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I saw that. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2017 #1
PRICELESS. Here it is. She almost busts out laughing, seems to me. L. Coyote Aug 2017 #6
She did. greatauntoftriplets Aug 2017 #8
Reminds me of the FCC storyline from Studio 60: Saviolo Aug 2017 #23
What's amazing is he puts Mexico first and these Gingersnap etc. insult him for it. Justice Aug 2017 #19
Plus, clueless that he is the past president. L. Coyote Aug 2017 #20
good for him! Maybe that will get the dummy's attention rurallib Aug 2017 #2
He's saying what we all feel! Squinch Aug 2017 #3
Ain't THAT the truth. eom SusanaMontana41 Aug 2017 #27
I hope so! Flaleftist Aug 2017 #4
Wait... Trump told him not to say that!! Chakaconcarne Aug 2017 #5
The outright audacity and insanity of suggesting Mexico pay for OUR wall... yallerdawg Aug 2017 #7
He's got a great sense of humor - here is a video he did about a month ago: George II Aug 2017 #9
!! handmade34 Aug 2017 #22
Holy shit! That was focking awesome! SunSeeker Aug 2017 #36
Why?????? mgardener Aug 2017 #10
This message was self-deleted by its author Pacifist Patriot Aug 2017 #12
Besides on the campaign... LakeArenal Aug 2017 #13
And we know what was said anyway Bradical79 Aug 2017 #14
Don't swear, but it's ok to show someone getting horrifically murdered. Oneironaut Aug 2017 #16
I'll help, Mr Trump- Mexicos Leaders & their people have said a million times-"NOT PAYING FOR WALL" Sunlei Aug 2017 #11
The Fox News viewers are probably clutching their pearls and falling into their fainting couches. Oneironaut Aug 2017 #15
He said foking wall, FCC. mobeau69 Aug 2017 #17
Focking wall, right? As in the movie Meet the Fockers. SunSeeker Aug 2017 #35
That's it, focking wall. Thanks for the spelling help! mobeau69 Aug 2017 #38
Vincente Fox was the originator of the hash tag NastyRiffraff Aug 2017 #18
Complain to the FCC. Make faux pay the maximum fine. truthisfreedom Aug 2017 #21
FCC doesn't regulate CNN. mwooldri Aug 2017 #39
Oh, yes. Her first reaction was to bite her cheeks so she didn't bust out laughing. Grammy23 Aug 2017 #24
Mr. Fox spells it, eShirl Aug 2017 #25
Once you have elected the pussy-grabber to be your leader, 6000eliot Aug 2017 #26
Hey, Alisyn Camerota! PJMcK Aug 2017 #28
I'd much rather have him as our president! Initech Aug 2017 #29
Last year I saw a piece wherein he said the same, but maybe it was not shown live at that time. n/t John1956PA Aug 2017 #30
He's put together a few videos that are on youtube. See post #9 for his "fucken wall" video. George II Aug 2017 #31
Thanks! I enjoy his emphatic delivery of that line. (This is my 1,000th post!) n/t John1956PA Aug 2017 #32
You'd better quit posting so often!!! blaze Aug 2017 #34
Vicente Fox has excellent... 3catwoman3 Aug 2017 #33
Oh, I WISH I had cable when this stuff happens! raven mad Aug 2017 #37
Love Vicente Fox. Hieronymus Aug 2017 #40
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