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Bald white male with multiple guns!? villager Aug 2012 #1
You mean this guy? grahamhgreen Aug 2012 #10
That is a rifle... Keefer Aug 2012 #29
Nah! He never shot a man he didn't like n/t nichomachus Aug 2012 #50
Wayne LaPierre (on the left) began as a legislative aide to Democratic Virginia Delegate Vic Thomas AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #97
Yeah, it's probably a perfect time to join the pro-gun culture Doctor_J Aug 2012 #173
Bill Clinton seems to have some expertise. AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #176
Obama has pandered to the NRA Doctor_J Aug 2012 #181
Although mentioning "the NRA" is a dog-whistle to some, it has no effect on me because AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #183
The guy on the right looks like he is already fantasizing about being alone with that gun. RC Aug 2012 #98
Well, those are definitely domestic terrorists... villager Aug 2012 #131
Local Police Scanner link Whoa_Nelly Aug 2012 #2
Thanks for the link. nt CJCRANE Aug 2012 #71
Another Moment of Silence - Guns otohara Aug 2012 #3
Sikhs believe in the brotherhood of man, and equality of all. The shooter must have seen his turban, alfredo Aug 2012 #4
That was my 1st thought. JohnnyRingo Aug 2012 #57
+1 eom BlueMTexpat Aug 2012 #59
Ignorance and a gun is a bad mix. alfredo Aug 2012 #114
how about sisterhood of women? Skittles Aug 2012 #125
Equality of women in Sikhism GliderGuider Aug 2012 #155
In their case brotherhood includes both genders. alfredo Aug 2012 #171
My thoughts and prayers Smilo Aug 2012 #5
The perpetrator probably mistook it for a mosque slackmaster Aug 2012 #6
Regardless of the shooter possibly making any associative mistakes Whoa_Nelly Aug 2012 #14
Or something equally dumb. AlbertCat Aug 2012 #20
$100 that this guy is a wingnut bigot who mistook Sikhs for Muslims. Odin2005 Aug 2012 #7
Yep. (nt) Posteritatis Aug 2012 #9
That's probably a given. Although it's also possible he just thought anyone non-Christian & foreign scarletwoman Aug 2012 #18
I remember after 9/11 hearing that a lot of Sikhs were harassed... Odin2005 Aug 2012 #24
A Sikh man was murdered right after 9/11. yardwork Aug 2012 #52
In Texas an idiot shot a gas station owner right after 9/11 Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2012 #54
I believe another was killed in Phoenix, too. GoCubsGo Aug 2012 #101
i think that guy was executed a couple of years ago or even more recently nt arely staircase Aug 2012 #140
Yup... Spitfire of ATJ Aug 2012 #148
i think one of the guys he shot but survived said he didn't think he should be executed JI7 Aug 2012 #151
crap like that happened in my city... madrchsod Aug 2012 #110
Easy bet. sarge43 Aug 2012 #22
My bet on that one would be "first talking head to appear, period." (nt) Posteritatis Aug 2012 #23
Not going to bet against that harun Aug 2012 #34
And hates women and children apparently. lonestarnot Aug 2012 #66
+1 Shankapotomus Aug 2012 #73
That's an interesting description of the perp TheCowsCameHome Aug 2012 #8
It's pretty mcuh a stereotype, innit? Odin2005 Aug 2012 #16
Another 'if the shoe fits' situation, I suspect. TheCowsCameHome Aug 2012 #17
Stereotyping is a basic cognitive process, helps us function in unfamiliar contexts, like a patrice Aug 2012 #113
That's horrific. I hope they find the perp. No doubt he has a trial of rants online they can trace. progressivebydesign Aug 2012 #11
"Disgruntled white men" = racist AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #51
Um Okay. You're right.. there are NO angry white men who blame people of other races. n/t progressivebydesign Aug 2012 #61
Wrong. In fact, I think that "angry white men who blame people of other races" can be KKK members AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #84
Us poor maligned white guys. UnrepentantLiberal Aug 2012 #62
Well, it's not all bad. Nor are white guys always maligned. Some religious worshippers belief that AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #104
FAIL. Going postal on your ex-supervisor != emptying a gun into a place of worship. KamaAina Aug 2012 #78
Um, FAIL yourself. "Disgruntled white men" != either "Going postal on your ex-supervisor" or AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #83
thank you. nicely put. n/t progressivebydesign Aug 2012 #116
Oh boy. I am appalled at this. mysuzuki2 Aug 2012 #12
There is a Sikh who lives in my apartment building. Odin2005 Aug 2012 #28
My god. Le Taz Hot Aug 2012 #13
Police scanner reporting fires breaking out in the temple Whoa_Nelly Aug 2012 #15
Abandoned food burning on the stove, according to the scanner. Adsos Letter Aug 2012 #27
