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33. Mystery Solved: Smollett is NOT a first offender
Sat Apr 6, 2019, 03:16 PM
Apr 2019

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ThisIsInsider.com: A...2007...California misdemeanor complaint against Jussie Smollett shows the actor was accused of identifying himself as his...brother...Jake Smollett...when a Los Angeles police officer pulled him over on suspicion of driving under the influence. (Jussie) also signed (Jake's) name on the promise to appear in court...

Court records show (that) he pleaded no contest...to driving under the influence...driving without a valid license...(and) the reduced charge of giving false information...The records show he later completed an alcohol education and treatment program and completed the terms of his sentence in May 2008.

So he isn't a stranger to being arrested, taking a plea deal, OR being accused of lying to the police? If State Attorney Kim Foxx didn't have that information, she most certainly should have. Well, now we have the missing piece of the puzzle: while Foxx should have dismissed the charges and returned Jussie's bond money if she thought the cops had screwed up that badly, it now makes sense why Jussie "voluntarily agreed" to do some community service and forfeit his bond.

But as I said upthread, Jussie forfeited his presumption of innocence when he forfeited his bond, and now he can also wave buh-bye to his moral high ground. Game over, Jussie: coffin lid, meet nails -- check, please!


Isn't that offering to let him buy his way out of being prosecuted for a crime? Mr.Bill Mar 2019 #1
He already bought himself out of what he was originally charged with. former9thward Mar 2019 #3
But they are specifically saying he Mr.Bill Mar 2019 #4
To me, also. Harker Mar 2019 #6
Chicago politics is corrupt as hell. christx30 Mar 2019 #28
He should be responsible to pay the bill. Dont think he should be in jail, but he should have to pay Pisces Mar 2019 #12
Sounds like it Mario Luigi Mar 2019 #32
Everything about this case stinks n/t Devil Child Mar 2019 #2
I definitely think we don't have the whole story here. Mr.Bill Mar 2019 #5
Agreed. Who the hell knows what really happened? gldstwmn Apr 2019 #36
Isn't this why Avenatti is in trouble? unc70 Mar 2019 #7
No it is nothing of the sort jberryhill Mar 2019 #8
Of course there is the possibility that he is totally innocent. Which I don't see expressed much. LiberalLovinLug Mar 2019 #9
He had the option of refusing the plea deal and going to trial rocktivity Mar 2019 #10
His lawyer says there was no plea deal. They dropped the charges. n/t pnwmom Mar 2019 #17
Why did he forfeit his bail? former9thward Mar 2019 #19
In EXCHANGE for dropping the charges rocktivity Mar 2019 #21
His lawyer says otherwise. So does the Cook County State's Attorney Kim Foxx. pnwmom Mar 2019 #22
The Kim Foxx who took a call exboyfil Mar 2019 #26
But his lawyer, and he, LIED. The office, the maypr & the chief ALL called it a deal. oldsoftie Mar 2019 #24
I have common sense and no he faked it. Pisces Mar 2019 #13
Really? How much possibility do you give it? Why havent the "attackers" been charged? oldsoftie Mar 2019 #25
His side of the story never really came out. gldstwmn Apr 2019 #37
I agree. The media wanted this to be the the other side of the Trump Catholic school boys story. kcr Apr 2019 #53
Turns out that the prosecution has 3 years in which to refile charges. Because there was no trial... AKing Mar 2019 #11
It doesn't seem like the prosecutors want to do that ripcord Mar 2019 #14
Jeopardy attaches when a jury is empaneled. clementine613 Mar 2019 #16
This whole thing has stunk from the beginning bitterross Mar 2019 #15
So how much are they going to spend to prosecute him? LiberalFighter Mar 2019 #18
Nothing. former9thward Mar 2019 #20
Good. Make him pay for the wasted hours spent by the force investigating a fake crime. oldsoftie Mar 2019 #23
There is literally ZERO legal evidence this was a crime obamanut2012 Mar 2019 #30
The city says the evidence is overwhelming. They cut a deal with a famous guy. oldsoftie Mar 2019 #31
Charges were dropped obamanut2012 Apr 2019 #40
Yes. As i said, they made a deal with a famous rich guy. We'll drop charges & keep your 10K oldsoftie Apr 2019 #41
Exactly. Asking people involved in criminal cases gldstwmn Apr 2019 #38
He has probably zapped his movie/TV career Submariner Mar 2019 #27
The sad thing is, there will be plenty of people who will push for him to stay on Empire. oldsoftie Apr 2019 #42
Then they need to charge him and try him -- this is a shakedown obamanut2012 Mar 2019 #29
yea everything about this approach reeks of thuggish methods onetexan May 2019 #56
Mystery Solved: Smollett is NOT a first offender rocktivity Apr 2019 #33
The city is also pissed that he keeps walking around proclaiming total innocence & exoneration. oldsoftie Apr 2019 #43
Rahm '16 shot and a cover-up' Emanuel sent letter to recoup. Stellar Apr 2019 #34
Except he wasn't convicted of anything... gldstwmn Apr 2019 #35
This is a civil lawsuit. former9thward Apr 2019 #39
I didn't realize that this was already a lawsuit gldstwmn Apr 2019 #44
It is not a lawsuit yet but soon will be. former9thward Apr 2019 #46
I see. This whole case is such a mess. gldstwmn Apr 2019 #47
Chum in the waters... LanternWaste Apr 2019 #45
UPDATE: Smollet DA Kim Foxx Subpoenaed rocktivity Apr 2019 #48
Does the Chicago Police sue to recoup costs on all false reports? Blue_Tires Apr 2019 #49
lol.. Fix The Stupid Apr 2019 #50
You're so adorable when you try to call me out... Blue_Tires Apr 2019 #51
You still got nothin'? Blue_Tires Apr 2019 #52
UPDATE: Smollet Contract Suspended for Empire Season 6 rocktivity May 2019 #54
This message was self-deleted by its author rocktivity May 2019 #55
2/2020 UPDATE: Smollett indicted by special prosecutor in Chicago rocktivity Feb 2020 #57
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