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It's hard to get excited know our current SCOTUS RandySF Apr 2019 #1
Get excited........ MyOwnPeace Apr 2019 #2
... demmiblue Apr 2019 #3
MI Repugs get first shot at redrawing the maps.......... riversedge Apr 2019 #4
Won't the Rs appeal? DeminPennswoods Apr 2019 #5
Surprise, surprise! The Republicans played with gerrymandering. All over the country. LuckyLib Apr 2019 #6
I'd be a lot more confident in this meaning anything if SCOTUS wasn't stacked wysimdnwyg Apr 2019 #7
Yes! This a big deal. I live in Kalamazoo. mahannah Apr 2019 #8
It sure is. I live in Lincoln Park DownriverDem Apr 2019 #13
Please, please, please, get Wisconsin in on this. Skippy and the Crew screwed us good! Firestorm49 Apr 2019 #9
I'll have a drink to celebrate. It's not my state, but it's progress in pursuit of fairness. Firestorm49 Apr 2019 #10
great! Kurt V. Apr 2019 #11
As a Michigander DownriverDem Apr 2019 #12
Yes! JudyM Apr 2019 #14
I think this is a very, very big deal. Stuart G Apr 2019 #15
Good news loves_da_dems Apr 2019 #16
Same thing happened in Pennsylvania, they re-drew the districts, and then WHAM! SKKY Apr 2019 #17
Gerrymandering doesn't effect statewide elections Takket Apr 2019 #20
Time to get the independent commission up and running. roamer65 Apr 2019 #18
If the Democrats do regain the majority they should do a complete house cleaning of the state cstanleytech Apr 2019 #19
The ruling is good but unnecessary Takket Apr 2019 #21
Message auto-removed Name removed Apr 2019 #22
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