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38. Thank god we have Biden as president, to replace her with a liberal justice and a woman
Mon Dec 4, 2023, 04:17 PM
Dec 4

But this just gets us back to the status quo. Hopefully, Biden will still be in office when the next male justice dies or retires and he can appoint another liberal woman.

Thanks for putting Bush in office SouthernDem4ever Dec 1 #1
You beat me to the post. raccoon Dec 1 #9
Yep. My first thought exactly. not fooled Dec 1 #28
EXACTLY BigDemVoter Dec 1 #33
She installed Bush as president and set us on this path Autumn Dec 1 #2
I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of Voltaire2 Dec 1 #4
So was I but the elephant in the room was ignored. Autumn Dec 1 #5
Indeed. Voltaire2 Dec 1 #7
Now now, kids. Let's not talk about this delicate matter. progressoid Dec 1 #10
"elephant in the room" progressoid Dec 1 #11
I wonder who Joe will nominate to replace her? SpankMe Dec 1 #3
On a cinematic note, this reminds me of the Walter Matthau comedy 'First Monday in October' peppertree Dec 1 #23
Funny thing is, if she didn't retire she have had the record of longest serving Justice Polybius Dec 1 #26
FUCK HER. Scottie Mom Dec 1 #6
And everything that came with him peppertree Dec 1 #12
Boy, is that true. Scottie Mom Dec 1 #15
You bet - and, yes, if there's one thing Republicans DON'T believe in, it's John McCain's motto: peppertree Dec 1 #16
she tried so many times to "explain" that Skittles Dec 2 #36
2013: "It turned out the election authorities in Florida hadn't done a real good job there and kind of messed it up. And orleans Dec 1 #8
I didn't need documents, I watched the asshole do it SouthernDem4ever Dec 1 #34
Oddly she followed Kissinger as Chancellor at William & Mary underpants Dec 1 #13
Author of the first big step CanonRay Dec 1 #14
RIP bdamomma Dec 1 #17
She taught one of my law school classes. former9thward Dec 1 #18
kpete ............... Upthevibe Dec 1 #19
She should have recused herself. LisaM Dec 1 #22
;-( elleng Dec 1 #20
So? BWdem4life Dec 1 #21
"Come on Sandy baby, loosen up. You're too tight." - John Riggins Bo Zarts Dec 1 #24
"This is breaking news. Please check back for updates"......Huh? jaxexpat Dec 1 #25
LOL SouthernDem4ever Dec 1 #35
THAT! is funny. jaxexpat Dec 2 #37
Sorry to hear that Polybius Dec 1 #27
POP Bayard Dec 1 #29
Thanks for fucking our country into the ground, Sandra The Unmitigated Gall Dec 1 #30
She was pro choice Yo_Mama_Been_Loggin Dec 1 #31
She was the deciding vote that let bush steal the presidency in 2000. diane in sf Dec 1 #32
Thank god we have Biden as president, to replace her with a liberal justice and a woman CTyankee Dec 4 #38
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