5 percenters HoneyBadger Mar 2017 #83
I do believe the VA would be included in this as well... Heartstrings Mar 2017 #85
It would pretty much pay for itself ... Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2017 #142
Is it better than Obamacare or not? Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #107
Onerous dues? CountAllVotes Mar 2017 #104
Healthcare is a right HoneyBadger Mar 2017 #146
I worked a Union job for one reason: Benefits CountAllVotes Mar 2017 #156
LOL you pay for your supplemental humbled_opinion Mar 2017 #117
Business would love to not have to worry about providing health insurance... Talk Is Cheap Mar 2017 #13
If this is the plan he proposed during the primaries TexasBushwhacker Mar 2017 #37
Also, people could change jobs or start a business and not have to worry about... Talk Is Cheap Mar 2017 #41
Since it is free, you would eliminate Medicaid HoneyBadger Mar 2017 #61
They would likely role Medicaid into Medicare TexasBushwhacker Mar 2017 #68
Sounds more like defunding the Medis HoneyBadger Mar 2017 #84
Exactly!!! paleotn Mar 2017 #46
Some would, some would not. Some business use health insurance to keep employees from switching jobs PoliticAverse Mar 2017 #93
So - while we're #1 Plucketeer Mar 2017 #27
The incentive? paleotn Mar 2017 #43
Back when I was researching this, it was 32% overhead vs. 3% for Medicare. Fantastic Anarchist Mar 2017 #148
The incentive is the other half of Americans babylonsister Mar 2017 #88
It's the pro-business plan if you think about it IronLionZion Mar 2017 #121
Can't wait to call my reprepresentive regarding co-sponsoring Sienna86 Mar 2017 #10
YES!!! romanic Mar 2017 #11
Halle - freaking - luliah! rurallib Mar 2017 #15
Will He Get It Scored By the CBO? TomCADem Mar 2017 #16
Even if it never goes anywhere it's important to bring this option before the public... TheDebbieDee Mar 2017 #17
I love Bernie he speaks how i feel TEB Mar 2017 #19
Single Payer.....Bernie in the Senate democrank Mar 2017 #20
Hopefully others will jump on board and help kacekwl Mar 2017 #21
YES!!!!! Go Bernie! This is the best response to the defeat of AHCA nt riderinthestorm Mar 2017 #22
Finally watched SICKO yesterday. kacekwl Mar 2017 #23
Bingo. paleotn Mar 2017 #47
K&R myrna minx Mar 2017 #24
Bernie,........ Ferretherder Mar 2017 #28
good. dems need to control the agenda nt msongs Mar 2017 #29
and how are they going to do that when they do not control either house? still_one Mar 2017 #152
More to get it on the record Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Mar 2017 #30
I think he should go for it. hrmjustin Mar 2017 #31
Berniecare HoneyBadger Mar 2017 #32
Let's take note of any Dems who are against this and tell us, as some have: Ligyron Mar 2017 #33
It won't go anywhere, but it's important to keep proposing responsible health solutions. Honeycombe8 Mar 2017 #34
Recommended! beam me up scottie Mar 2017 #36
It's likely dead on arrival... NurseJackie Mar 2017 #38
And that's how to get it done! In my view. truebluegreen Mar 2017 #40
What's the point if compromise is off the table? NurseJackie Mar 2017 #42
What a buzz kill... LakeArenal Mar 2017 #45
No kidding...way too much negativity Heartstrings Mar 2017 #66
Reality frequently is... brooklynite Mar 2017 #76
What I commented on is not reality LakeArenal Mar 2017 #77
Yes it is. It also can be changed over time Tom Rinaldo Mar 2017 #99
Where the negotiations start from.... paleotn Mar 2017 #49
LOL truebluegreen Mar 2017 #51
The point shows the American public Democrats are fighting FDRsGhost Mar 2017 #87
Why would that be, it is such a good idea, so simple HoneyBadger Mar 2017 #53
C'mon man...stop with the negativity! Heartstrings Mar 2017 #63
With a republican majority in the Senate, will it make it out of committee, or even be considered? George II Mar 2017 #65
You mean that majority that just lost on healthcare? babylonsister Mar 2017 #89
in a Republican run congress, ya think? It is a plan proposed that shows liberals have solutions JCanete Mar 2017 #74
Just like any chance of a Trump presidency IronLionZion Mar 2017 #123
Thanks Bernie! FailureToCommunicate Mar 2017 #44
Now is the time. The momentum is with improving our health care system. Tatiana Mar 2017 #48
I love it. MissMillie Mar 2017 #50
Right on Langkous Mar 2017 #52
You go, Bernie! Beartracks Mar 2017 #55
Is Sanders reintroducing S.1782 (American Health Security Act of 2013) lapucelle Mar 2017 #58
No HoneyBadger Mar 2017 #64
As of yet, there is no related Senate Bill for HR.676. lapucelle Mar 2017 #86
HR 676 has always been the best bill. Keeping the dream alive. harun Mar 2017 #109
Sanders was a co-sponser of HR.676 in 2003 lapucelle Mar 2017 #141
What America needs more of, Our elected Senators introducing bills to improve healthcare system! Sunlei Mar 2017 #62
Very direct, Bernie's MO: potential solution to a problem, not helping line others' pockets. JudyM Mar 2017 #92
Few elected even have the ability to propose bills, each elected should propose as many as possible. Sunlei Mar 2017 #95
Yeah, it's a heart-melter for me too. JudyM Mar 2017 #96
Bernie tells it like it is. Lunabell Mar 2017 #67
Love me some Bernie! chwaliszewski Mar 2017 #72
GO BERNIE GO! Bayard Mar 2017 #78
K&R. dchill Mar 2017 #79
Woot! Mme. Defarge Mar 2017 #80
Striking while the iron is hot! LompocDem Mar 2017 #81
K&R demmiblue Mar 2017 #91
K&R Now's a great time to push for what's right. Kimchijeon Mar 2017 #108
And a Senator can do this how? WinkyDink Mar 2017 #110
Government 101: How a Bill Becomes Law Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #111
Even better: demmiblue Mar 2017 #112
+1 (nt) bekkilyn Mar 2017 #116
You want congress and the senate to get serious about this? Perseus Mar 2017 #113
...and how do you implement THIS? brooklynite Mar 2017 #114
See replies #111 & #112 Omaha Steve Mar 2017 #120
Aren't congress members required to have Obamacare? I thought that was part of the ACA. Stardust Mar 2017 #150
Yes, IS already law that Congress is on Obamacare- they sign up through a DC insurance exchange wishstar Mar 2017 #154
Whoa! Thank you for that information. I had no idea, but should have known. Stardust Mar 2017 #158
So we spent $2 trillion dollars to further entrench a broken system with the ACA.. MadDAsHell Mar 2017 #119
Does he have a Senate version of Conyers' HR 676? IronLionZion Mar 2017 #124
Bernie's plan to pay for it: IronLionZion Mar 2017 #126
Thanks for posting this! Good info. JudyM Mar 2017 #136
That is good, but would someone explain to me how the bill wil be acted upone when the still_one Mar 2017 #151
The point is to keep it active and in the forefront of people's minds. bekkilyn Mar 2017 #157
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