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13. None of this is surprising. Of course he doesn't know what the 25th amendment is. Why would he?
Wed Oct 11, 2017, 03:34 PM
Oct 2017

This is all classic trump. It's predictable. Endorsing Strange was his downfall. For normal politicians it wouldn't be but for 45 it's not surprising. Great read.

Recommend N_E_1 for Tennis Oct 2017 #1
Wow. Article also says Bannon warned Trump he could be removed via 25th Amendment, and Bannon highplainsdem Oct 2017 #2
Do remeber that story. Wellstone ruled Oct 2017 #7
I hope the rest of us have murielm99 Oct 2017 #9
He said, "What's that?" The fucking president of the United States of American Maraya1969 Oct 2017 #57
That is also what he asked when an aide told him he shouldn't keep tblue37 Oct 2017 #71
He said his IQ was high.lol SummerSnow Oct 2017 #74
nice analysis and opinion piece nt msongs Oct 2017 #3
It doesn't matter who is the chief of staff, Iliyah Oct 2017 #4
Comrade Chaos (n/t) PJMcK Oct 2017 #49
But at least Kelly is able to block Omarosa's easy access to Trump. nt tblue37 Oct 2017 #72
Everyone around him is propping him up and covering their asses bigbrother05 Oct 2017 #93
No doubt they all HATE him just the same.. so... vkkv Oct 2017 #5
He's the best... orangecrush Oct 2017 #6
They are covering this story on MSNBC right now. BigmanPigman Oct 2017 #10
Thanks orangecrush Oct 2017 #17
++++ Agree iluvtennis Oct 2017 #29
Those are great. Love the Russian doll ones. Maraya1969 Oct 2017 #58
nice work, BigmanPigman NJCher Oct 2017 #62
Thanks you. I have been making pins, BigmanPigman Oct 2017 #63
Laughing my head off NJCher Oct 2017 #69
I love that gif! smirkymonkey Oct 2017 #20
Psst, Donny, I heard Pence was talking smack about you behind your back IronLionZion Oct 2017 #8
What happened to Ivanka Scarsdale Oct 2017 #12
Ever since there were reports that they may also be in trouble with Mueller LiberalLovinLug Oct 2017 #26
Demoted. lark Oct 2017 #34
It's amazing how quickly and quietly it happened. Afromania Oct 2017 #42
"Kushner is totally MIA,having completely failed to accomplish anything at all" onetexan Oct 2017 #65
Wasn't he supposed to bring peace to the Middle East? Oh wait he failed. SummerSnow Oct 2017 #75
that's about right, he's the Messiah's second coming onetexan Oct 2017 #80
Ivanka's at a conference with her crush, Justin sweetroxie Oct 2017 #47
Can't blame her for that! NastyRiffraff Oct 2017 #51
She's going to have to fight Melania for him. smirkymonkey Oct 2017 #59
Well, if they're going to use the 25th to get rid of him, they better do it fast! Texin Oct 2017 #11
He didn't used to want military parades, he still does. lark Oct 2017 #35
None of this is surprising. Of course he doesn't know what the 25th amendment is. Why would he? RAFisher Oct 2017 #13
📣Twenty five forty five! 📣Twenty five forty five! 📣Twenty five.... n/t sprinkleeninow Oct 2017 #18
"unravel"! ha! as if he was ever ravelled in the first place! unblock Oct 2017 #14
Omg, get out of my head! Beartracks Oct 2017 #67
we are deep trouble bdamomma Oct 2017 #15
Trump only thinks in terms.... SergeStorms Oct 2017 #50
Trump is a SOLIPSIST, not a narcissist. Dave Starsky Oct 2017 #60
Solipsist saidsimplesimon Oct 2017 #76
So just resign already, you fucking child. BlueStater Oct 2017 #16
exactly bdamomma Oct 2017 #52
Here's the new White House hat design - everybody gets one FakeNoose Oct 2017 #78
Never should have let Obama Derangement Syndrome take hold CakeGrrl Oct 2017 #19
