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Response to BumRushDaShow (Original post)

I'd like to see this work. The other battles will have to wait. nt CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2023 #1
If the Senate is "interested" BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #7
Wow, I hadn't realized it was so complicated! Time will tell. CaliforniaPeggy Sep 2023 #9
They had all the time in the world to get this done SouthernDem4ever Sep 2023 #39
Honestly, the deadline for getting this done should have been like 4 months ago. Salviati Sep 2023 #49
yes bdamomma Sep 2023 #69
So we go through this same bull shit right before they holidays doc03 Sep 2023 #21
Whenever they do these C.R.s BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #30
other battles? Like Ukraine getting overrun by putin? This will be a disaster for our party if ImNotGod Sep 2023 #51
Leave behind aid to Ukraine? :( KewlKat Sep 2023 #2
My reaction, too. pandr32 Sep 2023 #13
Unless they have have foung a back-door way Mr.Bill Sep 2023 #15
No $$$ for Ukraine is MOMFUDSKI Sep 2023 #19
Can't see the Dems doing this without an agreement for a separate funding bill on Ukraine BeyondGeography Sep 2023 #23
Hope you are right about that. It would be very disturbing KPN Sep 2023 #29
I may be wrong, but not being in the continuing resolution does not mean that it wont be added karynnj Sep 2023 #28
THIS RIGHT HERE 👆👆👆 BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #32
Shhh, don't want to disturb the outrage merchants AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2023 #48
LOL BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #55
I don't think it funny at all? nt ImNotGod Sep 2023 #61
What DU member did I call a name? AZSkiffyGeek Sep 2023 #63
I have been a DUer for 15 years BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #65
I appreciate the information you share. femmedem Sep 2023 #83
Most welcome! BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #86
Shhh. This is DU. Some have to repeatedly tell people they think they're superior Scrivener7 Sep 2023 #79
The C.R. is not the FY24 "Appropriations" bill - it's just a federal gov't funding extension BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #88
Yes, I know. And I am happy that you always manage to post without insulting other DUers Scrivener7 Sep 2023 #93
DU has always been like this BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #94
And thats a shame. Scrivener7 Sep 2023 #95
It is. My mother would always say BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #96
Yes. But they don't really apply here. Scrivener7 Sep 2023 #97
You got a big grin from me on that comment! erronis Sep 2023 #56
the visuals of leaving Ukraine in the dust plays right into putins hands but guess thats ok for some ImNotGod Sep 2023 #59
You DO know that a "Continuing Resolution" is NOT THE SAME THING BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #68
Do you think the votes are there? Mixtas Sep 2023 #89
Welcome to DU! Delphinus Sep 2023 #92
Only for the next 45 days Polybius Sep 2023 #64
Kavin' Kevin Kollapsed bucolic_frolic Sep 2023 #3
Kev got the title he wanted Marthe48 Sep 2023 #33
If he's working with Democrats, his days are numbered. SouthernDem4ever Sep 2023 #41
MAGA in the House are under orders from dumbshit and dumbshit is under orders from Putin Eliot Rosewater Oct 2023 #98
45 days. progressoid Sep 2023 #4
Yeah, so we can resume this stupid fight in another month. BFD. kysrsoze Sep 2023 #12
15 votes bribed the Q Crew with a pay raise. WhiteTara Sep 2023 #5
A pay raise? leftieNanner Sep 2023 #8
a pay raise for Congress. WhiteTara Sep 2023 #10
Let's tie a rider to that leftieNanner Sep 2023 #14
it's all done now WhiteTara Sep 2023 #20
See this though (IF that is actually in there) BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #34
cancel cancel cancel WhiteTara Sep 2023 #43
I saw a Meidas Touch article BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #54
27th Amendment: Congressional Payraises Don't Kick In... TrumanTheTiger Sep 2023 #44
I was misinformed WhiteTara Sep 2023 #47
You didn't misread - BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #72
thanks! Being crazy has nothing to do with it after all WhiteTara Sep 2023 #73
"We're going to be the adults in the room"??? leftieNanner Sep 2023 #6
So we go through this again in 45 days. FloridaBlues Sep 2023 #11
Just before Thanksgiving. Mr.Bill Sep 2023 #17
Let the Thanksgiving table political debates...BEGIN!! nt Shermann Sep 2023 #26
DUzy!!! orangecrush Sep 2023 #77
"We're going to be adults in the room." piddyprints Sep 2023 #16
I Think The Pay Raise T_A Sep 2023 #18
No "pay raise" can go into effect until the NEXT (119th) Congress IF that is in there BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #36
Looks like my wife will have to go work next week. brooklynite Sep 2023 #22
Congress Gives Itself Pay Raise and Delays Shutdown for 45 Days. dalton99a Sep 2023 #24
Do you think the Senate will approve this "pay raise" and no funding for Ukraine? KewlKat Sep 2023 #25
They pulled one over on the MOMFUDSKI Sep 2023 #35
All the House Dems T_A Sep 2023 #40
See this from the esteemed Minority Leader BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #74
perhaps there is no pay raise after all. WhiteTara Sep 2023 #62
No aid for Ukraine should be a dealbreaker Fiendish Thingy Sep 2023 #27
I hope you are right. nt ImNotGod Sep 2023 #45
Why are they getting a raise? tavernier Sep 2023 #31
Thanks, BumRush, for the OP and the additional info on the process. Nt spooky3 Sep 2023 #37
What they actually did ... aggiesal Sep 2023 #38
Its a PUTIN bill, it will not look good if our party is party to this! nt ImNotGod Sep 2023 #42
AOC T_A Sep 2023 #46
Thank you. I added that to the OP comments BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #60
Is there video of the tantrum? Dulcinea Sep 2023 #66
Lets hope they don't pay the ransom in the Senate. nt ImNotGod Sep 2023 #50
what did we loose , what did we gain? AllaN01Bear Sep 2023 #52
Post removed Post removed Sep 2023 #53
Um no. A Continuing Resolution is NOT the same as a set of fiscal year Appropriations bills BumRushDaShow Sep 2023 #57
I'll leave this up to the Senate. They pass it i'm ok. My ONLY problems are bluestarone Sep 2023 #58
A lot can happen in 45 days. ShazzieB Sep 2023 #71
McCarthy is playing an elaborate game of chicken with the magats JCMach1 Sep 2023 #75
Very true. ShazzieB Sep 2023 #84
All the above. Ironically, he may actually survive with this ploy JCMach1 Oct 2023 #99
Rinse and repeat in 45 days. dalton99a Sep 2023 #76
Oh thank God bdamomma Sep 2023 #67
I sure hope so orangecrush Sep 2023 #78
Alrighty, then Bayard Sep 2023 #70
Those on the extreme bdamomma Sep 2023 #80
At least we'll have another six weeks to figure out how to help Ukraine housecat Sep 2023 #81
Ground hog day!! PortTack Sep 2023 #82
Never understood the big deal about shutdowns madville Sep 2023 #85
I tried to look at them like that... slightlv Sep 2023 #87
There are lots of resources to utilize madville Sep 2023 #90
Just postponed until mid December. republianmushroom Sep 2023 #91
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