Thanks EOM Whoa_Nelly Aug 2012 #35
du rec. nt xchrom Aug 2012 #19
Say a prayer. Don C. Nuttin Aug 2012 #21
What a conversation! AlbertCat Aug 2012 #25
An unfathomable event, indeed. Don C. Nuttin Aug 2012 #36
And I certainly do not elevate my prayers to the level of God's wisdom. AlbertCat Aug 2012 #42
Peace. Don C. Nuttin Aug 2012 #46
They are indeed the same G-d azurnoir Aug 2012 #90
"the same G-d"? A male bipod who looks just like us? Except for being invisible? AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #99
actually that depiction G-d is from Christianity azurnoir Aug 2012 #117
Interesting. AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #122
I think it is the Jesus thing azurnoir Aug 2012 #128
And (I'm not making this up) Mormons apparently believe that Satan is the brother of Jesus. AnotherMcIntosh Aug 2012 #134
The joy is that we can regularly have these conversations in this country exboyfil Aug 2012 #108
Maybe Shiva, the Hindu God of Destruction, was listening? (Shiva is the God coalition_unwilling Aug 2012 #161
As-Samia (All Hearing) harun Aug 2012 #38
Thank you. Don C. Nuttin Aug 2012 #39
Post removed Post removed Aug 2012 #48
Peace. Don C. Nuttin Aug 2012 #55
No thank you harun Aug 2012 #103
I believe God hears all prayers DesertRat Aug 2012 #85
well you and your Sikh 'friend' are wrong very wrong azurnoir Aug 2012 #86
Well, okay. Don C. Nuttin Aug 2012 #91
Sikhs are not mentioned in the Quran because Sikhs emerged in the 15th century azurnoir Aug 2012 #95
Sikhs do not worship the Abrahamic god. independentpiney Aug 2012 #120
it's not the guns 2pooped2pop Aug 2012 #26
I tend to agree with you twizzler Aug 2012 #32
......because those ragheads did 9-11...... kestrel91316 Aug 2012 #138
Totally agree twizzler Aug 2012 #149
How many people could that guy take down at once with a knife or bat before being tackled? progressivebydesign Aug 2012 #41
+ One billion. Zoeisright Aug 2012 #56
Guns are people, my friend! Plucketeer Aug 2012 #82
I think a can of gasoline and some matches would do DBoon Aug 2012 #92
I'd rather take my chances with the can of gas primavera Aug 2012 #146
Yes, but it's the ease and convenience of weapons that are the issue. progressivebydesign Aug 2012 #162
There are conflicting reports that there are 2 gunmen holding hostages DisgustipatedinCA Aug 2012 #30
Wouldn't be the first time. ForgoTheConsequence Aug 2012 #31
"Reports indicate 12 Children being held Hostage by Militia Men in Sikh Temple" Comrade_McKenzie Aug 2012 #33
Meanwhile the headline on Drudge? ForgoTheConsequence Aug 2012 #37
and yet the gun industry and gun culture rolls on and on Botany Aug 2012 #40
Oh but guns are sooo SEXY (barf) Every video, movie, tv show, that features guns glamorizes them. progressivebydesign Aug 2012 #43
Bottom line is that it is RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE. bluedigger Aug 2012 #47
It's easier to attack the 2nd amendment LadyHawkAZ Aug 2012 #64
a violent gun-worshipping society makes hate much more deadly DBoon Aug 2012 #93
It's a cruel irony that a fundamental tenet of Sikhism is respect for all religions .... TahitiNut Aug 2012 #106
Sorry, but there are intolerant people EVERYWHERE, but the US is the place where they use guns progressivebydesign Aug 2012 #118
Cue the NRA to blame the person, his mother, and bad aiming Heather MC Aug 2012 #65
And the fact that the Sikh's didn't arm themselves properly Doctor_J Aug 2012 #174
That photo makes me sick Jessy169 Aug 2012 #80
Why? Did they have anything to do with this crime? n/t PavePusher Aug 2012 #87
yes Care Acutely Aug 2012 #121
+1 LadyHawkAZ Aug 2012 #127
In an indirect way, I believe yes, they did Jessy169 Aug 2012 #139
Obviously, we don't know the motivation for this shooting but... RedStateLiberal Aug 2012 #44
I'm noticing the same thing. The chickens are coming home to roost. yardwork Aug 2012 #133
he shot a cop too. this is on cnn live right now IcyPeas Aug 2012 #45
Officer shot, will survive ... auntAgonist Aug 2012 #49
Sure are alot of PEOPLE killing lately.. iamthebandfanman Aug 2012 #53
yep, we're on track for a record year of mass shootings Jessy169 Aug 2012 #144
Prove to me that you didn't just make something up and post it slackmaster Aug 2012 #169
Well.. in the past four years, an astronomical number of guns have been sold in America. progressivebydesign Aug 2012 #163
In spite of the fear-mongering, murders and other violent crimes have decreased for the past 4 years slackmaster Aug 2012 #167
K&R, sadly. WorseBeforeBetter Aug 2012 #58
If only Shadowflash Aug 2012 #60
Well, their (ceremonial) daggers are pretty useless against semi-automatic handguns. TahitiNut Aug 2012 #88
Even if he hadn't had a gun, JoeyT Aug 2012 #172