Not sure we'll be able to tell the difference -nt Bradical79 Oct 2017 #21
quite honestly, it sounds as if he has dementia or at least the beginnings of it. Javaman Oct 2017 #22
Yep. :( ffr Oct 2017 #24
My theory LittleGirl Oct 2017 #44
I imagine then, with as weak as tRump is, he would have committed suicide had he lost the GE ffr Oct 2017 #23
Don't feel like the Lone Ranger, trump. Paladin Oct 2017 #25
Of all the places it's Al Abama that may be the tipping point. underpants Oct 2017 #27
Warning bells! ffr Oct 2017 #28
Jesus H. Christ. This sounds just like Hitler when he was in the bunker, late April 1945 catbyte Oct 2017 #30
Is anyone surprised that the madman on the campaign trail turns out to be the madman in the W.H.? Honeycombe8 Oct 2017 #31
Unraveling? johnp3907 Oct 2017 #32
I was just going to write that! ailsagirl Oct 2017 #87
I told you he'd go full Howard Hughes by the end of his first year! Initech Oct 2017 #33
'He saw the cult of personality was broken.' Hugin Oct 2017 #36
Here's advice he should have heeded Danascot Oct 2017 #37
Hey Donald; Ever wonder if any of your staff are wearing a wire for Mueller? brooklynite Oct 2017 #38
All Mr Trump has to do to become more popular with Americans is STOP letting Republicans & 'Aids' Sunlei Oct 2017 #39
Finally, something to brighten my day. TheCowsCameHome Oct 2017 #40
tRump is headed for his Captain Queeg moment. Grammy23 Oct 2017 #41
IS unraveling? RoBear Oct 2017 #43
Is requesting a 10-fold increase in nukes.... tomp Oct 2017 #45
Sounds like the money and support has decided to go...elsewhere. Solly Mack Oct 2017 #46
Trump has never had to work before. SergeStorms Oct 2017 #48
Au contraire! says Matt Schlapp DeminPennswoods Oct 2017 #53
Hey Donnie...the feeling is mutual (nt) NeoGreen Oct 2017 #54
So will he stamp his feet and shake his little fists and yell real loud? ginnyinWI Oct 2017 #55
Trump has access to the nukes. PatrickforO Oct 2017 #56
He was never raveled... nt. Thor_MN Oct 2017 #61
On that we agree, Mr. President. sandensea Oct 2017 #64
Finally, something we can agree on RainCaster Oct 2017 #90
The whole world hates you, worthless asshole dalton99a Oct 2017 #66
Scared yet? raven mad Oct 2017 #68
Republicans back this "I Hate Everyone" President- FIX THIS DISASTER, HURRY UP REPUBLICANS! Sunlei Oct 2017 #70
I hate everyone in the WH too. and more so, I HATE having to pay for them to continue niyad Oct 2017 #73
" I hate everyone in the WH, too." 3catwoman3 Oct 2017 #81
and he called the WH a 'dump'!! Just leave the WH you widdle crybaby! riversedge Oct 2017 #77
Geez, I finally BillyBobBrilliant Oct 2017 #79
lol, so do I! never thought I'd agree with tRump, my hatred extends to him more than anyone else diane in sf Oct 2017 #82
Something we agree on RainCaster Oct 2017 #83
If we translate it into Gollum speak it comes out roughly like cstanleytech Oct 2017 #84
Hey I hate EVERYONE in the White House starting at the top. usaf-vet Oct 2017 #85
Self-proclaimed great Christian has hate in his heart? czarjak Oct 2017 #86
GOOD! Then get the HELL out!!! ailsagirl Oct 2017 #88
and take your stinking swamp with you! riversedge Oct 2017 #89
Duty to Warn: He will continue to get worse. pat_k Oct 2017 #91
Funny thing. BobTheSubgenius Oct 2017 #92
When was he raveled? Hasn't he always been an ignorant, bombastic, spoiled trust fund baby? yurbud Oct 2017 #94
So do I! WinkyDink Oct 2017 #95
Something in common. JeaneRaye Oct 2017 #96
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