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Where are these ads in some sort of vault? GusBob Sep 2017 #1
Gus, we'll see them. kstewart33 Sep 2017 #3
Post removed Post removed Sep 2017 #18
Putin plays both sides. Cracklin Charlie Sep 2017 #20
Message auto-removed Name removed Sep 2017 #61
TO DIVIDE US. the russians wanted to divide the democratic vote trueblue2007 Sep 2017 #23
They didn't actually "back" Sanders or Stein. ananda Sep 2017 #29
Exactly, they perceived ANYTHING that helped either Sanders or Stein, HURT Hillary and they were Eliot Rosewater Sep 2017 #52
You are right of course Kimchijeon Sep 2017 #57
I'm not implying anything. kstewart33 Sep 2017 #44
LOL snooper2 Sep 2017 #48
You're not crying "fake news", are you? Pugster Sep 2017 #7
Please GusBob Sep 2017 #10
LOL, and their bots didn't have an impact at all...Fake support snooper2 Sep 2017 #49
I have an app that hides ADS on facebook (FB Purity) so I don't see any! m-lekktor Sep 2017 #11
I saw and ignored them and i didnt let it distract me from voting for the party nom Fullduplexxx Sep 2017 #54
Facebook put the rubles in the bank. Hope this ends Presidential aspirations for Zuckerberg. sarcasmo Sep 2017 #2
ANY political aspirations for Zuckerberg. democratisphere Sep 2017 #4
I've been thinking that for days. eom Control-Z Sep 2017 #5
Unless he runs as a Republican Orrex Sep 2017 #6
Well, if Putin supports him he's got a shot. nt TeamPooka Sep 2017 #15
Weakening our minds with fuzzy logic and unease bucolic_frolic Sep 2017 #8
Not shocked. I wouldn't be surprised if there were more to come rockfordfile Sep 2017 #9
Just the tip of the iceberg 4now Sep 2017 #12
The tip of the Zuckerberg? 24601 Sep 2017 #60
Are major news networks influenced by Facebook & Twitter trends? KY_EnviroGuy Sep 2017 #13
What you see trending on Twitter is driven by bots. L. Coyote Sep 2017 #22
Coyote: Thanks, but what I'm asking is different. KY_EnviroGuy Sep 2017 #24
Good questions. I'm not sure if twitter/facebook Ilsa Sep 2017 #31
One of my thoughts was... KY_EnviroGuy Sep 2017 #56
All of the major networks picked it up, along with print media: Ilsa Sep 2017 #35
So many partial face pics. nt Ilsa Sep 2017 #34
And none name names. These are obvious bots all forgetting the same link in the same instant, so L. Coyote Sep 2017 #41
Ha ha ha! To think of the people who doubted it when it was speculated. Jackasses. Stand and Fight Sep 2017 #14
Many here and elsewhere predicted this. I think it will get worse. MADem Sep 2017 #16
It was a coup and we had treason Botany Sep 2017 #17
I believe your statement is true. Ilsa Sep 2017 #33
Both Ryan and McConnell were involved too. Botany Sep 2017 #38
Yep, and the comments about campaign money assistance Ilsa Sep 2017 #39
Yep Botany Sep 2017 #40
The US Constitution defines treason as well as the standard of proof. 24601 Sep 2017 #59
Yep. dalton99a Sep 2017 #37
So what's the 'modus operendi' behind this ''revelation" ? More decisiveness for progressives? YOHABLO Sep 2017 #19
i'll bet 80% of those ads piggybacked 30 years of talk radio certainot Sep 2017 #21
allowing money to rule politics is the biggest reason for the russian interference mdbl Sep 2017 #25
Divide and conquer. Russia's geopolitical strategy. DetlefK Sep 2017 #26
Bernie and Russia? Not Ruth Sep 2017 #27
No. It was just to drive bernie voters to Dotard. Ilsa Sep 2017 #32
Of course they did get the red out Sep 2017 #28
Good that is coming out. Many of us knew it and not that surprised. Madam45for2923 Sep 2017 #30
Will Mueller expand his investigation to include hughee99 Sep 2017 #36
Did Sanders' team meet with Russians for intel on HRC? progressoid Sep 2017 #42
I don't know. If the ads were evidence of collusion, hughee99 Sep 2017 #43
They are evidence of interference, not collusion. progressoid Sep 2017 #46
So you don't think anyone should look into it? Nt hughee99 Sep 2017 #50
Look into what? progressoid Sep 2017 #55
Bernie? No. kstewart33 Sep 2017 #45
If Mueller questions Stein, shouldn't he question Sanders too? hughee99 Sep 2017 #51
A misconception abt Russia's election dilly tallying,,,,,, Cryptoad Sep 2017 #47
I think they invented the 'Comes With Republican Fascist Clown Leader Special' just for us. n/t crosinski Sep 2017 #62
Dems fall for russian propaganda? Fullduplexxx Sep 2017 #53
Yes BainsBane Sep 2017 #58
"There is no indication Stein, Sanders or Trump was aware of the advertisements," lindysalsagal Sep 2017 #63
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