=More dead bodies gasser85 Aug 2012 #130
Yup. Shadowflash Aug 2012 #132
Another Christian Terrorist! citizen blues Aug 2012 #63
Nothing Christian about slaughter of the unarmed. Just nutfuckerian. lonestarnot Aug 2012 #69
CNN says UnrepentantLiberal Aug 2012 #67
Police: Officer at Sikh temple shooting "put down" 1 shooter; no word on shooter's condition Whoa_Nelly Aug 2012 #68
Just more guns used for their intended purpose. nt onehandle Aug 2012 #70
Ignore the gun psychos, onehandle. slackmaster Aug 2012 #76
New York Times reports seven dead. Hissyspit Aug 2012 #72
6 victims dead, plus 1 gunman dead kestrel91316 Aug 2012 #74
Live feed at link: Ruby the Liberal Aug 2012 #75
Press release from the Indian embassy: kestrel91316 Aug 2012 #77
4 hours in and still nothing on Drudge. ForgoTheConsequence Aug 2012 #79
Skinhead? BootinUp Aug 2012 #81
I can hardly handle this--very close to where I live & I know some who worship here! :-( hue Aug 2012 #89
hundreds of miles away handmade34 Aug 2012 #94
My new next door neighbor came over to see if our Dish was working. revolution breeze Aug 2012 #105
(((RB))) nt blaze Aug 2012 #150
Hopefully you didn't let him tune to Fox Lies Doctor_J Aug 2012 #177
My satellite was out too revolution breeze Aug 2012 #189
Even money he's a teabagging Michelle Bachmann groupie. Archae Aug 2012 #96
More likely a member or wannbe of the Aryan Nation EOM Whoa_Nelly Aug 2012 #100
Whatever he was, he's dead now and no longer a threat. alfredo Aug 2012 #115
Prayers upon prayers to everyone there Iliyah Aug 2012 #102
Yep. Mass murder has become that gun industry lobby's best money making scheme. onehandle Aug 2012 #107
McVeigh didn't use a gun. Archae Aug 2012 #111
And there hasn't been another McVeigh in 17 years Doctor_J Aug 2012 #178
Are you calling me a moron? Archae Aug 2012 #179
The Sikhs amongst my acquaintences are absolutely hands down the most peaceful people I know. patrice Aug 2012 #109
Seven dead. So, how many more need to die before we address gun control? AtomicKitten Aug 2012 #112
How many more need to die before you address GOP control? GliderGuider Aug 2012 #124
You and us both primavera Aug 2012 #142
Before we address racism? Before we address religious hatred? LadyHawkAZ Aug 2012 #129
Those too primavera Aug 2012 #147
Yes, but that's what I was saying LadyHawkAZ Aug 2012 #153
Gun control would be a hell of a lot easier than curing ignorance, extremism, and bigotry. AtomicKitten Aug 2012 #154
Indeed. LadyHawkAZ Aug 2012 #156
Again. 7 humans dead by the existence of the GOP. BanTheGOP Aug 2012 #119
Would you stop making the same stupid-ass post Codeine Aug 2012 #145
Methinks he's both, liberalhistorian Aug 2012 #160
troll for sure, i thought he had been banned JI7 Aug 2012 #165
Crime rates have been falling for almost 20 years. The last four years are no different. slackmaster Aug 2012 #168
Nah, we don't need anymore gun control ... WTF MindMover Aug 2012 #123
Kick! n/t Tx4obama Aug 2012 #126
" A sikh must have the courage to defend the rights of all who are wrongfully brewens Aug 2012 #135
I pretty much guarantee you he did. I wonder what his FR handle was? kestrel91316 Aug 2012 #141
A moment of silence, please, for the victims of this senseless act of gun violence primavera Aug 2012 #136
FBI and ATF at a home in Cudahy, neighborhood being evacuated. kestrel91316 Aug 2012 #137
Stoopit journalist on the live feed asked what "domestic terrorism" was. kestrel91316 Aug 2012 #143
OMG get the red out Aug 2012 #152
She talked like a fresh young news babe. kestrel91316 Aug 2012 #159
This is so sad... Kalidurga Aug 2012 #157
Well, I can see that everyone will have to give up their freedom to remain safe.... lib2DaBone Aug 2012 #158
I think people would do it too which scares me more than anything. Mojorabbit Aug 2012 #164
By "give up their right to be safe", Doctor_J Aug 2012 #182
So how do you propose to get rid of those 200 million guns? friendly_iconoclast Aug 2012 #184
how do you propose to stop the shooting rampages? Doctor_J Aug 2012 #185
How about single payer health care with mental health coverage? nt hack89 Aug 2012 #186
about as likely as the gun ban the NRA is screaming about Doctor_J Aug 2012 #187
If you could devote your time and effort to health care or gun control which would you pick? hack89 Aug 2012 #188
It's hard to not come to the conclusion that this was a deranged act of hate davidpdx Aug 2012 #166
An interesting freeper post... sufrommich Aug 2012 #170
Something nearly identical has been or will be posted in the gungeon Doctor_J Aug 2012 #175
Of *course* they are, because no Real Progressives (TM) disagree with you! friendly_iconoclast Aug 2012 #180
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