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56. This is a plea deal in disguise
Tue Mar 26, 2019, 02:29 PM
Mar 2019

Last edited Sun Jul 14, 2024, 11:05 AM - Edit history (37)

Innocent, exonerated, and otherwise pointless-to-prosecute people get their bail/bond money returned, if only because there ISN'T going to be trial: now Jussie will have to spend the rest of his career appearing to be guilty of something.

Brandy "Moesha" Norwood was never either charged or arrested for the fatal multi-car accident in which she was involved, and all the insurance companies involved found her to be totally not at fault. But she paid civil settlements to some of who were actually her "fellow" victims anyway, making it easy to believe that she had simply "celebrity-ed" her way out of a murder charge. She subsequently lost her record deal, and though she was consistently among the top TWO scorers as a contestant on Dancing With The Stars, she was "voted off" the show.

Similarly, there were sexual assault accusations against rapper Sean Kingston that never reached the DA's office -- the police deemed them to so lacking in credibility, they didn't even file a report. Kingston paid the accuser to not file a civil suit, however -- and that was enough to get him barred from entering Canada to perform at a show.


Jussie Smollett charges dropped [View all] George II Mar 2019 OP
LMAO... ADX Mar 2019 #1
Interesting factoid OhNo-Really Mar 2019 #31
I wouldn't be the least bit surprised... ADX Mar 2019 #93
Why is his bond being forfeited if the charges are dropped and he made all appearances? 33taw Mar 2019 #2
making a donation, thanking them for finally doing the right thing? certainot Mar 2019 #4
Would you make a donation for dropping trumped up charges? I wouldn't. 33taw Mar 2019 #10
Exactly. If the cops were wrong, they would return bond money before being sued. oldsoftie Mar 2019 #19
No, it's not bullshit jberryhill Mar 2019 #79
Sorry, but for the damage that he did he should have to pay more than 10k. oldsoftie Mar 2019 #94
Damage he did to what? jberryhill Mar 2019 #95
The damage he did to people who are actual victims. He's made it even harder to come forward. oldsoftie Mar 2019 #96
And some other dollar amount fixes that? jberryhill Mar 2019 #100
Real PUNISHMENT makes others think twice before trying to pull the same stunt. oldsoftie Mar 2019 #101
I have no idea what you mean by that last remark jberryhill Mar 2019 #104
"imaginary damage"? You cant see how faking a homophobic, racist attack is harmful?? oldsoftie Mar 2019 #113
You still haven't explained the connection between jberryhill Mar 2019 #114
See #137. If you still dont get it after reading that, then you never will. oldsoftie Mar 2019 #139
No, obviously they can't The Mouth Mar 2019 #137
They May Not Be Traditional RobinA Mar 2019 #126
I know, right? jberryhill Mar 2019 #129
I agree. I only wish less wealthy and/or known folks would get similar treatment. Hoyt Mar 2019 #110
If you have some idea... jberryhill Mar 2019 #130
Not many folks would do this, but there are a lot of folks imprisoned when other Hoyt Mar 2019 #131
Also didn't go to prison: jberryhill Mar 2019 #132
Well, she was jailed for a time and ordered to undergo psychiatric counseling. Not sure what your Hoyt Mar 2019 #134
Bwwaaaahahaahahhaha jberryhill Mar 2019 #68
Lol. cwydro Mar 2019 #73
i still ain't heard if he was forced to give it up, maybe you know certainot Mar 2019 #90
It's confidential. You're not going to hear jberryhill Mar 2019 #91
ok. i though you had extra knowledge certainot Mar 2019 #103
No. Just actual relevant experience and education jberryhill Mar 2019 #105
i've never had to post a bond certainot Mar 2019 #108
I've helped quite a few people do that jberryhill Mar 2019 #109
How many times were the charges suddenly dropped less than a month after indictment? kcr Mar 2019 #115
Without a deal? jberryhill Mar 2019 #117
