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Sun Sep 17, 2023, 01:56 PM Sep 2023

Trump says it was 'my decision' to try to overturn 2020 election results [View all]

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Source: CNN

Former President Donald Trump said that he received counsel from numerous people shortly after the 2020 election but that it was his decision to push the false claim he won the presidency and try to overturn the results.

"You know who I listen to? Myself. I saw what happened," Trump said...

Trump says he supports mental competency tests for presidency amid concerns over age
The former president said he didn't listen to his attorneys who told him he lost the election because he didn't respect them.

"You hire them, you've never met these people, you get a recommendation, they turn out to be RINOs (Republicans in name only), or they turn out to be not so good. In many cases, I didn't respect them," Trump said. "But I did respect others. I respected many others that said the election was rigged."

Read more: https://www.cnn.com/2023/09/17/politics/trump-election-results-decision/index.html

Basically he just confessed. This should guarantee a guilty verdict if justice is blind.
Who are the "many others" who agreed the election was rigged? They are are almost certainly his yes-men-and-women co-defendants in Georgia.
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K&R Tom Yossarian Joad Sep 2023 #1
LOCK HIM UP !! dweller Sep 2023 #2
Breakthrough???? Coming to terms with reality???? bucolic_frolic Sep 2023 #3
Hardly. Ms. Toad Sep 2023 #21
Until he says something else PortTack Sep 2023 #24
Going to claim mental incapacity. Not fit to participate in his defense. usaf-vet Sep 2023 #37
We know. Just what SC Smith wants him to continue doing...incrimination himself. brush Sep 2023 #4
Wise man Jack Smith... agingdem Sep 2023 #11
Hadn't thought of it that way. He propably is proud of... brush Sep 2023 #17
yes... agingdem Sep 2023 #27
Interesting take! electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #65
Wow the attorneys are gonna lo-o-ove that one FakeNoose Sep 2023 #5
Every time the Orange POS opens his pie hole democratsruletheday Sep 2023 #12
Baaahahahahahaaaaa... electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #64
A witless for the prosecution. twodogsbarking Sep 2023 #6
Cute! But I think this may actually be a calculated move. erronis Sep 2023 #18
All true and tfg loves the spotlight. twodogsbarking Sep 2023 #20
It appears that Trump's strategy is to RipVanWinkle Sep 2023 #58
He could not be more guilty! LymphocyteLover Sep 2023 #7
Well, jail to the chief! Warpy Sep 2023 #8
not a bad idea actually. nt orleans Sep 2023 #35
Wherever they park him he's finished. Even a psychiatric facility will get him off the street. housecat Sep 2023 #40
I certainly would not want to go through life with that diseased a mind Warpy Sep 2023 #52
Could it be a disease like DENVERPOPS Sep 2023 #77
No, he's always been that way Warpy Sep 2023 #78
Stop. Seriously. ExWhoDoesntCare Sep 2023 #81
This!.. electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #66
Too many people are in a self-made prison but don't know it. housecat Sep 2023 #73
I have a better idea jmowreader Sep 2023 #75
Baaahahahahaaaaa! Love the idea of his jail job mowing the golf course Without being able to play on electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #80
You can't demand respect, respect is earned coprolite Sep 2023 #9
Good grief... 2naSalit Sep 2023 #10
Is he pleading out? is there a deal in place? Aristus Sep 2023 #13
No run any time any place. Must be out of politics or whatever it is he does. housecat Sep 2023 #42
Keep talking, asshole dalton99a Sep 2023 #14
LOL He just lawyer-shopped 'til he found psychofants. Beartracks Sep 2023 #15
I like "psychofants." Has a ring to it. housecat Sep 2023 #44