There was no deal kcr Mar 2019 #118
You believe what you like jberryhill Mar 2019 #119
I'm not "believing" anything. It's facts, reported in the news. kcr Mar 2019 #120
The news reporters would not know about the deal jberryhill Mar 2019 #121
So, it's your claim that the DA is saying the charges are dropped, but they're really not? kcr Mar 2019 #122
The charges have most likely been conditionally dismissed jberryhill Mar 2019 #123
How long do these arrangements usually take? kcr Mar 2019 #124
Whenever the prosecution and defense are ready to sign off jberryhill Mar 2019 #128
It just seems to me that if this sort of thing happened all the time kcr Mar 2019 #141
Could it be DownriverDem Mar 2019 #6
Probably not. The court works thousands of cases regardless of who are the parties/defendant. 33taw Mar 2019 #9
Doesn't seem all that odd Major Nikon Mar 2019 #25
Really? Based on what statistic? Bonds a forfeited for failure to appear or comply w/ something. 33taw Mar 2019 #32
90% of all defendants never go to trial Major Nikon Mar 2019 #33
I can't believe people don't understand how this works jberryhill Mar 2019 #36
You can do the same thing with even a traffic ticket Major Nikon Mar 2019 #37
I just can't believe so many people seem bewildered by this utterly normal thing jberryhill Mar 2019 #39
He was not a first offender. former9thward Mar 2019 #57
Oh, I didn't know that jberryhill Mar 2019 #64
Yes, that is true. In state courts it is a higher percent that do not go to trial. 33taw Mar 2019 #49
I'm sure it was part of the deal Major Nikon Mar 2019 #69
Too bad they aren't the prosecutors going for the trump family, bc yes, thats how it usually happens Chin music Mar 2019 #77
But why should he have to pay any costs of a false accusal? pnwmom Mar 2019 #11
He lied to the cops. Mosby Mar 2019 #20
Is that proven? pnwmom Mar 2019 #21
Yes. Mosby Mar 2019 #28
He shouldn't have to pay any costs and his bond should be returned. 33taw Mar 2019 #23
Are you joking? jberryhill Mar 2019 #42
In answer to your first question - Yes. 33taw Mar 2019 #50
Because it is a normal deferred prosecution deal jberryhill Mar 2019 #34
Under a "normal deferred prosecution deal" do they immediately drop all charges? pnwmom Mar 2019 #41
Every state has its own procedural wrinkles jberryhill Mar 2019 #43
The charges were scratched. Mosby Mar 2019 #44
Riiiiiiight jberryhill Mar 2019 #45
I'm just restating the media reports. Mosby Mar 2019 #48
It's Chicago customerserviceguy Mar 2019 #54
Yep MosheFeingold Mar 2019 #66
Exactly. cwydro Mar 2019 #67
oh come on jberryhill Mar 2019 #86
Oh, I agree with that 100%. cwydro Mar 2019 #135
heh jberryhill Mar 2019 #136
Good question dsc Mar 2019 #12
Plea deal. Simple as that. He's now seen as having been punished. nt Progressive Jones Mar 2019 #85
You JUst Never Know Me. Mar 2019 #3
Good ! JanetLovesObama Mar 2019 #5
this almost sounds like a set up by one of those rw media management assholes like certainot Mar 2019 #7
Good. 50 Shades Of Blue Mar 2019 #8
Possible that the 2 brothers who he allegedly paid refused to testify. AKing Mar 2019 #13
perhaps people should consider police and Swagman Mar 2019 #14
That's what is being discussed now, apparently the judge (not confirmed yet) felt.... George II Mar 2019 #15
All charges against Robert Kraft will be dropped in 5..4..3..2.. Bengus81 Mar 2019 #16
Why? DesertRat Mar 2019 #18
No. jmowreader Mar 2019 #24
Chicago Police Superintendent "Furious" about this decision...per CBS2 News Chicago AKing Mar 2019 #17
Different laws for celebs it seems Devil Child Mar 2019 #22
No, its the same deal that first offenders get all over the place jberryhill Mar 2019 #35
Is that's what's going on here? Sapient Donkey Mar 2019 #61
If you've never been convicted of anything, then you are presumed innocent jberryhill Mar 2019 #63
So the Chief of Police & the Mayor are BOTH lying? oldsoftie Mar 2019 #70
Uh, no, Smollet is lying if he is denying a deal jberryhill Mar 2019 #72
Damn near spit out my milkshake as i scrolled down. Really, just missed it. Thats hilarious. oldsoftie Mar 2019 #74
They wouldn't know. jberryhill Mar 2019 #144
I dont prosecute crime either. But i know Smollett & his lawyers have lied. The mayor & chief havent oldsoftie Mar 2019 #145
It's bleedingly obvious there was a deal jberryhill Mar 2019 #146
But he wasn't a first offender. christx30 Mar 2019 #143
Was William Barr his attorney? Charges being dropped all over theis great land under the new AG! BamaRefugee Mar 2019 #26
The case is "sealed"...Prosecutors not commenting...Smollet forfeits his bond even though charges... AKing Mar 2019 #27
It's the normal way deferred prosecutions are done all over this country jberryhill Mar 2019 #38
The prosecution wasn't deferred tho. Scoopster Mar 2019 #58
Since he says he is still a victim I hope the FBI madville Mar 2019 #29
I heard on the radio... yagotme Mar 2019 #30
On twitter they are trying to blame Obama for putting pressure on the DA office to drop charges nt maryellen99 Mar 2019 #40
George Soros, too. GoCubsGo Mar 2019 #52
Is it true? oldsoftie Mar 2019 #97
I have no idea. GoCubsGo Mar 2019 #99
I checked. There is truth to it, but its OLD truth. He donated to a PAC backing her in '16, not NOW oldsoftie Mar 2019 #102
When those people stub their big toe they blame Obama or Clinton for it. Sapient Donkey Mar 2019 #62
He does have connections with Obama ansible Mar 2019 #140
I hope he gets the help or counseling that I believe he needs. NurseJackie Mar 2019 #46
same here... Phentex Mar 2019 #83
Press conference on now with Chicago PD Chief and Mayor Emmanuel csziggy Mar 2019 #47
Yep. He called it "a whitewash of justice." inwiththenew Mar 2019 #51
I've got the TV on in the background csziggy Mar 2019 #53
Good luck with your surgery. yagotme Mar 2019 #89
My goodness ... LenaBaby61 Mar 2019 #88
Rahm Emanuel rips the decision as 'whitewash' with Chicago PD Superintendent Jarqui Mar 2019 #55
This is a plea deal in disguise rocktivity Mar 2019 #56
As poster above says, it's a "plea deal in disguise." I'm OK with that in this case, just wish the Hoyt Mar 2019 #59
Interesting. Gotta wonder how he managed to pull this one off. Sapient Donkey Mar 2019 #60
Chicago prosecutor who dropped Jussie Smollett charges: 'We didn't exonerate him' AKing Mar 2019 #65
Looks like Smollett's attys are just like trumps; announcing things that arent true. oldsoftie Mar 2019 #71
It's a big week for letting people off without exonerating them BeyondGeography Mar 2019 #127
Run Jussie Run Rustyeye77 Mar 2019 #75
Yes DeminPennswoods Mar 2019 #76
He should sue people like that Covington brat is sueing people dustyscamp Mar 2019 #78
WTF for? jberryhill Mar 2019 #80
For defamation dustyscamp Mar 2019 #82
Wtf? jberryhill Mar 2019 #84
Eh I was reading from another source so I might be wrong dustyscamp Mar 2019 #87
That won't even remotely work. Dr. Strange Mar 2019 #111
Yes! And he shouldn't rest until the Trump supporters who attacked him hughee99 Mar 2019 #92
Thats right, he should be on the case just like OJ. oldsoftie Mar 2019 #98
It's DEFINITELY a plea deal in disguise rocktivity Mar 2019 #81
So, he plead innocent? They dropped the charges. He wasn't ordered to do the community service. kcr Mar 2019 #116
But by "agreeing" to "voluntarily" forfeit his $10K bond rocktivity Mar 2019 #125
His lawyer said they didn't agree to that kcr Mar 2019 #142
The prosecutor says he did agree rocktivity Mar 2019 #147
Oh, yes. Let's see kcr Mar 2019 #148
This won't end well. Puzzledtraveller Mar 2019 #106
he got off because of privilage Daninmo Mar 2019 #107
Privilege is why he got off Raine Mar 2019 #112
I'll try to give a shit about this..... Paladin Mar 2019 #133
celebrities and the wealthy usually get special treatment from the "justice" system. not surprising rollin74 Mar 2019 #138
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