They gotta be psycho if they expect they'll ever get paid!! Beartracks Sep 2023 #87
It was Hitler's decision to invade the rest of Europe House of Roberts Sep 2023 #16
"I only respected the ones who told me what I wanted to hear." BWdem4life Sep 2023 #19
+1 n/t area51 Sep 2023 #54
So maybe Kristen Welker wasn't so bad after all. tinrobot Sep 2023 #22
I agree. She is a smart lady. housecat Sep 2023 #45
And it's pathetic how some in social media were all over her before it aired. ificandream Sep 2023 #49
You know his attorneys' eyes are glazed over, Bayard Sep 2023 #23
Don Jr was tasked with running that briefcase full of cash over Shermann Sep 2023 #29
You sure? ExWhoDoesntCare Sep 2023 #82
Well maybe admission of guilt looks appealing to him, peacebuzzard Sep 2023 #25
He cannot stop himself from boasting. As Mary Trump said of her uncle... Hekate Sep 2023 #26
He is trying now to get off because of mental incapacity. Paper Roses Sep 2023 #28
He'll never go the insanity route ExWhoDoesntCare Sep 2023 #83
TGG: "I respected many others that said the election was rigged." LastLiberal in PalmSprings Sep 2023 #30
The A Few Good Men moment on the witness stand. Nt yaesu Sep 2023 #31
Pendejo45 has to be Pendejo45 ... aggiesal Sep 2023 #32
Yeap. Terminal pendejo housecat Sep 2023 #46
Simpletons (incl orange) seek confirmation and don't seek contrary opinions. . . . nt Bernardo de La Paz Sep 2023 #33
And his lawyers are all wondering if they need to quit now Novara Sep 2023 #34
Well, that's a GUILTY CONFESSION for both Georgia & Federal indictments for election interference. iluvtennis Sep 2023 #36
And yet, he is totally free to incite violence against judges, prosecutors... Justice matters. Sep 2023 #38
I sure as hell hope something like this Doesn't happen! electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #69
Baaahahahahaaaaaa.... Ty! 👍 electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #67
Have we just now got proof of bluestarone Sep 2023 #39
Who are the "many others" ... Justice matters. Sep 2023 #41
It will be fun if he ever takes the witness stand AdamGG Sep 2023 #43
They would have to carry him out screaming housecat Sep 2023 #47
You'd love to see that 😄 electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #68
Couldn't resist housecat Sep 2023 #71
Baaahahahahahaaaaa! I was using the general "you" - I'd Love to See It, too! 😄 electric_blue68 Sep 2023 #79
Does NBC understand that they're helping to taint the jury pool? Novara Sep 2023 #48
That's OK with me. Plenty of people will not see it, like me. But they'll see it IN COURT... keopeli Sep 2023 #62
You're over-estimating the numbers of people ExWhoDoesntCare Sep 2023 #84
He only respects those who tell him what he wants to hear Kaleva Sep 2023 #50
Something wrong with that man . . . Aussie105 Sep 2023 #51
Everything is wrong with him housecat Sep 2023 #72
LOCK HIM UP...... turbinetree Sep 2023 #53
"I did it, I didn't do it." Good people. On both sides. czarjak Sep 2023 #55
Enjoy your stay at the gray bar hotel Donny boy/ Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Sep 2023 #56
Keep talking wise guy. marble falls Sep 2023 #57
I dunno EndlessWire Sep 2023 #59
You're Giving Him RobinA Sep 2023 #74
Come on ExWhoDoesntCare Sep 2023 #86
After viewing preview I pre-judged the interview, I owe Kristen a big apology.. NowsTheTime Sep 2023 #60
No you don't. It was completely accidental. This was not some brilliant tactic, planned out. msfiddlestix Sep 2023 #63
So you did the illegal electors too, all by yourself, to illegally overthrow a valid election? Sure SWBTATTReg Sep 2023 #61
If 10 scientists inform you that gravity exists RexLipton Sep 2023 #70
I don't know why we continue to do this... RevBrotherThomas Sep 2023 #76
tke the keys and lock em up, lock em up. AllaN01Bear Sep 2023 #85
Please tell me why he tonekat Sep 2023 #88
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